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'''University of South Carolina at Columbia'''<br/>
'''University of South Carolina at Columbia'''<br/>
Jewish Literature (Open Rank)
Jewish Literature (Open Rank)
MLA Interview scheduled - 11/19 (3)
MLA Interview scheduled - 11/19 (3) Campus callback scheduled (12/29)

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Postdocs in the Humanities (2008)


Latino / Chicano

Cal. State-Fresno
Chican@, Latin@, Latin American Lit. MLA: 12/17 (2)

Kennesaw State University (GA)
Latino Studies (American Studies). Deadline Sept. 15 Candidate visits (2) in November.

Miami University of Ohio
U.S. Latina/o Literary and Cultural Studies Request for more materials: 11/15; MLA scheduled 12/13

Texas Christian University
Latina/o -Chican/o Lit and Culture MLA Interview scheduled - 11/30

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Latino/a Literature -- anyone heard about interviews? rcvd addt'l materials request before Thxsgiving - scheduled MLA interview (12/05)

University of Notre Dame
Open Rank, Latino/a Lit --anyone heard about interviews? rcvd addt'l materials request before Thxsgiving- rejection letter (12/14)

University of Texas at Arlington
Latina/o Stds MLA Interview scheduled - 11/16 (4)

University of Texas at Austin
Mexican American Studies Request for more materials: 11/5

University of Texas at Pan Am
MLA interview scheduled week of Dec.3rd

Utah State
("Hispanic-American" studies / Latino/a) Deadline: TBA Rejection Letter 12/10

Willamette University (OR)
Latino, Native American, or Asian-American. Deadline: November 5 11/15: in the acknowledgment letter: "we will be bringing people to campus in the spring" (no MLA interviews???) A: some schools, especially smaller ones or one without a tremendous amount of resources don't interview at the MLA. and then some schools like UNC - Chapel Hill don't either although this one makes less sense to me. I say god bless those who don't - MLA is crazy enough. A: Willamette will be interviewing at MLA 20th/21st C wiki says they already made a request for additional materials
MLA interview scheduled 12/10 (2)
rejection letter rec'd 12/17 (2)


University of South Florida: Has anyone heard anything from them? A: received email 12/17 that they are canceling the search due to funding.

Chapman University
multiculural Lit MLA interview scheduled: 12/2 Ditto: 12/3 (3) rejection letter 12/13 (2)

U of North Carolina at Greensboro
Asst. Prof. of U.S. Ethnic Literatures -scheduled MLA interview (11/20), (12/05)

University of Rhode Island
US Ethnic Literature Deadline: Dec 7 MLA Interview scheduled 12/19 (2)

MLA 11/30

Request for more materials 11/14 Any information? MLA Interview Scheduled 12/12; 12/17

College of William and Mary
MLA 12/07

John Jay College of Criminal Justice CUNY
MLA interview scheduled 12/14

Michigan Tech
Asst. Professor of Diverse Literatures Deadline: Nov. 5 Acknowledgement received 11/14 Writing sample request 12/14

Texas A&M Corpus Christi
Not going to MLA, phone interview scheduled for January

Asian American

Tufts U
20th Am. Asian American preferred. MLA interview scheduled: 12/6


Penn State
Assistant or Associate Professor of 19th/20th Century Jewish-American Literature Deadline: October 15 Request for writing sample Oct 31 (2) MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/4)(4)

University of Denver
Jewish Literature MLA Interview scheduled - 11/29 (3)

University of South Carolina at Columbia
Jewish Literature (Open Rank) MLA Interview scheduled - 11/19 (3) Campus callback scheduled (12/29)

Native American

U of St. Thomas (MN)
Asst. Professor of Native American literature Deadline: Nov. 1 MLA Interview Scheduled (before Nov.30th)for Ethnic Lit position Rej. letter received Nov 30;
MLA Scheduled 12/01