Tenure Track (Modern)Edit

Beloit College Edit

  • Initial interview will be conducted by phone. Application deadline: December 20, 2012
  • Acknoweldgment of application received. (1/18/13)
  • Skype interview scheduled (posted 2/2/13)
  • Notice of not having been selected for an on-campus interview (which seems to imply that on-campus interviews were scheduled) (posted 2/13/13)
  • Offer accepted (second-hand notice, mid-March)

Chapman UniversityEdit

  • Email confirmation of receipt of application (posted 3/5/13)
  • Offer made

Earlham CollegeEdit

  • --Any news on Earlham?-->Nope. (1/7/13)
  • --Additional materials requested from remaining 20 (approx.) candidates for search committee meeting on 1/09/13.
  • --No news (1/11/13)
  • --Any candidates who sent additional materials heard anything? (1/12/13)
  • --Email stating that search postponed until mid-Feb. Might be two hires. (1/14/13) x2
  • -Anything new? Anyone asked for campus visit? (3/5/13)
  • --I have not heard anything since I was asked for more materials. (3/6/13)
  • One position offered and accepted. Campus visits underway for second (3/25/13)
  • Second offer made and accepted (4/09/13)

Eastern Kentucky University Edit

George Washington UEdit

  • received rejection email end of Nov
  • Campus visits still ongoing.
  • any news?

Grand Valley State UniversityEdit

  • Conference interviews at ACTFL/AATJ conference (11/15-18)
  • On-campus interviews seem to be in process (posted 1/27/13)
  • any news?
  • Received email saying that the position has been filled. (3/7/13)

Kennesaw State UniversityEdit

  • Phone interviews scheduled. (03/27)


  • Offer made 12/7/12
  • Offer accepted

Middle Tennessee State UniversityEdit

  • campus interviews scheduled for February
  • offer made (03/01)
  • received rejection email stating that the offer has been accepted (4/10)

Ohio StateEdit

  • Campus visits scheduled.
  • Offer made and accepted (3/7).

SUNY - New PaltzEdit

  • Request for Skype interview received
  • Any news?
  • Campus Interviews Scheduled

U of ArizonaEdit

  • This is a full-time and benefits-eligible position that will begin in fall 2013. Review of applications will begin on December 10, 2012, and will continue until the position is filled.
  • Skype interview request (1/11) x 2
  • Campus visit request (2/5)
  • Campus visits complete (3/2)
  • any news?
  • Offer made and accepted.

U British ColumbiaEdit

  • Modern, Contemporary culture
  • heard second-hand that they've invited candidates for campus visits, but can't confirm. [posted 1/1/13]
  • They asked semi-finalists for additional materials due by 1/1/13, so it's highly unlikely they've invited candidates to campus already. (1/4/13)
  • Skype interview Jan 14 (posted 1/19/13)
  • Anybody hear back?
  • Campus visits arranged late Jan thru 1st week of Feb with three or four candidates.
  • Any news here?
  • Offer made.


  • Review of applications to begin Oct. 15
  • Any news?-->Not for me.
  • I heard that campus interview invitations were made sometime ago. (1/13/13)
  • any news?
  • Offer made.

U Colorado BoulderEdit

  • Early Modern (Edo)
  • Heard sometime back that interviews were scheduled.
  • Offer made

U of DenverEdit

  • Notification for Skype interview received
  • campus interviews scheduled (posted 1/23/13)
  • offer made and accepted.

U Minnesota Twin CitiesEdit

  • On campus interview in December 2012
  • offer made

U New MexicoEdit

  • Request for Skype interview received (x4)
  • Anyone heard anything after the skype interview? It is almost 3 weeks after the skype interview.
  • I, for one, haven't heard anything.
  • Neither have I. (UNM told me they would reply in 2-3 weeks.) 
  • I also haven't heard back. I just assumed I was off the short-list. (2/1/13) 
  • During the Skype interview they appeared very rushed and short on resrouces. (2/2/13)
  • Received nice rejection e-mail stating position had been filled. (2/20/13)x3

University of the South, SewaneeEdit

  • Posted 12/17
  • Campus visits scheduled throughout March.
  • Offer made and accepted. (04/03)


  • 4 Visits in November
  • Offer made 12/15
  • Offer accepted.

Postdocs / Visiting Positions Edit

Boston UniversityEdit

  • request for more materials (3/21/13)
  • First round interviews completed. Anyone heard anything? 
  • Done deal.
  • Offer extended and accepted.

Centre CollegeEdit

  • Request for phone interview received
  • Offer made and accepted

U of Chicago - Early ModernEdit

Grinnell CollegeEdit

Knox CollegeEdit

  • Any news after the Skype interview? 

Lehigh UniversityEdit

  • Request for guest lecture received 
  • Received rejection mail.

North Central CollegeEdit

  • Skype interview scheduled
  • Campus interviews scheduled (posted 1/23/13)
  • search completed

University of MarylandEdit

University of Notre DameEdit

University of PittsburghEdit

Wake Forest UniversityEdit

Wellesley - Mellon PostdocEdit

Williams CollegeEdit

  • offer made