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Let's do this! Try to stick to a few guidelines when posting to keep things consistent:

  • Post information about the position (or positions) including rank, source of information, and desired specialties.
  • Update when you know if a school has announced or cancelled a search, done preliminary interviews, invited candidates out for job talks, or made offers, even if this information is anecdotal (but please note that it's anecdotal if it is)!
  • Add date of posting to information whenever possible.
  • Please Use "Heading 3" when adding names of schools to this page.

A couple of features of this page, based on additional posts from past years:

  • There are two general sections:
  • Discussion: Post other job search related information here. In the past, topics have included:
  • Tally of number of people checking this page 
  • Information about salaries offered relative to cost of living.
  • Information about the number of places people have applied, number of initial interviews received, number of campus visits/job talks, and number of offers.
  • Info on regular teaching load for each institution (e,g., 3 courses/semester is a 3-3 teaching load)
  • Please feel free to add topics here!
  • List of Schools: Post information about positions, here: FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS ACADEMIC, PLEASE DATE YOUR POSTS!


RECENT ACTIVITY on the Social Work 2020-2021[edit | edit source]

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Discussion[edit | edit source]

How many people are updating or monitoring this page?[edit | edit source]

ABD (Early): 

ABD (On the market): 16


Postdoctoral Fellow: 3

Visiting Professor: 

Assistant Professor: 5

Associate Professor: 2

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Ratio of applications: 1st round interviews: Campus visits: Offers (example: 16:8:4:2)[edit | edit source]





Lists of Schools that have Interviewed / Made Offers[edit | edit source]

Can people that have been invited for interviews please update the school list by noting which schools have invited you so we can all see where each school is in their process? - x3 => Again, can people please list where they are getting campus visits.

  • Schools Interviewed at CSWE
  • Schools Interviewed Online (screening)
    • Hood College (week of 10/11)
    • Houston (week of 11/9)
    • Miami University (week of 11/2)
    • Ohio State University (week of 11/1 and 11/9)
    • University of Louisville (week of 10/12)
    • University of Kentucky (week of 11/9)
    • California State University- Long Beach (week of 11/2)
    • Bryn Mawr College (Week of 11/16)
    • Salisbury University (Week of 10/19)
    • Boston University (Week of 11/30)
      • Is this for the associate or assistant professor position? Thanks. (11/23)
    • Cal State - Stanislaus (Week of 12/7)
  • Schools Interviewed on Phone/Video (after CSWE)
  • Schools Scheduled Campus Visits
    • Miami University of Ohio (Week of 11/23 or 11/30)
    • Salisbury University (Week of 11/09 or 11/16)
    • University of Louisville (Week of 11/23)
    • University of Kentucky (Week of 11/29)
  • Schools Interviewed at SSWR
  • Schools That Have Made Offers

Accepted Offers [edit | edit source]

Jobs posted 2020-2021[edit | edit source]

Arizona State University[edit | edit source]

Auburn University Montgomery (AL)[edit | edit source]

Augsburg University (MN)[edit | edit source]

Ball State University (IN)[edit | edit source]

Boise State University (ID)[edit | edit source]

Boston University (MA)[edit | edit source]

Brandman University (Remote)[edit | edit source]

Bryn Mawr College (PA)[edit | edit source]

California State University, Long Beach[edit | edit source]

Carlow University (PA)[edit | edit source]

Case Western Reserve University (OH)[edit | edit source]

Chadron State College (NE)[edit | edit source]

Concord University (WV)[edit | edit source]

Dominican University (IL)[edit | edit source]

East Carolina University (NC)[edit | edit source]

Hood College (MD)[edit | edit source]

Howard University (DC)[edit | edit source]

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis[edit | edit source]

Indiana Wesleyan University[edit | edit source]

La Salle University (PA)[edit | edit source]

Long Island University (NY)[edit | edit source]

Mercyhurst University (PA)[edit | edit source]

Miami University (OH)[edit | edit source]

Assistant/Associate Professor]

Phone Interview 11/2

Morehouse School of Medicine (GA)[edit | edit source]

New Mexico State University (NM)[edit | edit source]

North Carolina State University (NC)

  • Assistant Professor
  • Two academic units (Social Work and Interdisciplinary Studies) in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences created this interdisciplinary position to meet the demand for offering undergraduate majors, minors, and graduate students educational programs that prepare them to work effectively with diverse populations. The successful candidate will teach courses that contribute to the Africana Studies curriculum as well as those that integrate their own research and teaching with the African American experience. Additional faculty responsibilities include curriculum and program development, active research and publication, university service, and seeking external funding support.

