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South Carolina, University of (Dramaturgy)
SUNY Fredonia
SUNY Fredonia
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Sonoma State University: email/materials received (11/20)
Sonoma State University: email/materials received (11/20)
South Carolina, University of (Dramaturgy): letter/materials received (1/18)
Stanford: email/materials received (11/15)
Stanford: email/materials received (11/15)
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University of Wyoming (1/22/08)
University of Wyoming (1/22/08)
Notre Dame (1/26/08)

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2007-2008 Theatre

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Acadia University (Theatre Studies, in Dept of English)

Brown University

College of Santa Fe

Colorado, Boulder (Acting)

Cornell College

Davidson College

Grinnell College

Hartwick College

Illinois Wesleyan University

University of Iowa (Scenic Design)

La Verne, University of

Loyola University (Scenic/Lighting Design)

University of Maine (Scenic Design)

Mass, Boston

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Design)

Metro State, Denver (Generalist)

Minnesota has anyone received confirmation from U Minnesota? I've received nothing as of Jan 3 No, nothing here.

University of New Mexico (Scenic Design)

Penn State Berks


SUNY Fredonia

SUNY, Potsdam (Design)

Tennessee, University of

NOTIFICATION RECEIVED: (please note dates and what kind of notification) -- once further contact occurs, these dates have been shifted to the appropriate category below (to decrease the clutter).

American University: letter/materials received (11/01)

Colorado, Boulder (Non-Western): letter/materials received (12/3)

Central Washington University (Design): 12/10 Email Materials Received

Denison (Acting/Directing): letter/materials received (11/10)

Elizabethtown College (design): email/materials received (09/13)

Franklin and Marshall College: letter/materials received (09/26)

University of Georgia: letter/materials received (1/24)

Indiana University Bloomington(Theatre History): letter/materials received (12/13)

Maryland Baltimore County, University of: email/materials received (10/10)

Missouri State University: letter/materials received (9/29)

Montevallo, University of: letter/materials received (10/12)

Old Dominion: letter/materials received (10/13)

Reed College: letter/materials received (12/2)

Sonoma State University: email/materials received (11/20)

South Carolina, University of (Dramaturgy): letter/materials received (1/18)

Stanford: email/materials received (11/15)

Trinity University: letter/materials received (10/13)

University of No. Carolina Chapel Hill: have been moved forward to second round of consideration (1/7/08)

University of Washington (Scenic Design): 12/19 Letter Materials Received

Vassar College: letter/materials received (12/2)

Washington U (11/7)

Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University of: email/materials received (11/07)

ADDITIONAL MATERIALS REQUESTED: (please note dates and what materials)

Baylor: Statement of faith (11/26)

Davidson College 11/20 confidential rec letters

Knox: Info on directing, a statement of how I saw my role at Knox, updated letter of rec. letter/materials received (09/27)

Notre Dame, University of: letter/materials received (11/16) (as per English Lit drama page)

Yale (Theatre Studies): dissertation requested (11/26) (letter/materials received (11/6)


Knox College, contact on 11-09

University of Arizona (Dramaturgy), 12/10

Lake Erie College (letter/ materials received (10/25))

Daemen contacted but no follow-up


Hunter College (12/17 as per English / drama page)

CAMPUS INTERVIEWS: (please note dates)

Arizona (Theatre Studies) February, 2008

Trinity 12/1

Yale (scheduled by phone, 12/7)

Baylor, January

Knox College, January 2008

SUNY Buffalo February 2008

University of California, Santa Barbara, late Jan. (all three positions)(email/materials received (11/16))


Trinity--candidate was a former Trinity student

REJECTIONS: (please note dates and what form the rejection takes)

Fordham University: rejection letter received (10/30) and was dated the same day my materials arrived in the theatre department. disrespectful and unprofessional.

Knox College: letter (11/8)

Missouri State University: letter (10/12)

Rockford College - acting - 11/16/08

Santa Clara - acting - 11/16/08

Trinity U San Antonio: Letter rec'd (11/03) Letter indicated that candidates have already been asked for additional materials.

Washington U.--sent me the wrong rejection letter--but then sent an e-mail to correct it. It's always nice to be rejected twice.

University of San Diego University of San Francisco (1/14/08)

University of Wyoming (1/22/08)

Notre Dame (1/26/08)


COMMENTS: Go Franklin and Marshall! Get it right this time; 10th time's the charm!

Does this years market really suck or is it just me?

Nope, it really sucks.

Give it time...things will start to heat up soon.

it is still early, esp for tech/design jobs. Tech/design jobs seem to be everywhere, my kingdom for a directing job!

Is it still early at this point? Or is this it? Where are all the jobs?

As someone who is going out on the market for the fifth time, let me assure you: it's not late yet. More jobs should be trickling out in December, and a handful will keep showing up in January and February. Then, around March/April, expect to see short-term gigs start cropping up (as departments scramble to accommodate sabbaticals, etc.)

Is it possible to start listing area that the opening is in? Some of these schools have multiple openings.

Anybody know the story on U of Montana, why there are so many openings?

I am used to applying for English jobs where the MLA is the expected deadline. Noting the vast number of schools unaccounted for above, I am curious when you expect the majority of them to have responded by.