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2012-2013 JobsEdit

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Adelphi UniversityEdit

Albany (SUNY), NYEdit

  • CSWE screening interview (x2)
  • Any Campus interviews?
  • Haven't heard anything from CSWE interviews (12/5)(x2)
  • SSWR interview (12/13) 
  • Campus visit scheduled (x2)

Appalachian State UniversityEdit

  • Skype interview scheduled for 1/10/13
  • campus visits took place in February 

Arizona State UniversityEdit

  • Contacted for an 'Informal conversation' at CSWE (11/02/12) (x2)
    • Anyone heard of campus visits?
    • I heard from a friend they weren't making decisions about who to bring to campus until January.
  • Campus visit scheduled
    • Date posted? Posted 1/7
    • There are more than one job opening at ASU, which one has visits scheduled?  It's a friend of mine who was invited- so I am not certain, but it would be at the Asst. Prof level if that helps.
    • Three candidates were invited to campus, but do not know when (posted 2/1/2013)

Auburn UniversityEdit

  • CSWE Interview scheduled (10/24)

Augsburg in MNEdit

  • 2 Assistant Professor positions open: One clinical and one macro
    • second interview requested (11/29)
    • applied there last year. their process is gruelling. Essays and interviews. They seem nice though.
    • Any job offers yet? (2/21)
      • I am a finalist and haven't heard anything yet (3/18)
    • I heard Augsburg called off active searches. Budget problems, can anyone confirm?
      • i can't confirm because I don't know, but I do know the school is having HUGE financial problems so that would not be surprising
      • cannot confirm if searches are called off, but I do know one of their finalists who visited in feb and has heard nothing since

Augusta State UniversityEdit

  • Assistant Professor Search

Azusa Pacific UniversityEdit

  • One position in BSW program and one position in MSW program
  • Phone interview scheduled for late November
  • Screening interview conducted in December 1/13

Barry UniversityEdit

Baylor UniversityEdit

  • Lecturer (1) and Assistant to Associate Professor (2)
  • Phone interview
  • Campus visit scheduled for mid to late Jan

Binghamton UniversityEdit

  • Hiring at Associate Prof. level

Boise State UniversityEdit

Boston CollegeEdit

  • CSWE interview scheduled (11/5)
  • Job talk scheduled (11/14) (x2)
    • Congratulations! Is this for the Social Innovation or Migration/Immigration/Global position?
      • Thank you! It is for the Migration position.
  • Got rejection letter for the Social Innovation position (1/20)
  • Did they hire anyone?
  • Migration position is still open according to website (3/25)

Boston UniversityEdit

  •   Three tenure-track faculty positions at the Assistant/Associate levels
  • I heard of one campus visit in early Feb. (x2)
  • Offer made.

Bridgewater State University MAEdit

  • Phone interview 12/13
  • Anyone heard back?

Bryn MawrEdit

Cabrini CollegeEdit

  • suburban Philadelphia
  • Aug 17th: seeks a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Social Work for its undergraduate BSW program

California State University East BayEdit

California State University FresnoEdit

  • Search for 2 assistant rank prof 1. HBSE 2. Social Policy
  • Email stating application materials have been received (9/4)
  • Emailed to inquire about search process timeline; no response (12/13)
  • Email received 12/8 clarifying application and stating that search committee is reviewing materials
  • Rejection email (1/16)
  • Any job talk scheduled?

California State University Long BeachEdit

  • CSWE Informational Interview
  • Campus visit scheduled (12/5)
    • Haven't heard anything after the campus visit (12/21)
  • Contacted for more information right before their Christmas break (December).  (nothing since)
  • 2 offers have been made.  1 has been accepted.  (2/4)

California State University Los AngelesEdit

  • looking for assistant prof
  • 10/27 have been notified that all (extensive) required application materials have been received via email.
  • 12/2012 not disclosing any information
  • Had phone interview around Thanksgiving, haven't heard anything back since.

California State University Monterey BayEdit

Case Western Reserve UniversityEdit

Clark Atlanta UniversityEdit

  • any new? 

