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Arizona State UniversityEdit

phone interview - Dec 2013 - which direction? 2/1/2014

phone interview - Dec 21, 2013 - no follow-up since then 

rejection April 10

Colorado State UniversityEdit

any news? - April 16, 2014

Utah State UniversityEdit

Phone interview, 1-22-2014

Any updates?

University of North DakotaEdit

Phone interview, 1-8-2014

Boston UniversityEdit

Any news 1-8-14?

9 people shortlisted. -- Which area? 1/18/2014

Areas are open - you can check the seminar list for details. - Can you post a link for the seminar list?

Rejection letter 5/20/2014

Binghamton UniversityEdit

Any News?-2/18/2014

Phone interview- 2/26/2014 - Any news afterwards? 3/6/2014

Onsite invited  3/6/2014

California State University, FullertonEdit

Phone interview (12/20/2013)

Clemson UniversityEdit

Any news? 1-17-14 how are you

Carnegie MellonEdit

any news 1-8-14? 

1-20-14 - Review still on - update email received.

2-25-14 - Reference letters requested.

Columbia University (multiple robotics)Edit

Dartmouth College (solid mechanics)Edit

Phone interview 1/13/2014. Onsite interview invited 1/20/2014.

Drexel UniversityEdit

Any News?-2/18/2014

Iowa State University (ME)Edit

- Any news? 3-13-2014

Iowa State University (Aerospace)Edit

Reference letter requested December 2013.

--any news 1-20-2014?

Onsite invitation 2-10-2014. which area?

Florida Institute of TechnologyEdit

Any news? 2/20/2014

Rejection 3/18/2014

Any news on onsite interview? 4/17/2014

Florida International UniversityEdit

Georgia TechEdit

Rejection came 12/22/2013

Rejection came 2/17/2014 (why so late if you say "we do not have any openings that match your interests and background with our program's particular needs"?)

Interview scheduled for early April. update 04/14/14 canceled interview b/c accepted other position

Rejection came 03/14/2014

Georgia Institute of Technology (Aerospace)Edit

Q: which area?

A: Energy.

Any news? 4-16-2014

Lehigh UniversityEdit

Any news? April 14 2014

Michigan State UniversityEdit

Any news? 3/14/2014

Michigan Technological UniversityEdit

- Phone interview, 3/3/3014

Missouri University of Science and TechnologyEdit

Any news? 2/20/2014 - on-site interview ongoing (2/25/2014) -- which area? energy.

MIT (massachusetts institute of technology)Edit

Any news? 2/25/2014

which area? -- general search

thanks. campus interview?

skype interview - 2/24/2014 (Thermal)

Any updates? 3/21

Rejection 04/15

Montana State UniversityEdit

offer extended 03/03/14, ultimately declined 03/31/14

New Jersey Institute of TechnologyEdit

Any news? 2/20/2014

North Carolina State UniversityEdit

Any news? 2/20/2014

Northeastern UniversityEdit

Any news? 2/20/2014

Reference requested 2/22/14; which area?

Northwestern UniversityEdit

Any news? 3/14/2014

Rejection 4/17/2014

Oklahoma State UniversityEdit

Any news? 1-17-14

Reference requested

Ohio UniversityEdit

Any news? 1-12-14

Oregon State UniversityEdit

Any news? 1-17-14

Phone interview - 1-31-14

In-person invitation - 02-03-14; Q: which area?

Polytechnic institute of new york university Edit

Any News? Feb 4, 14

Purdue University (Mechanical Engineering)Edit

on-site interview 03/24-25/2014

verbal offer extended 04/10/2014

was the offer accepted? 5/19

Penn StateEdit

Any news? 1-8-14

No news here. Which direction did you apply?  -- the open search.

Interview invitation - 1/29/2014

Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteEdit

Any news? Jan 8, 2014

Short list made Jan, 2014

Rice UniversityEdit

Any news? Jan 28, 2014

was told short list was made and got rejection. 5/21, 2014

Rutgers UniversityEdit

phone interviewed 2013

Santa Clara UniversityEdit

Stevens Institute of TechnologyEdit

Any news? 2/20/2014

Interview scheduled week of 03/10/14

Bioengineering position filled first week of April, 2014

Stony Brook UniversityEdit

phone interview, 02/25/2014- which area? mechanics

Southern Methodist UniversityEdit

Any News, Jan 28, 2014

Texas A&M University (ME)Edit

Any news? 3-14-2014

Texas A&M University (Aerospace)Edit

Any news? 4-13-14.

Tufts UniversityEdit

Interview scheduled

offer has been made

University of AkronEdit

- phone interview, 1-27-2014

- Onsite interview invitation sent on 2-5-2014

Which area? Systems Engineering

University of AlabamaEdit

Phone interivew in January, 2014 -- which direction? Energy

University of ArkansasEdit

Skype interview, 1-15-2014

Onsite scheduled.