Pacific University (OR)[edit | edit source]

University of Pittsburgh (PA)[edit | edit source]

Rutgers University (NJ)[edit | edit source]

Sacred Heart University (CT)[edit | edit source]

Salisbury University (MD)[edit | edit source]

Southern Illinois University Carbondale (IL)[edit | edit source]

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (IL)[edit | edit source]

Stony Brook University (NY)[edit | edit source]

Temple University (PA)[edit | edit source]

Texas A&M University-Commerce (TX)[edit | edit source]

The Ohio State University (OH)[edit | edit source]

  • Open until filled, priority given to those who apply by October 31, 2020
  • Two tenure-track faculty positions (open rank) beginning in Autumn 2021
  • The dean has charged the search committee with identifying exceptional candidates who contribute to the diversity of the faculty and research conducted at the college. Substantive expertise in mental health practice, poverty and inequality, race and racism, or domestic violence is desirable, but exceptional candidates in other areas may also be considered. Community-engaged research is also valued. Because we would like to continue to build the college’s capacity in research methods, the committee will also consider candidates’ unique expertise in quantitative, qualitative, and technology-based data collection and analysis methods. We seek candidates who are committed to excellence in teaching and mentoring students, particularly diverse student populations and first-generation college students. (posted 10/12/20)
  • Two post-doctoral positions available
    • The Ohio State University (OSU) College of Social Work invites applications for two postdoctoral fellow positions with an emphasis on geospatial analysis for public health in the areas of addiction or child welfare research. The postdoctoral fellow will join a research team led by Dr. Bridget Freisthler in evaluating the efficacy of a number of different interventions designed to reduce opioid overdose deaths and increase permanency outcomes for substance-affected families in the child welfare system. Further, this position will work on areas related to racial equity in use of interventions for substance-affected families and adults. There will be considerable opportunities for the postdoctoral scholar to participate in intervention development and implementation, project coordination, recruitment, data collection and analysis, manuscript preparation, and grant writing. The position will entail some supervision and collaboration with graduate students, research assistants, and undergraduate students in the lab. Functioning somewhat independently, the Postdoctoral Researcher will design, organize and conduct highly specialized and advanced analyses using established scientific protocols and procedures and in some cases designing new protocols; summarize findings and publish results in research journals. The postdoctoral fellowship is for an 18-month period, beginning in January 2021.
    • The Ohio State University recognizes that diversity and inclusion are the foundation of our excellence and the College of Social Work recognizes that our strength rests in part on the diversity of our faculty, staff, and students. We, therefore, encourage applicants whose backgrounds, experiences, knowledge, and talents will promote an inclusive culture as diversity and social justice are central to our mission.

University of Alaska Anchorage[edit | edit source]

University of California, Berkeley[edit | edit source]

University of Central Florida[edit | edit source]

University of Connecticut[edit | edit source]

University of Hong Kong[edit | edit source]

University of Houston (TX)[edit | edit source]

University of Nebraska at Omaha (NE)[edit | edit source]

University of Kentucky[edit | edit source]

University of Louisville (KY)[edit | edit source]

University of St. Francis (IL)[edit | edit source]

University of Texas at El Paso[edit | edit source]

University of the Pacific (CA)[edit | edit source]

University of Utah[edit | edit source]

Utica College (NY)[edit | edit source]

  • Field Director and Professor of Practice

The new online MSW program in recovery-oriented clinical social work at Utica College has an opening for a full-time (Professor of Practice) faculty member and Field Director. This is a full-time, remote job that can be performed from anywhere.

Virginia Commonwealth University (VA)[edit | edit source]

West Chester University (PA)[edit | edit source]

Western Carolina University ()[edit | edit source]

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