College of Staten IslandEdit

Colorado State UniversityEdit

  • Interview scheduled (12/18)
  • interview scheduled at SSWR
  • site visit offered
    • campus visit offered (Feb06)
  • Careful of this faculty, they did not even bother to send a rejection letter to me. With the amount of energy that one exerts to interview, this poor practice says something about the group at the moment. Either exceptionally busy and sloppy as a result or just plain inappropriate. (Mar)
  • Rejection letter via snail mail 3/20

Columbia UniversityEdit

  • CSWE screening interview scheduled (11/05)
  • Any campus visits?
  • Haven't heard a thing since CSWE interviews (12/7)
  • I know of at least one campus visit
  • Rejection email after CSWE (12/8) (X 3)
  • Campus visit scheduled after SSWR (1/26)
  • Heard they called of the search due to a budget freeze


Dominican UniversityEdit

  • CSWE screening interview
    • Rejection email received 01/25

East Carolina UniversityEdit

  • Assistant professor search

Eastern Michigan UniversityEdit

Florida Atlantic UniversityEdit

  • CSWE Interview (11/10/12)
  • Campus visit scheduled 
  1. When did they contact you about the campus visit? at CSWE Did you interview at CSWE? Yes

Florida International UniversityEdit

  • Preliminary Interviews completed in October
  • Scheduling campus visits for January
  • Having a campus visit in early December. Will make decision in mid to late January.
  • Calling people for screening interview. I heard one offer was made but the person turned it down.

Florida State UniversityEdit

  • Assistant/Associate Professor Tenure Track (9/5/12)
  • CSWE Interview scheduled (10/30 x 3)
  • Campus visits?
  • had a campus visit in mid-November.
    • Any news since then?
    • Got rejected. I think they already filled the position but not sure.
  • I also heard someone has accepted the offer
  • Hired two

Fordham UniversityEdit

  • Screening interview at CSWE and second interview at SSWR

George Mason UniversityEdit

  • July: two tenure-track faculty positions at the Assistant/Associate levels
  • Had a screening interview at CSWE. (x2)  No word yet (12/7)  
  • Scheduling campus visits for Jan

Georgia State UniversityEdit

  • CSWE Interview scheduled
  • Campus visit scheduled (11/30)

Governor's State University IllinoisEdit

Howard UniversityEdit

  • Informal interview at SSWR

Hunter CollegeEdit

  • Assistant/Associate/Full Professor (8/30/12)
  • Skype "conversation" 10/23
  • CSWE interview scheduled (11/7)
  • Job Talk scheduled (11/13)
    • any offers? yes, offer made in late january
  • had a phone interview one week before Thanksgiving
  • Accepted applications (12/1)
  • Reopened (2/6)
  • Scheduled for an interview (2/12)
  • Offer made last week (2/13)
    • Accepted?
  • How many openings are left? (2/13)
    • Job announcement states "multiple positions"
  • Skype "conversation"

Illinois State UniversityEdit

  • Assistant Professor (9/4/12)
  • I heard they invited people to campus interviews.  Is that true?
  • Yes.  The visits took place several weeks back.  (12/23).
  • Any updates on this?  I assume if I haven't heard anything, I should take them off my list?

Indiana UniversityEdit

  • Job talk invitation (1/10)
  • Campus interview process taking place 1/31 and 2/1 for Indiana University School of Social Work East Campus

Indiana University, IndianapolisEdit

Indiana University, NorthwestEdit

Kutztown University of PAEdit

  • Campus interview scheduled (3/25/2013)
  • any news? 
  • Someone from U. of Pittsburgh accepted an Assistant Prof. position, starting in fall 2013.

