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I submitted my application before Nov. 1 and haven't even received a confirmation email. Has anyone else heard from them? <--- Finally got a confirmation email. They report having over 300 applications.
I submitted my application before Nov. 1 and haven't even received a confirmation email. Has anyone else heard from them? <--- Finally got a confirmation email. They report having over 300 applications.
-They have 4 positions open, so I wonder if the 300 is for this one or for all of them? I never got a confirmation email.
=='''Grinnell College'''==
=='''Grinnell College'''==

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A request: Could posters please use more specific time phrasing as "the week of March 14" or "January" instead of "this week" or "last month"? This way, the information can stay informative.

See also: TESOL/Applied Linguistics 2011

Good luck to everybody with their search!

Visitor Type:
*ABD, not defending soon: 3
*ABD, defending within 4-6 months: 12
*ABD, I have a set date for my defense: 5
*ABD, no defense at my U: 2
*Depends on job hunt when I file: 1
*Ph.D. in hand, no job currently: 1
*Ph.D in hand, not currently in an academic position:
*Visiting Professor, Lecturer (North American meaning), Adjunct, other fixed-term position: 10
*Postdoc: 7
*Research Scientist:
*Assistant Professor: 2
*Associate Professor: 2
*Member of a Search Committee: 1
*Just browsing:
*Historical Linguistics: 1
*Theoretical Linguistics: 2
*Syntax: 6
*Morphology: 1
*Phonology: 4
*Phonetics: 1
*Sociolinguistics: 8
*Language Acquisition: 3
*Semantics and Pragmatics: 5
*Documentary/Descriptive: 7
*Other: 2
How many applications have you sent out this year?:
*1-10: 17
*10-20: 8
*21-30: 1
*41 and above:

Arizona State University

Deadline: 09-Nov-2010

Field(s): Morphology; Phonology


11/16/2010 -- Invitation for phone interview, to take place 11/23 (x3)

11/23: They will have campus interviews in Jan/Feb.

Arizona State University

Deadline: 09-Nov-2010

Field(s): Syntax


11/18: Contacted for phone interview, scheduled for 12/7. The position has been narrowed to 6 phone interview candidates, then they will fly out 2 for campus visits.

Arizona State University

Deadline: 09-Nov-2010

Field(s): Phonetics/Phonology

Notes: 11/24: Called to schedule phone interview

Boise State University

Deadline: 22-Oct-2010

Field(s): General Linguistics, Morphology/Syntax


11/10: Called to schedule a phone interview

11/15: Completed phone interview. The schedule is same as the TESOL post (see below); they will announce finalists by the end of the month and conclude campus interviews by the middle of Dec.

11/18: Invited for campus interview

11/18 Received rejection letter by email. [x5]

Boise State University

Deadline: 22-Oct-2010

Field(s): TESOL, Applied Linguistics

Notes: Not posted on LinguistList - posting found here:

Had phone interview 11/12/10. They are also having phone interviews on 10/15, and will contact shortlisted candidates in late Nov. or early Dec. Campus visits to be completed by Dec. 12.

11/19: campus interview scheduled x 2

Boston University

Deadline: 1-Nov-2010

Field: Language Acquisition


Receipt of application acknowledge around 11/1/2010.

Anyone hear any news during November? I know they're planning on doing LSA interviews in Jan.

Ans: Nothing :( Seems like you and I won't be getting it? <= What makes you say that? Based on previous search time frame, I wouldn't get pessimistic until Dec

Bucknell University

Deadline: 15-Oct-2010

Field: Psycholinguistics/Experimental Linguistics


Request for phone interview received on 11/2/10 x2

Q:has anyone heard from them yet after the phone interview?

A: Not me. (x3)

A: A colleague of mine was invited for a campus interview about a week ago 11/18

Cal State Fullerton

Deadline: 29-Oct-10

Field(s): Phonetics/Phonology


Received confirmation of application: 11/12 [x3]

[was this separate from affirmative action form?]

A: I never received an affirmative action form from them, but I did receive a confirmation of application.

[was this snail mail or email?]

A: Email.

Q: Has anyone else (besides me) received neither confirmation of application nor affirmative action form?

