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*Two fellowships: one in Latin American studies, one in Native American Studies
*Two fellowships: one in Latin American studies, one in Native American Studies
*1/31 Received email acknowledgment of application (2)
*1/31 Received email acknowledgment of application (2)
*2/15 Know of one person with interview scheduled for LatAm position
===Wesleyan University Center for the Humanities Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship===
===Wesleyan University Center for the Humanities Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship===

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Note: These postdocs begin in 2008.

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Fellowship Listings

  PLEASE DON'T DELETE ENTRIES FROM THIS PAGE!!! (even with the purpose of 'cleaning up') (x8) (further discussion moved to bottom)

AAUW American Fellowships

(Deadline: 11/15/2007, information)

ACLS Mellon Early Career Fellowship Program, Recent Doctoral Recipients Fellowship

(Deadline: 11/14/2007, information)

  • 1/25 Received an e-mail from ACLS about possible affiliations with various humanities centers, but no indication was given about the status of the competition. (2)

Q: Were these e-mails in regard to the dissertation fellowship or the postdoc? A: The Post-doc.

  • 2/1: To the person looking for info on the predoc fellowship: Last year, the Diss Completion fellowship offer came in mid-April.

American Academy of Arts and Sciences Visiting Scholars Program

(Deadline: 10/15/2007, information)

  • Q: Does anyone know if they interview before making award decisions? If so, what is the timeline for interviews and annoucements?
  • A: They did not interview last year, and I believe notifications were made in late February/early March.

American Antiquarian Society Post-Dissertation Fellowship

(Deadline: 10/15/2007, information)

  • 11/28 additional material requested

Arche' Intuitions and Philosophical Methodology Fellowships

(Deadline: 2/15/08, information)

Brandeis University Digital Humanities Fellowship

(Deadline: 11/1/2007, information)

  • The "Film and Media Studies" page reports that campus visits have been scheduled.

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship

(Deadline (first round): 10/15/2007, information)

  • 01/18 - received invitation via email to submit a second-stage application.

Brown University Pembroke Center Postdoctoral Fellowship

(Deadline: 12/7/2007, information)

  • 12/19 Writing sample requested. Deadline for WS 01/04/08
  • 02/07 Offer made (2; yes, for the postdoc)
  • For the post-doc? I thought they weren't letting people know about the post-doc until early March.

Carolina Postdoctoral Program for Faculty Diversity

(Deadline 1/3/08)

  • 1/31/08 - receipt of acknowledgement that application complete
  • 2/13/08 - Note: This is a duplicate entry for this position. There are more postings relating to this position further down -- under "University of North Carolina..."

Clare College, Cambridge Junior Research Fellowship

  • according to their website, longlisting will take place on 28 January. If you don't get an email that day requesting further materials, you're out. (expect snail mail rejection to follow in next couple of weeks)
  • those on the longlist have been telephoned

Columbia University Committee on Global Thought

(Deadline: 1/15/08)

  • 2/1 - Received email that interviews will be conducted in mid-March, and final decisions made at the end of March.

Columbia University Society of Fellows in the Humanities

(Deadline: 10/8/2007, information)


  • 10/29 - received confirmation acknowledging receipt of application
  • 12/14 - Interview Scheduled via phone
  • 12/19 - The Philosophy Wiki shows an on-campus interview invitation. Drats.
  • 1/25 - Interviews occurring (heard from faculty advisor of an interviewee)
  • 1/31 - Offers made by phone (3 offers total)
  • 2/6 - Appeltinis for all!

Dartmouth Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Humanities and Social Sciences

(Deadline: 11/15/2007, information)

  • 1/25 received rejection letter via mail (2)
  • 2/06 those who didn't receive a rejection letter last week (possibly finalists)did you hear from them yet?
  • 2/06 I have not (California) (4). Anybody know what is going on?
  • 2/11 campus invitation - declined, sadly

Downing College, Cambridge Research Fellowship

  • 1/21 - received rejection letter

Duke University Writing Program Fellowship

(Deadline: 11/2/2007, information)

  • 11/5 - received letter acknowledging receipt of application
  • 12/3 - received rejection letter by mail 12/3, 12/4, 12/5, 12/10
  • 12/18 - on campus interview schedule for January via phone (3)

Duke Franklin Humanities Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship

(Deadline: 1/18/2008)

Duke Fellowship in Transnational Sexualities

(Deadline: 11/15/2007)

  • Has anyone heard anything?
  • Told there was a delay and now they are reviewing the applications (email inquiry 2/13)

European College of Liberal Arts Postdoctoral Fellowships

(Deadline 1/5/2008)

  • Has anyone heard anything?
  • 2/8 - Reply: Zilch.
  • 2/8 - Reply: They have contacted their long list to determine interest.

Grinnell College, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in Peace and Conflict Studies

(Deadline: 2/1/2008, information)

  • 2/1 email acknowledgment of receipt.
  • 2/13 received email scheduling phone interviews

Harvard Center for the Environment Fellows

(Deadline: 1/15/08)

2/14 Received rejection by email, after request for update

Harvard Expository Writing Program Fellowship

(Deadline: 11/9/2007, information)

  • 11/20 Request for additional material
  • 12/17 Scheduled MLA interview
  • 1/7 Request to schedule non-conference interview.
  • 1/28 Received snail-mail rejection (in Chicago)
  • 2/12 Has anyone heard a peep from Expos in the past few weeks? I haven't heard anything since I sent in my additional material. There's no info on the Composition and Rhetoric wiki either.
  • 2/12 Interviews (both conference and Cambridge) have been conducted. Candidates should be notified in the next two weeks.
  • 2/14 Offer made by phone

Harvard History and Literature Program Fellows

(Deadline 2/1/2008, information)

  • anyone have any more info (link to an advertisement?) on this? The form linked above doesn't say anything about eligibility etc.
  • A: I do not have more info on this appointment. I did get an acknowledgment that my application has been received.
  • Received acknowledgment by email in the form of Affirmative Action questionnaire
  • 2/11 Ack. postcard received (in UK)

Harvard Humanities Center

(Deadline: 1/15/2008, information)

  • Decisions will be made by February 22nd
  • Q: Have they notified finalists?