Long Island UniversityEdit

Louisiana State UniversityEdit

Loyola University ChicagoEdit

  • CSWE interviews scheduled
  • Rejection email (12/28) (X2)
  • Where are they at in the process? Anyone know?
    • Campus interview scheduled 01/25
  • Email stating they made offer (3/14)

Marywood in PAEdit

McGill UniversityEdit

Miami University, OhioEdit

  • any news? (1/22)

Millersville University, PennsylvaniaEdit

  • Department of Social Work Assistant Professor Search Announced 7/8/12

Morgan State (Baltimore)Edit

  • Hiring @ assistant level

New York UniversityEdit

  • Had an interview at CSWE.
  • Any campus visits? Yes - Congrats!
  • Offers made? (2/15)
  • Still conducting campus visits, say will make offers end of March (3/12)

Posting at Buffalo SUNY as of 03/16/13.  Posted until filled.  Review to begin August.  Job starts for Sept/2014.

Northeastern Illinois UniversityEdit

  • informal interview at CSWE, phone screening interview completed, campus interview completed, waiting... 01/25

Northern Kentucky UniversityEdit

  • Phone interview (11/19)X2
  • Campus interview scheduled 
  • Phone interview in early Dec. 2012, Campus interview 2/7/13

Ohio State UniversityEdit

  • Two open rank searches
  • Mental Health / Addictions / Aging are specific needs; Others considered
  • CSWE Interview scheduled (10/19) (x4)
  • Rejection email (11/26/12) (x3)
  • Snail mail, positions filled, search closed (2/12/13)

Portland State UniversityEdit

  • Two tenure track positions at Assistant Professor level
    • confirmation of complete application (10/16)
    • CSWE interview scheduled (10/27) (x6)
      • Snail mail rejection letter after CSWE (1/15)
    • Rejection email (11/2) (x3)
    • Campus visit scheduled (11/20) (x2)
    • When are the visits being schedule? Dec? Jan? Dec and Jan
    • Rejection letter 1/17
      • was the letter after site visit?
    • Offer made (x2)
      • Accepted?

Purdue University - North CentralEdit

  • Assistant Professor (9/1/12)

Richard Stockton College at New JerseyEdit

Rhode Island CollegeEdit


Seattle UniversityEdit

  • Baccalaureate Social Work program
  • Jesuit Catholic University
  • Hiring Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)
  • Preliminary reference checks (9/5)
  • Scheduling Informational Sessions at CSWE (10/24)
  • Interview Scheduled (12/6/12)
  • Phone interview scheduled for January
  • Job talk scheduled.
    • How did it go? Are they still accepting applications? (2/8/13)
      • No.
  • Position filled.

Smith CollegeEdit

  • July 24 - Assistant Professor of Social Policy Search Posted
  • CSWE interview invitation
  • Preliminary interview scheduled (11/7)
  • Haven't heard anything since CSWE interview (12/5) (x5)
  • Have conducted campus visits (12/11)
  • Had a CSWE interview; no campus interview; no rejection either (12/21) x2
  • Rejection letter by snail mail (1/7) x5

Simmons CollegeEdit

  • SSWR interview scheduled (1/14/13) x 3
    • They said they will have a committee meeting 1/28 and we will hear the results by the end of Jan 
    • Any updates? Campus visits scheduled?
      • ​Emailed the Committee today, but haven't heard from them yet. (Feb/04)
      • Campus visits scheduled.
        • How many?
          • 3 visits scheduled; last visit will be March 20th/21st
        • Any offers made? (2/15)

Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleEdit

  • phone interview 11/27/12
  • campus interview early December
  • Position offered and accepted
    • Congrats!

St. Catherine University/University of St. ThomasEdit

  • Assistant Professor position (12/27)

St. Edward's University, Austin, TXEdit

Saint Louis UniversityEdit

  • TT Faculty (9 month)
    • Invited for campus interview (1/14)
    • Offer made and accepted (2/14)
  • MSW Program Director
    • Position filled 

St. Olaf CollegeEdit

Stony Brook (SUNY), New YorkEdit

  • Hiring for Assistant Professor -- the say they're no longer taking apps(8/31/12).
  • Had a phone interview in November.
  • Rejected by snail mail (12/6) X3

Syracuse UniversityEdit

  • Second interview scheduled for SSWR. Sort of.


