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2010-2011 Jobs[edit | edit source]

Adelphi University[edit | edit source]

  • had campus visit
  • believe Assistant Prof. position has been filled

Arizona State University[edit | edit source]

  • scheduled flyout interview
  • does anyone have an SSWR interview scheduled with them?
  • scheduled campus visit
  • offered a position
    • are they limiting time to respond to offer?
  • scheduled a campus visit for February
  • search on hold pending state budget approval

Augsburg in MN[edit | edit source]

  • began review/follow-up questions
  • phone interview scheduled
  • rejection email

Boston College[edit | edit source]

  • received rejection letter (12/6/10)
  • received rejection letter (1/21/11)

Bridgewater State University MA[edit | edit source]

  • finally got rejection letter

California State University East Bay[edit | edit source]

  • conducted phone interviews
  • I heard that they contacted my references three weeks ago, but nothing since then. Any new news?

California State University Long Beach[edit | edit source]

  • sending update letters
  • 1/29 said they'd contact applicants in two weeks

California State University Monterey Bay[edit | edit source]

  • on campus interview in March

California State University Northridge[edit | edit source]

Case Western Reserve University[edit | edit source]

  • scheduling interviews for SSWR
  • interviewed at SSWR
  • interviewed at SSWR, informed that they will be notifying re: decision ~ 1/26
  • They have selected and notified candidates for campus visits
  • decisions expected mid-march

Columbia University[edit | edit source]

  • Preliminary short interview with search committee in early October.
  • sent at least some rejection letters.
  • flew out for interview
  • well... how did the interview go?! (I was rejected a long time ago:)
  • -think it went well, it was another graduate and she isn't updating this site. I'll post when I hear something new.
  • Good luck we're rooting for you!!
  • campus interview completed
  • offered a position last week (January 25)
    • at assistant/associate/full rank?
    • assistant professor
  • has anyone accepted a position here yet?
  • friend of mine was given offer but she hasn't accepted yet.

DePaul[edit | edit source]

  • campus interview completed
  • campus visit on 1/10/11. waiting, waiting, waiting.

East Carolina University[edit | edit source]

cancelled search, budget

East Michigan State University[edit | edit source]

  • search chair said they are meeting this month (Jan) to review applications
  • received rejection email

Fordham University[edit | edit source]

George Mason University[edit | edit source]

  • spoke with search chair 11/16. Said they're still reviewing apps.
  • interviewed at CSWE, no word since

Governor's State University Illinois[edit | edit source]

Hunter College[edit | edit source]

  • offer made and accepted to applicant

Illinois State University[edit | edit source]

  • conducting phone interviews

Marywood in PA[edit | edit source]

  • checking references
  • informal phone interviews
  • scheduled fly-out
  • campus visit
  • made offers

Ohio State University[edit | edit source]

  • Received EEO form and notification that applications will be reviewed over next few weeks 12/14
  • I have heard that they have closed their search - made offers and people accepted.
  • Who did you hear this from--a member of the search committee? An applicant?
  • I was invited for an on-campus interview and notified on Sunday that I didn't get the job. It was offered to someone else, and they accepted.
  • Received rejection letter 12/21 (x2)
  • Did job talk there. Both positions have been filled.

Richard Stockton College at New Jersey[edit | edit source]

  • still reviewing apps, will call applicants in next 2 weeks

Rhode Island College[edit | edit source]

  • Screening applicants on phone to determine which ones will be selected for campus interviews

Rutgers[edit | edit source]

  • screening interviews at CSWE
  • scheduled campus visit
  • was "on hold" while initial candidates were brought in. received rejection notice. search must be coming to an end.
  • made job offer
  • accepted/filled?
  • offer accepted.

Simmons College[edit | edit source]

  • sent rejection letters

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville[edit | edit source]

  • rejection letter

St. Edward's University, Austin, TX[edit | edit source]

University of Arkansas, Little Rock[edit | edit source]

  • In response to inquiry, Chair said position was filled.

University of California at Berkeley[edit | edit source]

  • no one's heard anything yet?!
  • I sure haven't! :)
  • campus visit scheduled
  • Offers will be made early march
  • offer made

University of Chicago[edit | edit source]

  • scheduled flyout interview
  • received rejection letter 1/1/11

University of Cincinatti[edit | edit source]

University of Denver[edit | edit source]

  • sent rejection letters
  • offer accepted

University of Georgia[edit | edit source]

  • made offers
  • sent rejection letters
  • rejection email 12/7

University of Illinois at Chicago[edit | edit source]

  • Anyone hear anything from UIC? I haven't heard anything since 11/5 when I was sent the EEO form online by the chair.
  • Wrote to and received a response from the chair that the first round of applicants was invited to campus in the fall. Search is still open and more candidates will be invited in the spring. 1/4/11
  • completed job talk.
  • offer made
warning: consider appointment here with eyes wide open

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign[edit | edit source]

  • Scheduling on-campus interviews
  • Any updates?? (12/18)
  • Friend of mine interviewed there two weeks ago- suppose to hear by end of Feb.
  • For at least 1 of the 3 positions, they didn't fill the position- likely due to budget issues, but not sure

University of Iowa[edit | edit source]

  • scheduling "pre interview" calls
  • scheduled on campus interview

University of Kansas[edit | edit source]

  • sent rejection letters
  • campus interview scheduled
  • made offers
  • completed campus visit this week (Jan 26)
  • received rejection email (Mar 2)
  • one offer accepted, two additional offers made
  • Where's my God damned rejection letter!? What is this profession coming to?! Suck it Kansas!
  • I've only received half of all the rejections, even places that have flown me out. Rude bastards is what they are!

