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12/5 I just found the ad on the department website which in contrast to the MLA Job List lists the deadline as 11/2 and requests a teaching portfolio. In his bio on the site, the department and search chair describes himself as possessing "alarming administrative ineptitude." No kidding! [Perhaps this kind of comment is better suited for the "Universities we love/hate" page.] Complete application folk did you include a teaching portfolio and official transcript or just follow the specifications of the MLA ad? I got the 'complete' letter, and only submitted materials requested in the MLA ad (no transcript, no portfolio) (4) 12/6 Got a letter saying my app was incomplete, but I have delivery confirmation that materials were received. 12/5 Also got a letter saying my app was incomplete, though they should have everything.

12/8 I didn't apply for this job, but I know members of the search committee. My impression is that they are following the MLA ad, not the ad on the university website. The department had to write a longer job description for the university administration, and that's what's posted on the website. If you have questions about whether your application is complete, call the department chair. I know him too. Despite what it says in his bio, he's not inept. He just has a quirky sense of humor. I've always found him to be helpful, so contact him rather than worrying unnecessarily.

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