Texas Christian UniversityEdit

  • CSWE interview scheduled (10/29/12)
  • CSWE interview held on 11/10
  • Anyone heard back about a campus visit?
  • Yes.  They have invited people.
  • Rejection e-mail received x3 (1/22)
  • Offer made and accepted (2/13)


  • Open rank search
  • Campus interview 11/1
  • position filled

University of AlabamaEdit

University of Alabama at BirminghamEdit

  • Any news?

University of Alaska, AnchorageEdit

  • Assistant Professor (8/31/12)

University of Arkansas, Little RockEdit

University at BuffaloEdit

  • CSWE Interviews held
  • Campus visit scheduled (11/15)
  • Job offer accepted!
    • Congrats!! (X2)

University of CalgaryEdit

  • invitation to apply for multiple positions
  • Did anyone apply here? They were really recruiting!
  • campus visit offered in April (x2)

University of California at BerkeleyEdit

  • No search this year

University of California, Los AngelesEdit

  • SSWR interview scheduled (1/3) x4
  • Said they are primarily looking for an Associate Prof.
  • Rejection received by email (2/21)

University of Central FloridaEdit

University of ChicagoEdit

  • Open Rank Searches announced
  • Priority areas: international, mental health problems, aging, and education
  • Rejection letter (snail mail- 11/2) x2
  • CSWE interview
  • Rejection letter (snail mail (11/27) X3
  • Hmm, I thought the deadline was not til 12/15. Are they doing this on a rolling basis, do you think? I just sent in my materials before the 12/15 deadline. --> I believe your application will be reviewed.
  • SSWR interview (1/19) x 4

University of CincinattiEdit

  • Had a campus visit on 1/10

University of ConnecticutEdit

  • 8/17/12 - Search for Associate or Full Professor to serve as Director of the School of Social Work Institute for Violence Prevention and Reduction
  • Expertise in trauma-informed systems of care to address the effects of bullying and other forms of trauma and violence on children and youth

University of DenverEdit

  • 2 Assistant Professors
    • Rejection letter received (10/19) (x 3)
  • Associate Professor
  • American Humane Endowed Chair (Full Professor)
  • letter of reciept of application (9/5)
  • CSWE interview scheduled for assistant prof position (10/10) (x2)
  • Rejection letter received (10/22)
  • Rejection via email. (11/15) (x3 on 11/29)
    • were these rejections after CSWE interviews?  Or just based on submitted materials? Thanks!
    • based on submitted materials (x3)
    • rejected after CSWE interview (x2)
  • They are inviting the finalists (1/29)
  • One Asst. Prof. position offered and accepted (2/15)
  • One Associate hired too.

University of GeorgiaEdit

  • CSWE Interview scheduled (10/31 x 3)
  • On campus interview scheduled (11/14 x 4)
    • Any offers? (12/13)
    • Had a campus interview; haven't received an offer nor a rejection (12/21)(x2)
  • At least one position is filled (1/7/13)
  • Was told I'd hear back this week (week of 1/7/13). Has anyone else heard anything?
    • Had a campus interview; haven't heard anyting (1/8/13 x2)
  • Two positions filled, offers going out soon (one may have been offered) for 2 remaining positions (1/13/13)
  • Offer accepted x1 (2/8)

University of HawaiiEdit

University of HoustonEdit

University of Illinois at ChicagoEdit

  • Caution issued in previous years
    • I tried to read more about this, but can't really put a finger on why people are saying to stay away,

University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignEdit

  • Associate or Full Professor (9/5/12)
  • Rejection email (11/15)
  • 2 campus visits announced for early December (11/15)
  • SSWR interview scheduled (1/9)
  • Campus interview scheduled (2/5)

University of IowaEdit

University of KansasEdit

  • Assistant Professor in aging/health, adult/child mental health, child welfare, or poverty/economic inequality
  • CSWE interview scheduled (10/26) (x2)
  • Rejection letter (10-31-12)
  • Campus visits?
    • yes, visit scheduled.
    • 2 positions filled!
    • Only ONE position was filled.
  • SSWR interview scheduled (12/13)

