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University of Hartford Edit

- Onsite interview in Feb.

- Any news?

University of Central Florida Edit

- Phone interview (Late Feb.)

- which direction? Bioengineering.

Lafayette College Edit

- Phone interview (Early Feb.)

Lawrence Tech University Edit

- Onsite interview scheduled (Feb).


Any news?.


Any news?.


Any news? Any updates? Did any one get offer?

Georgia TechEdit

Onsite interview scheduled. -Which area, please? Nano-micro-manufacturing

Caltech Edit

Any news?

Checking for letters from referees 12/31

candidates talk can be found on website;

The job ended up going to a senior hire with an inside track, former student of search chair.


Reject --- energy material 1/30

United States Naval Academy (Systems Engineering)Edit

Reject 1/28

Iowa State UniversityEdit

Phone interview the first week of December

Invitation for on-campus interview

Which area? Complex Fluid Systems

Official offer recieved and accepted - Complex Fluid Systems

University of Massachusetts-LowellEdit

Phone interviewed. - Which area? Sensing.

University of Massachusetts-AmherstEdit

Reject - 01/28/2015  (x2)

Missouri University of Science and TechnologyEdit

Phone interviewed in Dec, 2014.

On-site interview in Feb, 2015.

Decision should be made in the middle of March, 2015

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Edit

rej 2/8 (x2)

Phone interview, 3rd week of Feb - which area? nano/manufacturing - interview invitation

University of UtahEdit

Any news?

Phone interview Dec, 2014

Which direction?

Phone interview Feb 2015 (area of whole body biomechanics and design)

University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesEdit

Any news? 

Rejection 3/10/2015 -which area?

Penn State UniversityEdit

Any news?

Reject 26 Jan (Nuclear Eng.)

San Diego State UniversityEdit

any news?

University of Michigan, Ann ArborEdit

Any news?

Purdue UniversityEdit

Any news?

Reject Dec 2014

University of Illinois, Urbana ChampaignEdit

Any news?

Princeton UniversityEdit

Any news?

University of Texas DallasEdit

Any news?

Campus interview invited, early March

Texas A&M UniversityEdit

Any news?

Phone interview Feb/2015

Boston UniversityEdit

Any news?

University of PittsburghEdit

letter requested Jan-2015

Rochester Institute of TechnologyEdit

Reject Jan-14-2015

Johns Hopkins UniversityEdit

Any news? Letter requested by end of Jan

Cornell UniversityEdit

Any news?

asked for rec. letters 1/15 fluid mechanics

University of Nevada, RenoEdit

Phone interview scheduled for 2/4 (x2)

Congrats. Which area, please? Materials; Energy

Invitation to interview came on 2/9 in the Materials area.

University of WashingtonEdit

Any news about ME/ISE search?

Arizona State UniversityEdit

4/6 on-site interviews conducted for the wearable robotics position. 

Clemson UniversityEdit

Phone interview Jan 2015, solid mechanics

Duke UniversityEdit

Any news?

North Carolina State UniversityEdit

reject 01/2015

Seattle UniversityEdit

reject 01/2015

University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeEdit

reject 02/06/2015

Washington State UniversityEdit

Phone interview - early Feb; invited for on-site interview in March


any news?

University of RochesterEdit

any news?

University of Nebraska–LincolnEdit

any news?

Binghamton UniversityEdit

any news?

Illinois Institute of TechnologyEdit

any news?

Wichita State UniversityEdit

any news?

City College of New YorkEdit

any news?

Kettering UniversityEdit

any news?


any news?