A: I received a formal letter of confirmation directing me to provide information about my ethnic background, etc. Other schools have provided me with two contacts: one confirming my application and one asking for ethnic info. I was worried that I'd missed an additional contact from CSUF.

I got an email from them confirming my application. In that email was a link to the affirmative action form, which you can fill out online. [x4]

Cleveland State University

Deadline: 15-Nov-10

Field(s): General, but Sociolinguistics or Applied Linguistics preferred

Notes: Visiting Assistant Professor position only

11/16- Recieved Affirmative Action Applicant Data form by snail mail


Deadline: 22-Nov-10

Field(s): Phonetics


Received affirmative action form link 11/24/10


Deadline: 01-Oct-10

Field(s): Syntax

Notes: Visiting assistant professor position starting spring 2011.

Received rejection e-mail last week of October. (With note that they're also sending a rejection by mail.)

East Carolina University

Deadline: 15-Nov-2010

Field(s): open


Florida International University

Deadline: 10-Dec-2010

Field(s): Sociolinguistics

Notes: Assistant Professor

Georgetown University

Deadline: 01-Nov-2010

Field(s): Linguistics/Language, Technology and Politics

Notes: Dept. of Communication, Culture and Technology

I submitted my application before Nov. 1 and haven't even received a confirmation email. Has anyone else heard from them? <--- Finally got a confirmation email. They report having over 300 applications.

-They have 4 positions open, so I wonder if the 300 is for this one or for all of them? I never got a confirmation email.

Grinnell College

Deadline: 08-Nov-2010

Field(s): Open

Notes: Automatically requested letters from all references uploaded 11/8

Harvard University

Deadline: 15-Dec-2010
Field: Phonology

McGill University

Deadline: 1-Nov-2010

Field: Syntax


Metropolitan State College of Denver

Deadline: 31-January-2011

Field: Open (Assistant Professor in English Department)



Deadline: 1-Nov-2010

Field: Phonology or Semantics


Has anyone heard from them? Do they prefer a phonologist or a semanticist?

Ans: I haven't heard anything.

Oklahoma State University

Deadline: 3-Nov-2010

Field: Phonetics or Phonology


received request for phone interview (11/18): 5

Q: How were you contacted by OSU?

A: Email

contacted to fill out affirmative action form (11/22) [Does anyone know why I'd be contacted to do so four days after others were contacted for phone interviews?] (x3 -- I guess we're not on the shortlist but they have to put us through the process)

Someone who consideres him/herself to be on the 'shortlist' recently removed a comment stating that s/he also received the email after having been contacted for an interview. Therefore it's quite possible that most (if not all) of us who received the email without a prior contact for an interview are not necessarily being considered more closely than other applicants. (I tried to restore the removed comment, but the original poster wants it gone. I think it's relevant to those of us who might otherwise imagine we were on some kind of list.)


Deadline: 12-Nov-2010

Field: Semantics; Cognitive Science



Deadline: 1-Nov-2010

Field: Experimental Linguistics


San Diego State University

Deadline: 1-Nov-2010

Field(s): Sociolinguistics; Contact Linguistics

Notes: 11/9 invited to do a phone interview. Was told I was one of 12 semi-finalists chosen from more than 60 applicants. (x6)

11/17: 3-4 campus visits are going to be scheduled fo the first half of December. No LSA interviews.

[23 November] - Invited for campus visit [x4]

Southern Illinois University

Deadline: 15-Nov-2010

Field(s): General Lingusitics; Applied Linguistics (TESL; ESL)


received acknowledgment and request for applicant data form via smail.

Stanford University

Deadline: 1-Nov-2010

Field(s): any area of linguistics (2 positions)

Notes: Does anyone know what sort of scholar the department is hoping to hire? The posting is suspiciously broad and I wonder if they have something / someone more specific in mind. (x2)

This is the way Stanford does things, at least, it has been the last couple searches, anyway...

I can't find it now, but got a nice rejection letter last year saying they were impressed with number of highly qualified applicants from diverse areas of linguistics or something like that - last year was a little more specific (socio or syntax). (x2)

Confirmation of application received 11/2 (x5) [10/25 x2]

Q: Has anyone heard anything from them other than confirmations? Or any rumors at this point about what type of people they want?