University of Louisville[edit | edit source]

  • generic "dear applicant" email to all applicants stating position has been filled 1/4/11

University of Maine, Orono[edit | edit source]

  • conducting round 2 interviews
  • rejection letter

University of Maryland Baltimore COunty[edit | edit source]

  • sent rejection letters

University of Michigan[edit | edit source]

two job talks in March

University of Mississippi[edit | edit source]

  • positions filled, but new openings in their distance campus programs

University of Missouri at St. Louis[edit | edit source]

University of Nebraska at Omaha[edit | edit source]

on campus interview completed

University of North Carolina at Greensboro[edit | edit source]

  • conducting phone interviews
  • Scheduled a site visit interview
  • made an offer/offer was accepted

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill[edit | edit source]

  • conducting preliminary interviews at SSWR
  • scheduled campus visit for Feb
    • when were you notified of invitation to visit?
    • week after SSWR
  • invitations for campus visits sent out
  • four candidates have visited
  • offer made and accepted

University of North Dakota[edit | edit source]

  • requested additional materials
  • offer accepted

University of Oklahoma Tulsa[edit | edit source]

- received rejection letter 12/17 ([...] un[fortunate] recruitment practices:)

Univeristy of Pennsylvania[edit | edit source]

  • invited candidates to campus
  • rejection letter (2/?/11) x2
  • faculty vote 3-17

University of Portland[edit | edit source]

  • sent rejection letter 12/17
  • scheduled flyout interview for Jan
  • was recently told by a colleague that they're also looking for a visiting professor (2/6/11)
  • inquired about this and they said if they had an opening they would post it

University of South Carolina[edit | edit source]

  • Preliminary interviews at CSWE APM in October
  • completed campus interview in November
  • 2 people have accepted positions

University of South Florida[edit | edit source]

University of Southern California[edit | edit source]

  • asked for follow-up info (12/9/10)
  • scheduling SSWR interview (1/8/11)
  • visit invitations: search committee has forwarded names to faculty council
  • three junior level candidates invited to campus.
  • rejection letter (2/7/11)
  • Friend received offer

University of Southern Indiana[edit | edit source]

  • rec'd rejection letter in mail 2/10 that position was filled

University of Texas at Austin[edit | edit source]

Sent rejection letters by email-stating selected 10 potential candidates to move forward

That really sucks; their deadline for submissions was Jan. 31st.

- I have yet to receive a rejection OR a notice that I'm moving forward so who knows....

- I am another applicant who also has not received a rejection or invitation to interview / move forward

- I finally wrote the chair to ask about their timeline and he said they'd been trying get in touch by email (news to me) and, with no reply, they assumed I wasn't interested anymore. You may want to write them..

-interviewed at SSWR

-campus visit scheduled

University of Texas at Arlington[edit | edit source]

  • Conducted Preliminary Interviews at CSWE APM in October

University of Washington[edit | edit source]

  • asked for additional materials
  • conducting preliminary interviews at SSWR
  • -Did they contact you about scheduling an interview? I haven't heard back since I got my Affirm Act form in the mail.
  • I did hear about scheduling an interview at SSWR, but not a date yet.
  • Any news about fly out interviews?
  • word on the street is that nobody has visited campus as of 1/31
  • Any news on campus visits?
  • Two candidates are doing job talks this month (Feb.)
  • This is interesting as I received an email yesterday saying that they are finalizing their list next week--?
  • Job talk early March
  • 4/6/11: search concluded

University of Wisconsin-Madison[edit | edit source]

  • Received a rejection letter at my school address postmarked 12/18

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire[edit | edit source]

  • Prelim phone interview 11/2010
  • interviewing applicants next week

VIrginia Commonwealth[edit | edit source]

  • campus visits still happening (2/10)
  • 2 people with confirmed positions (2/10)
  • 3 confirmed positions
  • additional offer made (3/2)

Washington University in St. Louis[edit | edit source]

  • Received rejection letter
  • at least one position offered and accepted

Wayne State University[edit | edit source]

  • Scheduling on-campus interviews (November)
  • interview scheduled for february
  • rejection email received

West Chester[edit | edit source]

  • meeting candidates at BPD

Western Michigan University[edit | edit source]

Westfield State University[edit | edit source]

  • conducting phone interviews
  • rejection email

Widener University[edit | edit source]

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