Watch out for a fake search this year from King's College, London. They've announced one on their website but it looks like they've already made a hire! (check the world history wiki from last year)

Link to last year's page:

Is this confirmed? Cold blooded if it is.

I'm not usually one for conspiracy theories, but this is pretty creepy. Any chance they're hiring another world historian? Or this guy changed his mind but didn't change his CV?

Erm, where have they announced a 'fake search' on their website? The link is to a news article from a long time ago that said that they might hire another lecturer. But they certainly haven't formally opened a search. I looked at the vacancies page on their website and there's nothing there.

They held a World History search, advertised as being for AY 2009-2010. In their "news" page, they list new hires made in the same round, and don't mention having hired anyone (even someone who had deferred the post til 2010), rather saying they will be advertising the position (again) to start in 2010. Fishy!! (why not just say "we've hired X, who will take up the position next year"?).

As someone who applied for the KCL job last year (and I didn't get shortlisted) I can say that the 'news item' is super old. It appeared soon after the 2009-2010 search was completed. They claimed then that they would open a new search but at least until they actually advertise a new post, let's not accuse them randomly!

As you say, it went up AFTER the search was completed. So why not acknowledge that the 2009 search resulted in a hire? As it is, the website announcement makes it look like the search failed, and they're planning to run it again.

Still apply, without competitors, it will be an elected position...

Well, you can't apply unless they actually open a search!

Sorry, I'm lost. If they haven't announced a hire on their website, why do you think they've hired someone? Why are you certain the new search isn't a real search, last year's having failed?

To "lost": the indication that someone had been hired was that this person listed the job on his CV - see the "last year's page" link for the discussion.

Further, maybe someone from KCL saw this, as they have hastily updated their new staff page to say "Departmental Appointments for 2009 and 2010" and now include the announcement that David Todd has been hired (in place of the previous "We plan to conduct a search for a World Historian for 2010").

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