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I guess MIT is the only school that followed their own guidelines:

this is really strange.... I was expecting much more activity by now... what does everyone else think? -- Midwested

Judging by previous years, there should be more activity by now. Of the 30 some universities I applied to, only Cornell has already scheduled interviews. -- Rilo 2/9/2010.

all candidates from top 10 universities?[]

News till now ....

another site?[]

maybe another site where people posting?

This data seems to be erroneous[]

I dont understand where this stuff is coming from. Many of the dates seem too early to be interviewing for the dates the interviews were stated on. Few updates for March too.

I suggest adding a link to the job search you are referring to, when you add a university/department.

some of the news is true... offers have already been made n accepted... but still too many positions that havent been filled this late in the season, some even have the website open. Anyone who gets a job in this market is REALLY REALLY REALLY LUCKY!