• it's so frustrating...haven't gotten rejection letters, but haven't gotten invites..i'm in limbo..anyone else?
  • Here too. I have started contacting Search Chairs.
  • Also in limbo. Not contacting SCs, since it doesn't seem to do any good.
  • I've contacted search chairs and that's how I've gotten the rejection. So, if you're in limbo at this point, it may mean you're not in the running any more. A quick email to the search chair asking if the search is still active and if the AHA interviewees have been contacted can be a quick way to know whether you're dead.
It's kind of a bummer to interview for general Latin American history jobs as a colonialist. It seems like search committees consider you for an AHA interview but not for the next stage. If I were hiring a single Latin Americanist for a department I'd probably hire a modernist too.
Hey, don't be bummed. Last year, one school's ad asked for Latin America, nothing else, but the rejection letter said that along the way, they decided they wanted a colonialist. Another school also just had a general ad, but as they were replacing a colonialist who had recently left, I think that they were also looking for someone to do the same kind of work. Finally, I interviewed at a school that had a general ad but that did say "colonial/19th century background a bonus." The reason was because most of their other professors, none of which were Latin Americanists, did fairly modern work, and they wanted someone to balance it all out. So honestly, you never know what they're really looking for. Don't psyche yourself out.
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