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American Jewish University: interviewed at AJS

Baltimore Hebrew University:

Bates: 11/08 Has scheduled AAR interviews 12/05 Has scheduled campus interviews

Brandeis Jewish Communal Leadership

Brooklyn: 11/16 Has scheduled phone interviews

College of Charleston: 12/04 Has scheduled AJS interviews

Colby: 11/30 Has scheduled phone interviews 12/18 Scheduled campus interviews for mid-February

Connecticut Coll.: 11/13 Has scheduled AAR interviews 12/3 Week of campus visits begins

Duke: 11/13 Conducting on-campus interviews (will be completed 11/14) 12/7 Offer Made | may I ask: to whom?

Franklin and Marshall:

Hebrew Union (Cincinnati):

Hebrew Union (Los Angeles):

McMaster: 11/07 Has scheduled AAR interviews 12/05 Has scheduled campus interviews

Miami of Ohio: 11/07 Has scheduled AAR interviews 12/10 Notified candidates on short list

Missouri State: 11/06 Has scheduled AAR interviews 12/7 Has scheduled campus interviews

Portland State: 11/16 Has scheduled AJS interviews 12/08 rejections emailed

Princeton University (Israel Studies job):

Purdue history job interviewed at AJS

Southwestern: 11/10 Has scheduled AAR interviews. 11/28 has scheduled campus interviews

St. Olaf: 11/7 Has scheduled AAR interviews 12/21 got letter saying they've identified 3 for campus visits

Stanford University:

Trinity Univ.: 11/13 Has scheduled AAR interviews 11/30 Has mailed rejection letters

University of California-Davis:

University of California-Riverside

University of Denver: Has scheduled MLA and AJS interviews

University of Manitoba (deadline 1/15/09):

University of Notre Dame: 11/13 Has scheduled AAR interviews

University of South Carolina: 11/7 Has scheduled AAR interviews 11/24 Has scheduled campus interviews Has made an offer

University of Western Ontario: Is scheduling campus interviews

University of Wisconsin 11/12 Has scheduled AAR interviews

Vanderbilt: Did on-campus interviews

Virginia Tech: 12/18 Has scheduled phone interviews


American University, Schusterman postdoc:12/09 Has scheduled AJS interviews.

Delaware, Schusterman postdoc:

Northeastern, Schusterman postdoc: 12/03 Has scheduled AJS interviews. Anyone interviewing in Boston? Yup. I overheard them saying that they're interviewing 3 or 4 people in Boston and 3 or 4 at AJS. They'll be conducting their last first round interviews in early January apparently. Do you think they'll do multiple rounds? Yes; they said they would do full on-campus interviews, I would guess no earlier than February.

Ohio University, Schusterman postdoc: 12/11 AJS interview scheduled

Princeton Society of Fellows, Jewish Studies postdoc:

Towson University, Schusterman postdoc

University of Toronto Wolfe fellowship

University of Washington Cole fellowship interviewed at AJS

Anyone know anything about the Targum Shlishi grant?