University of California, DavisEdit

- Any news? 3-13-2014

- Committee is still reviewing applications as of 3-26-2014

University of California, MercedEdit

- reference letters requested in January

- Any further news? 4/17/2014

University of California, Santa BarbaraEdit

- Any news? 3-13-2014

-Rejected without interview: 4-1-2014

University of California, San DiegoEdit

Any news? 2/20/2014

University of California, IrvineEdit

Any News?-4/16/2014

University of DaytonEdit

Onsite interview in January, 2014 Q: Which area? Energy?

A: It is Energy position

University of DelawareEdit

Reference letters requested 12-19-2013

University of GeorgiaEdit

any news? 01/25/2014

University of FloridaEdit

Any news? 4/16/2014

University of Illinois-ChicagoEdit

Any news so far? Is the on-site interview ongoing? Apr 14,2014

University of Illinois UCEdit

Reference requested Mar 2

interviewed week of 02/24/14 Q: Is it onsite interview or phone interview? -- onsite

what area? -- mechanical engineering, offer extended 03/12/14 -which direction? -- from UIUC

Isn't the onsite interview still on-going?

University of IowaEdit

Any news? 2/17/2014

What area?

U Massachusetts AmherstEdit

Any news? 1-8-14

Reject came 2-21-14, 2-27-14

5 candidates invited for interview (materials engineering), 3-7-14

U Massachusetts LowellEdit

Any news? 1-17-14

Phone interview invitation 3-12-2014

Any news after onsite? - 4-26-2014

University of MinnesotaEdit

Reference letters requested 12-18-2013

University of Nebraska–LincolnEdit

Any news? 3-14-2014

Phone Interview on 03/03/2014 (MME)

University of Notre DameEdit

Any news? 1-30-14

University of RochesterEdit

Reference letters requested 12-7-2013

Reference letters requested 12-23-2013

Any news? 1-8-14

Rejection letter came 2-3-2014  -- which area? -- 3-3-3014 Manufacturing

interviewed week of 02/10/14

University at BuffaloEdit

any news? 1-22

refrerence letters asked 1st week Jan

- phone interview, 1-28-2014--which area? Design

- Any news on onsite? 3-12-2014

University of California- RiversideEdit

Any News?-2/18/2014

Rejected without Interview: 3-26-2014

University of ConnecticutEdit

any news? -2/4/2014

Skype interview in Jan. 2014 - which direction? Manufacturing or Thermal?

University of San DiegoEdit

University of Texas at Austin (Aerospace)Edit

Reference letter requested in February.

Any news? 4/15/14

University of Texas at Dallas Edit

any news? - Jan 24

phone interview - Jan 27

It seems on-site interview is already on going? yes. Mar. 30.

University of Texas at San AntonioEdit

Rejection came 12/05/2013

any news? - Jan 24

University of UtahEdit

Reference letters requested on 12/24/2013 

Skype interview on 01/02/2014 Q: Which research area? Thanks.

Skype interview - January, 2014, No update 2/7.--which area?

Which area? Any update? 01/26

Onsite interview scheduled. 2/8/2014---Whcih research area? Thanks

Rejection Letter. 03/06/2014...Area: Computational Mechanics

Rejection Letter. 04/03/2014...Area: Experimental Mechanics

Rejected after onsite. 04/17/2014...Area: Manufacturing. 

University of Washington (Mechanical Engineering)Edit

Rejection came -- 2/18/2014

University of OklahomaEdit

Reference letter requested Feb.

Phone interview.

Any news? 3/5/2014

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Aerospace)Edit

University of Kansas (Aerospace)Edit

University of Michigan (Aerospace)Edit

Rejection letter 2/14/14

University of Rhode IslandEdit

Any news ? 3/4/14

Onsite scheduled 3/20/14

University of Tennessee, KnoxvilleEdit

any news? 02/03/2014

Rejection came 2/14/2014; which area?

A: Thermal and Fluid

Anyone hear anything about the manufacturing position? -- 03/25/2014

Vanderbilt UniversityEdit

Virginia Commonwealth UniversityEdit

-Phone interview in January, 2014 

Q: Which area? Nuclear Engineering or Mechanical Engineering?

A: Mechanical Engineering

- Any further news? 4-16-3014

Virginia TechEdit

-skype interview, Dec 17, 2013 which direction? Engineer Science and Mechanics

-skype interview Jan 8, 2013 (Thermal)

Onsite interview - any update? (02-01-14)  Which direction? Thanks. Thermal.

Onsite interview invited 03/04/2014. Mechanical.

Rejection came 03/18/2014 (Engineering Science and Mechanics)

Multiple offers have been made

Washington State UniversityEdit

-Phone interview on Dec 18, 2013 

- Any news regarding onsite interview? - 1/19/2014

A: Onsite interview starts 1/21/2014

Any news on the offer?

Washington University in St. LouisEdit

Any news? 3/13/2014

Worcester PolytechEdit

reference letters requested

Any news 1-8-14?

phone interview invitation - manufacturing 2/3/2014

phone interview invitation - 2/4/2014

University of Colorado, Boulder(Solid Mechanics)Edit

Any news 1/19/2014 ?

Rejection came 1-23-14

Mississippi State UniversityEdit

Any news? 3/4/2014

Caltech (Lecturer)Edit

come on