University of KentuckyEdit

  • CSWE Interview scheduled
  • Campus visit scheduled (1/4)
  • Campus visit scheduled (2/1)
  • One person was offered a position but turned it down (X1)
  • Got a rejection letter (X4)

University of LouisvilleEdit

University of Maine, OronoEdit

University of Maryland BaltimoreEdit

  • open-rank tenure track faculty position in Management and Community Organization (MACO)
  • CSWE interview scheduled 10/26 (x3)
  • Campus interview invitation 11/14 (x3)
  • May be scheduling SSWR screening interviews (12/21)
  • Offer accepted

University of MichiganEdit

  • one tenure track faculty position (8/29/12)
  • focus on macro or interpersonal practice methods including LGBT studies, management and evaluation, criminal justice, and school social work
  • email confirming receipt of application materials (10/24/12)
  • CSWE interview scheduled 10/30/12 (x3)
  • Rejection email (11/1) (x4)
  • Campus interview scheduled 11/27
  • Campus interview scheduled for 2/14

University of MinnesotaEdit

  • Open Rank Faculty Position in Health or Mental Health- Deadline October 15th
  • CSWE Interview scheduled (10/21) (x2)
  • Campus visit scheduled 
  • Offer accepted - Congratulations!

University of Minnesota DuluthEdit

University of MississippiEdit

University of MissouriEdit

University of Missouri at St. LouisEdit

University of Nebraska at KearneyEdit

  • Had a campus visit in the early January
  • I heard someome got the final offer Feb/04

University of Nebraska at OmahaEdit

University of Nevada, RenoEdit

  • anyone know anything about this program?
  • Phone interview scheduled 11/26
  • I decided not to apply after all, but it looks like people stick around, that's a good sign. Good luck.
  • ask about funding stability, the whole program was almost cut a few years ago.
  • Campus visit invite (Jan)
  • Any offers? 2/15

University of North Carolina at Chapel HillEdit

  • 7/17 - Search for Coordinator of Student Affairs at the rank of Clinical Assistant/Associate Professor announced
  • 10/23 hiring for 4 positions
  • CSWE interviews scheduled (x4) (10/22/12)
  • Anyone receive a campus visit?
  • Campus visits announced for Dec-early Jan
  • SSWR interview scheduled (12/13) (x3)
  • Rejection received (12/18)
  • I am pretty sure I got a rejection. I've just started deleting emails without really reading them now, but I vaguely recall the words North Carolina in one of them.
    • awww :(  (hug)
  • Heard they're hiring 4.  At least two offers made.  1 accepted; 1 turned them down. 

University of North Carolina at GreensboroEdit

  • Informal meeting held at CSWE
  • Anyone heard back from UNCG?
  • Skype interview early January; search committee meets 1/17 to decide on campus visits (1/14)
  • 1/18 called and invited to campus later this month
  • Did they say how many candidates were invited?
  • Got a rejection letter (3/12)

University of North Carolina at WilmingtonEdit

  • Phone interview 11/1/12
  • Phone interview 11/2/12
  • Phone interview 11/8/12
  • Anyone receive an offer for a campus interview?
  • They have scheduled visits
  • One position filled
  • Second position filled, offer accepted 1/14
    • Congrats!

University of North DakotaEdit

  • informal interview at CSWE
  • meeting set at SSWR

University of Northern IowaEdit

  • Assistant Professor Tenure Track (9/1/12)

University of North FloridaEdit

  • Scheduling preliminary phone interviews (11/29)
  • scheduled for a campus visit in January
    • Had a campus visit 1/30 -1/31
    • I heard one person accepted the position there.

