-- If you can, please help by answering the questions as well. Good luck to all!

-- Format school sections with "Heading 3"

Alfred UniversityEdit

Arizona State UniversityEdit

-- ref requested on jan? -- Area of Micro- and Nano-Scale Systems and Engineering

-> Offer made to a senior prof. (may 2013)

-- any news on AE?

Baylor University - Search Completed Edit

-- References Requested & Phone Interview - Jan 2013

--Campus interview selected - Feb 2013

Binghamton UniversityEdit

any news?

Bowling Green State UniversityEdit

-- Phone interview first week of April

California Institute of Technology (Aero)Edit

California State University, Long BeachEdit

--interview invited in April 2013.

 Q- When did you get the invite. Did you have a phone interview?

A- That was about a month ago. There was a phone interview.

Central Connecticut State (CEGT)Edit

-- On hold until further notice (funding issue)

Central Connecticut State (CAE, Instrumentation)Edit

-- On hold until further notice (funding issue)

Central Michigan UniversityEdit

--Position Filled.

Clarkson UniversityEdit

-- Rejection (x2) (01/09/2013, 01/23/2013)

-- Campus interview scheduled for March

Q: When did they send the notice?

A: 2/26.

-- One offer made. Two more positions are still searching.

Q:Which direction is offered?

A: Materials.

-- Campus visit at Aril 22nd, second round, solid mechanics

-- reject letter (May 3rd)

Clemson UniversityEdit

-- campus interview selected

Cleveland State University (Biomechanics/Robotics)Edit

-- Phone interview in mid Feb (biomechanics/robotics)

-- It seems that the SC selected finalists for on-campus (Q: Did they send out invitation?)

Cleveland State University (Energy)Edit

-- Phone interview Feb.27 ( Energy)

Colorado School of Mines (Applied Mechanics)Edit

--phone interviews in Feb 2013 

--interview invited

Colorado School of Mines (Design)Edit

-- any news?

Colorado School of Mines  (Robotics)Edit

Colorado State UniversityEdit

-- Search completed. 

Columbia UniversityEdit

Cornell UniversityEdit

-- Any news?

Dartmouth College (Biomedical Eng.)Edit

Drexel UniversityEdit

--phone interview in march

--interview invited in march

East Carolina University (ME)Edit

-- Phone interview in the first week of March

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityEdit

Florida International UniversityEdit

George Washington UniversityEdit

-- interview invited

Georgia Institute of Technology (Robotics, haptics)Edit

-- Interview invited

Georgia Institute of Technology (ME)Edit

-- It seems that onsite interview starts Jan. 2013

-- interview invited (x4)

-- Rejected Feb. 2013

-- offer made (but still on going)

Georgia Institute of Technology (Aerospace Engineering)Edit

- Candidate seminar scheduled in Mar. - Can you share the direction?

George Mason UniversityEdit

Illinois Institute of TechnologyEdit

- interview invited 02/2013

- rejection received

- offer made

Indiana State UniversityEdit

Indiana University (Human Centered Computing)Edit

Indiana University-Purdue University IndianapolisEdit

-- Phone interview in feb

-- Campas interview invited for early April.

Johns Hopkins UniversityEdit

-- Interview invited in feb

Q: which field?

Kent State UniversityEdit

Kansas State University (ME Asst. Prof.)Edit

-- Rejection 03/13

Lafayette College Easton, PA (ME Asst. Prof, robotics)Edit

Lehigh UniversityEdit

-- Phone interview in Dec. 2012

-- Interview invited

Louisiana Tech University (ME Asst. Prof, interdisciplinary, biomech, dynamics, control)Edit

Missouri University of Science and TechnologyEdit

-- Campus interview ongoing Jan 2013

-- Rejection email 4/2/2013

-- Which position?

Marshall University (ME)Edit

Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyEdit

-- reference requested Jan 2013

-- interviewee selected --> which area?

Michigan State U (ECE Asst. Prof, technical health)Edit

Montana State UniversityEdit

-- Offer negotiation

-- Search ended

North Carolina State UniversityEdit

-- ref requested on jan <-- which direction?

-- Interview invited

-- offer received but withdrawn

Northern Arizona University (ME Asst.)Edit

--- Phone interview early April.

--- Any news, updates?

Northeastern UniversityEdit

-- Any news?

Northern Illinois UniversityEdit

-- Campus interview

Northwestern UniversityEdit

New Jersey Institute of Technology (ME Asst. Prof., biomechanics)Edit

-- Phone interview on 12/21/2012.

-- Interview invited

New Jersey Inst of Tech (ME Asst. Prof, robotics & mechatronics)Edit

New York Institute of TechnologyEdit

-- Phone interview in late Feb

-- Interview invited for late March

Ohio State UniversityEdit

Ohio UniversityEdit

Ohio University (Engineering Tech. & Management)Edit

--Campus interview

Old Dominion University (ME)Edit

--- Phone Interview Early Apr.

--- Campus interview Mid April

--- Offer made

Oregon Institute of Technology (MEET)Edit

-- Rejected Feb.

--- Search has been concluded

Pennsylvania State University - BerksEdit

Pennsylvania State University - The BehrendEdit

Purdue University (Mechanical Engineering)Edit

- Campus interview invited 

Purdue University (Aerospace Engineering)Edit

- reference request, Feb. 2013

- interview invited, March 2013

Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteEdit

-- interview invited

-- offer made in feb

-- offer accepted

Rochester Insititute of TechnologyEdit

-- Phone interviewed Jan. 2013

-- Campus interview invited in early April

Q: When did you receive the invitation? It seems the phone interview is still ongoing.

Rutgers UniversityEdit

-- Rejection email (4/4)

Santa Clara UniversityEdit

-- Rejection received

Q: When did you receive the rejection?

