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Arizona State University[edit | edit source]

any news? Phone interview in early Jan. The search committee chair mentioned compus interviews would happen in early Feb.

Rejected by email (search closed) - (4/26)

Boston University[edit | edit source]

Any news? four potential candidates: Kevin Haworth, Song Hu,Tatiana Khokhlova, Megan S. Ballard

Carnegie Mellon [edit | edit source]

Rejected by email. (3/25)

Rejected by email. (4/24)

Clarkson University[edit | edit source]

Rejected 12/15/2011 X4

No communication, but new hires have been added to department web site (6/14/2012).

Rejected 7/14/1012

Columbia [edit | edit source]

seems like interviews are on going

Cornell University[edit | edit source]

rejection email, 02/23, biosystems search x3

rejection email, 03/11, biosystems search

Duke[edit | edit source]

- any news?

- It seems that job talks start. 03/2012

Embry-Riddle[edit | edit source]

Florida Institute of Technology[edit | edit source]

Florida International University[edit | edit source]

any news?

Georgia Tech[edit | edit source]

onsite interview in progress, Jan 2012

Harvard[edit | edit source]

rejection email 3/22/2012

Iowa State University[edit | edit source]

- Any news?

Ilinois Institute of Technology[edit | edit source]

phone interview+site interview on going (march 2012)

offer made and search closed (april 2012)

John Hopkins [edit | edit source]

Reference request, Jan 23

any update?

at least 3 faculty candidates interviewed so far:

Lehigh[edit | edit source]

any news?

Rejected, Mar 20th, 2012

email rejection, april 4th, 2012

LeTourneau[edit | edit source]

Louisiana Tech[edit | edit source]

Michigan State [edit | edit source]

any news?

Through personal inquiry, the search chair stated candidates have been invited for interviews.

Offers have been made to selected candidates.

McGill [edit | edit source]

rejection letter received in Jan. 12

Mississippi State University[edit | edit source]

On-site interviews in progress (what's the date of this post?) 03/15/2012

Missouri University of Science and Technology[edit | edit source]

Northeastern Univ[edit | edit source]

any news? - I didn't get any

Northwestern University[edit | edit source]

faculty candidate interviews for joint ME-BME search, march 2012

rejection email (4/26)

Old Dominion[edit | edit source]

any news?

Oregon State[edit | edit source]

- job talks for robotics started, 02/2012

Penn State[edit | edit source]

any news?

Princeton (Mechanical & Aerospace)[edit | edit source]

invited for a onsite interview (Feb 2012) -> What was the search area? Energy or Thermo?

Interviews in energy will end in March. Preferred candidate will be chosen in early April.

Offer made in Energy - who?

Purdue [edit | edit source]

onsite interview this week 01/24/2012

Rutgers University[edit | edit source]

Phone interview 12/2011

three onsite interveiw has been conducted since November.

Stanford Univ[edit | edit source]

any news? On-campus interviews have been finished.

Are you sure for ME not Civl Engi? ME Fluid position

SUNY Binghamton[edit | edit source]

Phone interview 1/2012

Temple [edit | edit source]

Rejection letter 12/16/2011 X2

Texas A&M University[edit | edit source]

On-campus interview is starting week of Feb. 06

Texas Tech[edit | edit source]

-Any update?

-Rejection email, 03/20

U of Alabama[edit | edit source]

any news?

U of Arkansas[edit | edit source]

email rejection Feb 6, 2012 (x13)

U of British Columbia[edit | edit source]

rejected on feb (x4)

No email yet, but see "position filled or cancled", what does it mean? - interviews completed

U of California - Los Angeles[edit | edit source]

rejected on 04/24

U of California - Merced[edit | edit source]

any news?

Any update?

U of California - San Diego [edit | edit source]

Phone interviewed, 02/21/12

U of California - Riverside[edit | edit source]

Reference request in Dec 2011 X2

Received an automatic reference request in Jan 2012

Any interview invitation? yes --> which area?

U of California - Santa Barbara[edit | edit source]

Rejection email 03/23 (x3)

U of Central Florida[edit | edit source]

any news?

U of Colorado - Boulder[edit | edit source]

Any news?

email rejection 3/21/2012 (x3)

any interview info for thermo position?

U of Colorado - Denver[edit | edit source]

rejected by email 03/16/2012

U of Denver[edit | edit source]

Rejection email 3/16/2012 (X5)

U of Florida[edit | edit source]

any news?

Job interview posted on department website(4-5 candidates)

U of Houston[edit | edit source]

any news>?

Does anyone get interviews?

U of Iowa[edit | edit source]

Phone interview 11/23/2011 (x2)

onsite interview invited January 2012 (x2)

offer extended 02/24/2012

U of Illinois - Chicago[edit | edit source]

invitation of on-campus interview, 02/2012

U of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign[edit | edit source]

References requested 12/2011

Onsite inteview 1/2012 (x2)

Offer made and accepted

U of Kentucky[edit | edit source]

- Any update?

U of Maine[edit | edit source]

U of Maryland[edit | edit source]

onsite inteviews since November

Offers have made to some candidates.

U of Massachusetts - Amherst[edit | edit source]

-short list almost ready

-rejection email 03/19/2012 X2

-on site interviews on going

U of Massachusetts - Lowell[edit | edit source]


U of Minnesota - Twin Cities[edit | edit source]

onsite interview invited, Feb 2012

U of Michigan - Ann Arbor[edit | edit source]

U of Michigan - Dearborn[edit | edit source]

U of Missouri - Columbia[edit | edit source]

Any updates?

short list almost ready (3/18)

It seems there has been no interviews so far. Has the position been canceled?

U of Nebraska[edit | edit source]

UPenn[edit | edit source]

Onsite inteview 1/2012 Onsite inteview 2/2012

Offer made in early April

U of Pittsburgh[edit | edit source]

Any news?

U of South Carolina[edit | edit source]

any news? interviews started this week

U of Toronto[edit | edit source]

Rejection Jan 29

U of Utah[edit | edit source]

Rejection Email received (02/21) x2

Rejection Email received (03/01) x1

Rejection Email received (03/02) x3

Any update?

U of Virginia[edit | edit source]

Any news? Email rejection 4/11/2012. x2

U of Wisconsin[edit | edit source]

any news on UWM?

U of Washington in Seatle[edit | edit source]

- AA, reference request, 02/2012

-first campus intreview, 02/2012 - ME or AA?

it's AA

rejection email (4/27)


rejection email (4/27)

United States Naval Academy (Systems Engineering Dept)[edit | edit source]

On site interview invite Feb 2012

United States Naval Academy (Mechanical Engineering Dept)[edit | edit source]

Utah State University[edit | edit source]

Vanderbilt[edit | edit source]

rejected 03/31

Virginia Tech[edit | edit source]

rej Feb 8 2012

Washington University in S. Louis[edit | edit source]

References requested 11/2011 (x2)

Also reference request 1/2012

Campus interviews are ongoing (see their department website)

West Virginia University[edit | edit source]

Onsite Interview scheduled Feb 2012

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