University of Oklahoma NormanEdit

  • CSWE Interview scheduled (10/19)
  • Campus interview (1/9 & 1/13)
  • 2 offers have been acepted

Univeristy of PennsylvaniaEdit

  • Had a screening interview. (where at SSWR? For the "clinical" position?)
  • SSWR interview scheduled for "clinical" SW position (tenure-track)
  • campus visit scheduled (phone call came 1 week after SSWR)

University of PittsburghEdit

  • Open-Rank Health and Social Work Search
  • Rejection via snail mail from application package (1/8)

University of South CarolinaEdit

  • Assistant Professor – Macro-practice
    • Job talk scheduled (11/15 x 2)
    • Position filled
  • Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Assistant/Associate Professor – older adults.
  • Full Professor: older adults, children and families, communities and neighborhoods, health, and social justice-related issues.
  • Associate Dean for Research
  • DeQuincy Newman Endowed Chair - associate or full professor (failed search)

University of South FloridaEdit

University of Southern CaliforniaEdit

  • CSWE interview 11/10 (x2)
  • SSWR interview 1/4 (x2)
  • Which position were these (CSWE/SSWR) interviews for?
    • Clinical? Open-rank tenure track?
  • Snail Mail soft rejection letter 2/3
  • Clinical Position was filled
  • Campus visits just getting scheduled now (2/21)

University of Southern IndianaEdit

  • any word on this position? The deadline was quite awhile ago
  • SC chair says they are still accepting applications (3/16/13)
  • 45 minute phone interview (3/21/13)

University of TennesseeEdit

  • Letter received noting application materials received (9/5)
  • Any word about interviews with Tennessee?
  • campus visits are on going
  • Overheard that position is filled (1/14/13)- Thanks for letting us know- I wish they would let us know something- even an email would be nice...

University of Texas at AustinEdit

  • Assistant/Associate Professor (9/7/12)
  • CSWE interviews scheduled
  • Campus visit scheduled
  • Rejection via email on materials submitted (no CSWE/SSWR interview, 1/4/13) X4
  • Offer made and accepted (2/14) 
  • I went for a visit. Austin was NICE, the university as a whole was NICE, the school of social work was well...nice (The building looked like a high school.). For those of you thinking of applying here in the future, your two days will be packed. I interviewed with just about everyone there (Dean, faculty, this committee, that committee, BSW, MSW, PhD students), plus I had to do a research colloquium AND a teaching demonstration (in an auditorium, in front of 70 undergrads who needed extra motivation). No, your interview is not over when you have your last meeting with the Dean. 

University of Texas at ArlingtonEdit

  • CSWE interview scheduled (11/5)
  • They have invited candidates to the campus
  • Preliminary interview scheduled for SSWR (12/19, 3x)
  • Does anyone know much about this program? Pros/cons? (1/25)
  • Campus interviews occurring (Feb, 2013)
  • Offer made & accepted (2/15, 2x)

University of Texas at San AntonioEdit

  • Assistant/Associate/Full Professor (9/7/12)
  • CSWE Interview
  • Heard one position was filled before SSWR
  • Does anyone know anything about this program?  I heard their Chair just retired this month.  Is it turbulent there or just normal retirement? (2/9/13)

University of TorontoEdit

  • four tenure-stream faculty positions at the rank of Assistant or Associate Professor
  • chair in law and social work
  • CSWE interview scheduled 10/24
  • Rejection email 11/22 (X4)
  • SSWR interview invitation 11/29

University of UtahEdit

  • CSWE Interview scheduled (10/24 X 2)
  • Campus visit scheduled (11/12)
  • Hired one at Associate level

University of VermontEdit

University of WashingtonEdit

  • open rank tenure track position (8/28/12)
  • rejection letter received (11/27/12)

Unvierstiy of Wisconsin-Green BayEdit

University of Wisconsin-MadisonEdit

  • Tenure-track position
    • meeting scheduled at CSWE (11/7) (x3)
    • second interview scheduled (11/13) (x4)
    • Finalists (3) identified and campus visits scheduled (12/5)
    • Heard that they already made an offer (1/21)

University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeEdit

  • Multiple Assistant Professor openings - posted 9/18/12
  • 11/2 invite for informational meeting at CSWE (x5)
  • Any word on interviews at Milwaukee?
  • Was invited for campus visit
  • Per search chair: search is still open, a set of finalists have been invited to campus, and it is possible that others may also be invited (1/31/13)
  • Rejection email received (3/28/13)