San Diego State UniversityEdit

-- campus  interview invited 03/05/2013

-- rejection received in March

South Dakota School of Mines & TechnologyEdit

-- Phone interview in mid Feb

Stony Brook UniversityEdit

-- any news? campus interview on going

SUNY, New PaltzEdit

Temple UniversityEdit

-- Phone interviewed Dec. 2012

-- Campus interview invited in Feb. 2013

-- Offer made

Tennessee Tech University‏ (ME)Edit

'-'--- Rejection email (04/11)

Texas A&M University - College Station Edit

Texas A&M University, KingsvilleEdit

University of Akron (ME Asst. Prof)Edit

-- Phone interview 03/26

University of AlaskaEdit

-- phone interview in March 2013.

-- Campus interview on going in April 2013.

University of ArkansasFayettevilleEdit

-- Rejected Feb.

University of Alabama at BirminghamEdit

--Rejection Mar. 27

Search was concluded.

University of ArizonaEdit

University of Alabama in HuntsvilleEdit

-- Phone interview around mid-Feb. 2013  

University at Buffalo, SUNYEdit

-- phone interview Jan 2013

-- on-campus interview Feb 2013

-- Rejection email 3/28/2013

University of British Columbia (Instructor)Edit

University of California, RiversideEdit

interview invited

University of California, Santa BarbaraEdit

-- reference letter requested in Jan. 2013x2

University of California, San DiegoEdit

University of CincinnatiEdit

University of Colorado, Boulder (Aero Eng.)Edit

-- interview invited

University of Colorado, Boulder (Biomechanical)Edit

University of Colorado, Boulder (Design & Manufacturing)Edit

-- reference letters requested on Jan 9, 2013.

-- any further news?

University of Colorado, Boulder (Instructor)Edit

University of DaytonEdit

University of DelawareEdit

- Campus interview invited 

- email rejection in may

University of GeorgiaEdit

- rejection email 3/29

University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignEdit

-- interview invited Q: what field? solids? fluids?

-- reference letters requested in Jan 2013

-- skype interview in Jan 2013

-- interviews on going in feb (seems not fluids)

-- rejection email (april 22nd)

University of KansasEdit

-- Telephone interview on Feb

-- On-site interview invited

University of KentuckyEdit

University of MarylandEdit

-- phone interview 02/2013 <-- Which one EEC or Systems Eng?

University of Mass Lowell (ME) Edit

Feb 21 phone interview

University of MiamiEdit

University of Michigan (Aerospace Engineering)Edit

-- interview invited Jan 2013

-- offer made March 2013  -- which area?

University of Michigan-Flint (ME Asst. Prof)Edit

University of Nebraska (CS Asst. Prof, outstanding robotic and controls)Edit

University of New Hampshire (ECE w/ robotics/controls)Edit

-- Rejection email (3/15)

University of Nevada, RenoEdit

-- phonte interview in Jan 2013

any futher news?

- rejection email may 16 2013

University'of North Carolina Charlotte (ME Asst. Prof, controls)Edit

-- Any news?

University of Notre DameEdit

--  Interviews on going in Feb.

-- email rejection in march (x2)

-- 6 candidates interviewed, completed interviews April 2013

University of RochesterEdit

-- email rejection (Jan 31)

-- short list made (seems interested in traditional fluid mech) 

University of Southern California (ME & AEE Asst. Prof)Edit

Offer Received

University of Tennessee, KnoxvilleEdit

- any news?

University of Texas, ArlingtonEdit

- offer made

University of Texas, AustinEdit

-- reference requested

-- phone interview in feb

-- interview invited in Feb.

University of Texas, San AntonioEdit

-- Rejected in Feb.

University of Texas at Dallas (ME Asst. Prof, biomedical)Edit

University of Texas at Dallas (ME Asst. Prof, dynamic systems & control)Edit

- onsite invited on March

University of Texas-Pan AmericanEdit

-- Phone interviewed in Feb

-- Campus interview in late Feb (Q: Any further news?)

University of Utah (ME Asst. Prof, sustainable energy)Edit

-- On-campus interview invited in late Feb.

Offer made?

University of Utah (ME Asst. Prof, robotics)Edit

-- Rejection email (03/01/2013)

University of Vermont (ME Assist. Prof, dynamical syst., robotics)Edit

-- Rejection email 3/1/ (x2)

-- No official rejection yet, but the site says no longer under consideration

University of VirginiaEdit

-- interview invited (03/28/2013)

University of Washington, Seattle (Aerospace Engineering)Edit

University of Washington, Seattle (Mechanical Engineering)Edit

-- Rejection email 3/11/2013 (position AA3283) x2

University of Wisconsin - Madison (ME Asst. Prof)Edit

-- Rejection email (3/12 x2)

-- Rejection email (3/13)

Utah State University (ME Asst. Prof)Edit

Vanderbilt UniversityEdit

-- Interview invited

offer received

--rejection email may

Virginia TechEdit

Washington University in St. LouisEdit

-- reference letters requested in Dec. 2012.

-- onsite interviews are on-going in Jan. 2013.

West Virginia Institute of Technolgy  (ME Asst. Prof, robotics, control)Edit

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (ME Asst. Prof)Edit

-- Rejection e-mail (3/11) x3

Wichita State University (ME)Edit

-- Received a short call asking for availability. It was implied that they hadn't started processing the apllicants' information yet... (3/11)

Wright State U (ME Asst. Prof., mechanical design)Edit

​-- Any news?

Yale UniversityEdit

-- interview invited Q: Could you share when the invitation was sent out?

-- offer made and accepted.

Youngstown University (ME Asst. Prof.)Edit

-- Any news?

-- Phone interview invited (will be April 30)