Includes Aerospace, Aeronautics and Astronautics, etc.

Any updates ??

Any updates from Colorado, Georgia Tech, Michigan, Purdue, Michigan Tech? (And which search if so...) 

(12/31/18):   Any news from : CMU, NCSU, Utah, PSU, ISU, UFL ?

1/ 2 /2019: Any updates from UCLA/ UIC / Oregon State  ? 

Q: Are people getting skype interviews graduate students or Podtdocs? Graduate student (0), Postdocs(1), Faculty (1)


Stony Brook[edit | edit source]

Any news ?

UCSD[edit | edit source]

Shortlist made

Syracuse[edit | edit source]

Shortlist made.

Pittsburgh[edit | edit source]

2 Materials position filled.

CPS/DDM shortlist made.

Florida[edit | edit source]

Onsite ongoing, seminar listed on webpage

Princeton[edit | edit source]

Has anyone got a Skype interview yet?

UMD[edit | edit source]

UMD has started calling people for interviews. Has Anyone got a phone call?

Re: UMD=> Calling to arrange skype interviews or on-campus invites ? 

Did anybody get (have) an interview from UMD? (12/13/18) 1/12/18 -Yes. Q: When was UMD interview? Q: was it on-site or phone interview? (1/13/19)

UMD phone interview in Dec 2018, any updates for on-campus seminars? 

Minnesota[edit | edit source]

I got email to sent letters 1/10/19. Did everyone get such email?



The posting asked for your letters to be sent immediately.  Those who did not do this probably got the email.

(Q) ME or AEM? AEM (X 2), ME(X2)

Q: Are they asking everyone to send the LORs or have they done an initial shortlisting? 

Q. Did anyone get any interviews for Univ of Minnesota?

2/15 On-site seminars have started. Are the on-site for AEM or ME ? 

A: ME. AEM has started a long time ago and already notified the applicants who were not selected.

ok, wow, ME moved pretty fast, their deadline was only 12/31. 

ME heat transfer position invited two applicants on-site who study brain science.

Thats ridiculous 

Q: Any news on the Design and Manufacturing position?

Colorado[edit | edit source]

still waiting to hear from Georgia Tech and Colorado (12/12/18)

--> Colorado (Aerospace) skype interviews happened in November, I think (?)

1/31: Rejected (Autonomy position) (X2)

Georgia Tech[edit | edit source]

--> Georgia Tech (Aerospace) phone interviews scheduled for today (12/21/18) ---> GT civil started interviewing (1/11/2019)

ME onsite interviews beginning 2/5 Q. Wasnt the ME deadline Jan 18 for applying?

Rochester[edit | edit source]

12/20/18: Rochester: Rejection (x 3)

CMU[edit | edit source]

1/12/18 - CMU started. Q: When did you have the CMU interview ? Q. Did anyone get onsite interview?

Iowa State[edit | edit source]

12/31: Iowa-state : Rejected (online status)

USC[edit | edit source]

Skype interview from USC (1/11/2019)

On site ongoing

UCLA[edit | edit source]

UCLA started interviewing (1/9/2019)

(UCLA 1/12/2019: interview X2) :Re-> Phone interview or on-site? UCLA Job talks areon their website (1/14/19)

WISCONSIN MADISON[edit | edit source]

1/3/19: Wisconsin Madison : Rejected via email. 1/5/19: rejected from Wisconsin Madison

Wis. Mad. (1/12/2019: interview) 

(Q): Skype or on-campus interview?

Madison control position filled, rejection sent to skype candidates

STANFORD[edit | edit source]

Stanford applied 12/1  skype interview 12/21 invited for onsite interview; this is amazing that they have done the Skype 6 days after the deadline! 

Stanford still calling others (X2) 

ASU[edit | edit source]

ASU skype interview (x 3)

Q. Did anyone get on site interview?

(01/30/2019) Havent heard anything yet

UConn[edit | edit source]

01/09 UConn Skype interview

02/01 Still doing video interviews

On site started.. senior candidates listed on seminar page

UVa[edit | edit source]

01/08/2019: Has anyone been contacted by the University of Virginia? No (1/8/19) I did not either.

VirginiaTech[edit | edit source]

1/9/19: Virginia Tech (Aero: Dynamics/controls): Rejection 15/1/19:

Did anyone get interviews for virginia tech ME?

MIT[edit | edit source]

MIT (Mech. Engineering, General Search): Anyone interviewed?

Web interview January 22nd. Web interview January 25th. 

Anyone invited for on-campus interview?

Received email saying the search ended

Boston University[edit | edit source]

Dec 2018 Skype Interview Boston Univeristy. Any updates?

They have started onsite interviews

Michigan Tech[edit | edit source]

MTU (Mech. Engineering, General Search): Anyone interviewed?

Michigan Tech[edit | edit source]

MTU (Engineering Cluster Hire / Machine Learning): Anyone interviewed?

Penn State University[edit | edit source]

Has anyone been interviewed?

received email saying search is cancelled

Louisiana State University[edit | edit source]

Anyone heard from them?

Rejected 2/15.

University of Tennessee[edit | edit source]

Rejected by email (01/24/2019)

University of Delaware[edit | edit source]

Phone Interview (01/11/2019) (X2)

Q. Did anyone get on site interview?

NCSU[edit | edit source]

Any news ? Several talks listed..dann, i guess i didnt get shortlisted.

Oregon State [edit | edit source]

Any news ?

They have started campus interviews

Northeastern[edit | edit source]

Any news ?

Utah[edit | edit source]

Any news ?

Rejected by email on 01/17

Rejected by email 3/7

UC Riverside[edit | edit source]

Any news ?

University of Texas Austin[edit | edit source]

Did anyone get any interviews?

Civil has started web interviews in the week of 1/28. Thats late....wasn't the deadline Nov 15?


(02/04/2019) Has anyone heard back about the robotics position?

University of California Santa Barbara[edit | edit source]

(02/04/2019) Did anyone get any interviews?

University of New Mexico[edit | edit source]

Skype interview (2/10)

Michigan State[edit | edit source]

(02/19/2019) Did anyone get any nterviews? ==Kentucky  == On site over.

University of Alabama [edit | edit source]

(02/19/2019) Did anyone get on site interviews?

On site started

Clemson University  [edit | edit source]

(02/2/2019) Did anyone get phone interviews?

(02/17/2019) the committee hasnt met yet according to the chair

03/13 Skype interview

Q to above: 2/13 or 3/13 ??

California State University long beach [edit | edit source]

(04/26) Did anyone get the offer?

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