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Arizona State UniversityEdit

any news? Phone interview in early Jan. The search committee chair mentioned compus interviews would happen in early Feb.

Rejected by email (search closed) - (4/26)

Boston UniversityEdit

Any news? four potential candidates: Kevin Haworth, Song Hu,Tatiana Khokhlova, Megan S. Ballard

Carnegie Mellon Edit

Rejected by email. (3/25)

Rejected by email. (4/24)

Clarkson UniversityEdit

Rejected 12/15/2011 X4

No communication, but new hires have been added to department web site (6/14/2012).

Rejected 7/14/1012

Columbia Edit

seems like interviews are on going

Cornell UniversityEdit

rejection email, 02/23, biosystems search x3

rejection email, 03/11, biosystems search


- any news?

- It seems that job talks start. 03/2012


Florida Institute of TechnologyEdit

Florida International UniversityEdit

any news?

Georgia TechEdit

onsite interview in progress, Jan 2012


rejection email 3/22/2012

Iowa State UniversityEdit

- Any news?

Ilinois Institute of TechnologyEdit

phone interview+site interview on going (march 2012)

offer made and search closed (april 2012)

John Hopkins Edit

Reference request, Jan 23

any update?

at least 3 faculty candidates interviewed so far:


any news?

Rejected, Mar 20th, 2012

email rejection, april 4th, 2012


Louisiana TechEdit

Michigan State Edit

any news?

Through personal inquiry, the search chair stated candidates have been invited for interviews.

Offers have been made to selected candidates.

McGill Edit

rejection letter received in Jan. 12

Mississippi State UniversityEdit

On-site interviews in progress (what's the date of this post?) 03/15/2012

Missouri University of Science and TechnologyEdit

Northeastern UnivEdit

any news? - I didn't get any

Northwestern UniversityEdit

faculty candidate interviews for joint ME-BME search, march 2012

rejection email (4/26)

Old DominionEdit

any news?

Oregon StateEdit

- job talks for robotics started, 02/2012

Penn StateEdit

any news?

Princeton (Mechanical & Aerospace)Edit

invited for a onsite interview (Feb 2012) -> What was the search area? Energy or Thermo?

Interviews in energy will end in March. Preferred candidate will be chosen in early April.

Offer made in Energy - who?

Purdue Edit

onsite interview this week 01/24/2012

Rutgers UniversityEdit

Phone interview 12/2011

three onsite interveiw has been conducted since November.

Stanford UnivEdit

any news? On-campus interviews have been finished.

Are you sure for ME not Civl Engi? ME Fluid position

SUNY BinghamtonEdit

Phone interview 1/2012

Temple Edit

Rejection letter 12/16/2011 X2

Texas A&M UniversityEdit

On-campus interview is starting week of Feb. 06

Texas TechEdit

-Any update?

-Rejection email, 03/20

U of AlabamaEdit

any news?

U of ArkansasEdit

email rejection Feb 6, 2012 (x13)

U of British ColumbiaEdit

rejected on feb (x4)

No email yet, but see "position filled or cancled", what does it mean? - interviews completed

U of California - Los AngelesEdit

rejected on 04/24

U of California - MercedEdit

any news?

Any update?

U of California - San Diego Edit

Phone interviewed, 02/21/12

U of California - RiversideEdit

Reference request in Dec 2011 X2

Received an automatic reference request in Jan 2012

Any interview invitation? yes --> which area?

U of California - Santa BarbaraEdit

Rejection email 03/23 (x3)

U of Central FloridaEdit

any news?

U of Colorado - BoulderEdit

Any news?

email rejection 3/21/2012 (x3)

any interview info for thermo position?

U of Colorado - DenverEdit

rejected by email 03/16/2012

U of DenverEdit

Rejection email 3/16/2012 (X5)

U of FloridaEdit

any news?

Job interview posted on department website(4-5 candidates)

U of HoustonEdit

any news>?

Does anyone get interviews?

U of IowaEdit

Phone interview 11/23/2011 (x2)

onsite interview invited January 2012 (x2)

offer extended 02/24/2012

U of Illinois - ChicagoEdit

invitation of on-campus interview, 02/2012

U of Illinois - Urbana-ChampaignEdit

References requested 12/2011

Onsite inteview 1/2012 (x2)

Offer made and accepted

U of KentuckyEdit

- Any update?

U of MaineEdit

U of MarylandEdit

onsite inteviews since November

Offers have made to some candidates.

U of Massachusetts - AmherstEdit

-short list almost ready

-rejection email 03/19/2012 X2

-on site interviews on going

U of Massachusetts - LowellEdit


U of Minnesota - Twin CitiesEdit

onsite interview invited, Feb 2012

U of Michigan - Ann ArborEdit

U of Michigan - DearbornEdit

U of Missouri - ColumbiaEdit

Any updates?

short list almost ready (3/18)

It seems there has been no interviews so far. Has the position been canceled?

U of NebraskaEdit


Onsite inteview 1/2012 Onsite inteview 2/2012

Offer made in early April

U of PittsburghEdit

Any news?

U of South CarolinaEdit

any news? interviews started this week

U of TorontoEdit

Rejection Jan 29

U of UtahEdit

Rejection Email received (02/21) x2

Rejection Email received (03/01) x1

Rejection Email received (03/02) x3

Any update?

U of VirginiaEdit

Any news? Email rejection 4/11/2012. x2

U of WisconsinEdit

any news on UWM?

U of Washington in SeatleEdit

- AA, reference request, 02/2012

-first campus intreview, 02/2012 - ME or AA?

it's AA

rejection email (4/27)


rejection email (4/27)

United States Naval Academy (Systems Engineering Dept)Edit

On site interview invite Feb 2012

United States Naval Academy (Mechanical Engineering Dept)Edit

Utah State UniversityEdit


rejected 03/31

Virginia TechEdit

rej Feb 8 2012

Washington University in S. LouisEdit

References requested 11/2011 (x2)

Also reference request 1/2012

Campus interviews are ongoing (see their department website)

West Virginia UniversityEdit

Onsite Interview scheduled Feb 2012