University of Wisconsin-Eau ClaireEdit

  • Assistant Professor (9/3/12)
  • Scheduling phone interviews (12/28/12)
  • Form letter rejection stating I wouldn't be getting an interview for the position despite having actually interviewed for the position. (3/21)

Virginia CommonwealthEdit

  • CSWE interview scheduled (10/29/12)
  • CSWE interview scheduled (11/4/12 x 2)
  • Campus visits scheduled 11/18/12 x 5
  • No communication about application - not even rejection(1/20/13)
  • Offer accepted!
  • Rejection letter received yesterday (3/11/13). Position filled.
  • Offer accepted!
  • Heard multple positions filled.  Search closed.

Be cautious about VCU and make sure to ask questions about the School's culture. The enviornment there has become relatively unhealthy.

  • Whoever wrote the above note of caution: could you please elaborate as this is a very vague warning. Also, if you are comfortable, could you tell us how you are affiliated with VCU? Thanks!
  • Echo the warning!!
  • I have also heard this; they have lost several faculty in recent years.

Treat Faculty, especially minorities, very badly.  Lost several faculty last year; Be careful!!!

  • Echo the warning!! Culture is getting unhealthy; people are trying to leave..
  • I agree that the culture has become unhealthy in recent years and down right toxic to senior faculty. They have lost some great junior and senior faculty, much is a result of changing leadership, which impacts the direction of the SSW. If you are a person who can get funded research, publishes 6 articles a year or close to that mark, you will be well liked here. Quantitative research is the new norm, so qualitative minded or focused researchers probably will not find a good community here. I will say that the leadership is transparant in what they want and are looking for, so if you interview, you will see for yourself. I would advise folks interviewing to try to get a senior faculty member, if you can find one, away from everyone, and chat with them. VCU is trying to be at the level of Michigan, Columbia, etc., but are never going to be mentioned with those schools odds are, and in the process they are losing thier niche as a great well respected program with a good balance in scholarship across methods and areas and still an emphasis on quality social work education. Hope this is helpful to everyone.
  • I think some of these comments are kind of extreme.  I actually went on a campus visit this year and did not feel this level of negativity.  All schools have some internal problems and any school going through structural administrative changes will have some element of drama or turmoil.  I would suggest making this decision based on personal experience not on the social work rumor mill. 
  • While I appreciate your assessment, a short visit likely does not give the full picture of the school's culture. The comments that have been made do truly reflect the changes that have taken place over the past few years.
  • As I said before all schools have some internal problems.  When administrative changes are implemented and direction of the school shifted, people are inevitably going to leave and others unhappy.  All I am saying is changes can be both positive and negative and the majority of these comments spin it in a very negative direction.  I am not basing my perception on a 3-day visit; there are many other factors that come into play.  However, the visit does add to the context of my opinion along with research on the school, interaction with current and former faculty, students etc. 
  • Personally, I thought the search committee were not very friendly.
  • Yes, VCU is pushing to get into the Top 10 overall and it'll be no big surprise if they make it. However, the salaries are not top ten and the work load is! If you accept there plan your departure, even with tenure. I heard this was the case with some of the faculty departures.

Washington University in St. LouisEdit

Wayne State UniversityEdit

  • CSWE Interview scheduled (10/26) (x2)
  • Campus visit scheduled (11/16) (x2)
  • SSWR interview scheduled (1/10) x2
  • Campus visit scheduled
  • 1 hour skype interview (2/28)
  • One person was offered a position. Offer accepted (X1) - Mar 6
  • Does anyone know if this offer was for Assistant or Associate? - Assistant

West ChesterEdit

  • Phone screening and campus interview scheduled 01/25

West Virginia UniversityEdit

  • Assistant/Associate Professor (9/6/12)

Western Michigan UniversityEdit

Westfield State UniversityEdit

Wheelock CollegeEdit

Widener UniversityEdit


  • Phone interview scheduled (10/26)
  • Campus visit scheduled (11/27)

Xaiver UniversityEdit