[Haven't heard *anything* about this position...I'm sure they had apps numbering in the hundreds (x2).]

more than 250, from what i heard

Texas A&M International University

Deadline: 22-Oct-10

Field(s): Psycholinguistics


UC Santa Cruz

Deadline: 09-Dec-10

Field(s): Syntax, Assistant/Associate Professor


For what it's worth: I have heard a strong rumor (from two or three people) that they are under pressure to hire a female.

They basically have to hire a woman, since they're getting the money from some fund to promote women in academia. The person would also be replacing a woman (Aissen).

Is this really true? Does anyone else know about it? Which fund is it?
Ans: Don't know about funding situation, but their recent hires have been men, and now with Aissen retiring, they are left with a pretty unbalanced department

Additional rumor that they would prefer to hire someone to bridge the gap between the half of their faculty who are very young, and the other half who will retire soon

If it's true that they basically have to hire a woman, it would be nice if they announced this explicitly to save the rest of us the hassle and stress of applying!

That would be discriminatory. Don't you love the system? :)

University of Essex

Deadline: 07-Nov-10

Field: Sociolinguistics

Notes: [[1]]

11/23. Invited for campus interview. All applicants will speak & be interviewed on same day (12/3). (x2)

University of Mary Washington

Deadline: 15-Nov-2010

Field: Sociolinguistics (Discourse Analysis)


UMass Amherst

Deadline: 15-Dec-10

Field(s): phonology


I've heard they're targeting minorities and women for this search. Profs were asked to forward on the names of any potential women candidates.

I've also heard they're interested in people with a serious research agenda in experimental phonology.

University of Michigan-Flint

Deadline: 15-Nov-2010

Field: Sociolinguistics


11/23--Received confirmation of receipt of materials email (x2)

initial interviews wil be held at LSA, applicants still being selected

University of New Mexico

Deadline: 1-Dec-2010 ("Date for Best Consideration")

Field: Sociolinguistics


University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

School of Education, ESL/Education for Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Learners

Application deadline: October 11, 2010

University of North Carolina - Wilmington

Deadline: 1-Oct-2010 (Preferred, although search is technically open until filled)

Field(s): any area of linguistics (2 positions; English Dept.)


10/19: Rec letters requested (x7)

10/25: phone call to schedule phone interview later this week (x7)

week of 10/26: completed phone interview (x7) [Anyone know how many ppl they're interviewing?]

Ans: I didn't ask, but they did tell me they would be interviewing people this week and next.

Ans: They also said they would be having campus interviews before Thanksgiving. They want to fill these two positions fast before the budget is yanked. (x3)

10/28: Got background check forms to fill out.(x5)

11/1: Writing sample(s) requested [I was asked for a writing sample at the end of the phone interview on 10/26]

11/3: Invited for campus visit

[those of you who got interviews--what subfields are you in? What areas are they interested in?]

Ans: I'm in documentary/descriptive. I've also taught English grammar and history of English, which they seemed interested in. I've just had a phone interview so far.

Ans: I'm in socio- and psycho-, have also taught comp which may have helped.

Campus visits are already underway. Department to vote by the end of next week. [Did you have a visit? Are they bringing 6 candidates?]

Have offers been made yet?

Ans: I believe both offers were made last week (11/22). [they were planning on making offers last week, but apparently did not. still waiting] They definitely made offers already, and at least one has been accepted.

University of North Texas

Deadline: 05 Oct, 2010

Field(s): second language acquisition


Q: What is this position and where is it advertised?

on Linguistlist

University of Ottawa

Deadline: 15-Nov-2010

Field(s): Syntax

Notes: Preference given to candidates able to teach in both English and French.

University of Southern California

Deadline: 1-Dec-2010

Field(s): phonology (experimental and/or theoretical)


University of Texas at Arlington

Deadline: 01-Dec-10

Field(s): Language documentation + specialization in one of: syntax, semantics, pragmatics, or phonology


Received email confirming application and asking for affirmative action data (11/29)

University of Utah



Notes: Received confirmation of application (November) (x3)

Also received on-line affirmative action questionnaire around 11/16. (x2)