Harvard International and Area Studies Fellowship

(Deadline: 10/12/2007, information)

  • 10/27 - received acknowledgment of complete application packet.
  • 11/14 - received rejection via email.

Harvard Newcomen Postdoc

(Deadline: 10/1/2007, information)

Harvard Program in Ethics and Health

(Deadline: 12/10/2007, information)

Harvard Society of Fellows

Deadline: 9/7/2007 (Nomination), information)


  • 10/10 - received email confirming application had been received
  • 10/26 - interviews occurring.
  • 11/13 - The Philosophy Wiki notes someone claiming to have been short-listed
  • 12/9 - Offer Made
  • 12/11 - received rejection letter received via mail.

John Hopkins University Writing Program Lecturer

(Deadline 1/2/2008)

  • 2/11 interview request

Lawrence University, Fellow in the Liberal Arts and Sciences

(Deadline: 1/28/2008, information)

  • 1/14 - Received USPS acknowledgement of application.
  • 2/2: They have a complete hiring timeline posted on their website. Finally, an organized and efficient search committee!

Lucy Cavendish, Cambridge. Sutasoma Fellowship

  • 8/2 - Has anybody heard from them yet? It might be too early still - any info on when they plan to shortlist? Thanks!

National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship

  • 12/15 - Received acknowledgement of application.
  • I saw in the Newsletter that the selection committee met on Jan 18th. Anyone heard anything yet? Also, is it only the semifinalists who will receive any notification?
  • 2/5/08 - Called to find out when semifinalists would be notified. They said letters will go out in the next few days.
  • 2/13/08 - Ok, so I appear to be the only person on the planet updating the NAE/Spencer section, but I thought I'd post anyway that I received my rejection today via snail-mail.

National Humanities Center

(Deadline: 10/15/2007, information)

National University of Singapore postdoctoral fellowships

(Deadline: 12/31/2007, information)

  • receipt of application email 12/27
  • has anyone heard anything? The original ad said they would tell us the outcome 'by February'

Northwestern University, Mellon Postdoctoral fellowship, linguistics

(Deadline: 12/1/07, information)

  • Has anyone heard anything?

Northwestern University, Science in Human Culture Program

(Deadline: 1/15/2008, information)

  • 1/31 receipt of application email

NYU, Center for Study of Gender and Sexuality

(Deadline: 4/1/2008, information)

  • CSGS does not seem to have an announcement on their site. My info sez deadline is 1/15 -- can anyone confirm 4/1 is the deadline?
  • My info also says 01/15; I haven't seen the 04/01 deadline anywhere, and it does seem a bit late, doesn't it? Better to apply by 01/15, IMHO.
  • if you go to the website, click on "visiting scholars" and then click on "how to apply to be a visiting scholar" it says the deadline is 4/1.
  • Aha, confusion resolved. I was thinking of this one: Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow for the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, The Gender and Sexuality Studies Program. I'll put up a new entry.

NYU, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program Fellow/Asst. Prof., Dept. of Social and Cultural Analysis

(Deadline: 1/15/2008, information)

Penn Humanities Forum Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship

(Deadline: 10/15/2007, information)

  • 12/21 - received rejection ltr via mail (3)
  • 12/19 - received offer by phone

Penn McNeil Center for Early American Studies Postdoctoral Fellowship

(Deadline: 11/1/2007, information)

  • 12/17 - AHA Interview Request
  • 1/23 - received rejection letter by mail

Penn Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship

(Deadline: 11/2/2007, information)

  • 12/20 - Was told they are meeting to discuss applications in early-mid January.
  • 1/24 - Offer made
  • 2/8- Has anyone else received an offer or a rejection?

A: I called the office yesterday (2/7) and the woman I spoke with believed that all of the offers had been made. When I suggested that the rejections would be forthcoming, she seemed to think it may take a bit more time. She said there were 300 applicants.

Princeton Anschutz Distinguished Fellowship

(Deadline: 11/15/2007, information)

  • 11/15 Email receipt of application
  • 1/11 Letter of rejection received

Princeton Society of Fellows

(Deadline: 10/9/2007, information)

  • 11/3 - received postcard acknowledging application
  • 12/7 - heard individual departments have been forwarded applications.
  • 1/9 - received interview invitation by email
  • 1/14 - rejection received in mail (4)

Princeton Writing Program

(Deadline: 2/1/2008)

  • 2/4 - received acknowledgment by mail - review starts mid-Feb.; notification by 4/15

Rice University, Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities

(Deadline: 12/10/2007, information)

  • 1/25 received email notification of semi-finalist status (2)
  • 2/13 any updates?
  • 2/14 none since semi-finalist notification.

Rice University, Center for Women, Gender and Sexuality

(Deadline: 11/30/2007, information)

  • 1/09 receipt of application email back on 11/20/07
  • 1/29 Spoke to someone in the office who said that the committee is only about half way through the apps and that it will likely take another month (rather than a couple weeks or so) to get through and make the decision.
  • 2/6 Spoke to a new person in the office today (who seemed to know more than the person with whom I spoke on 1/29). She stated that the committee met to make final decisions last night and that those receiving interviews should be notified soon. She said that everyone who applied should know their status before the end of the month.
  • 2/6 Phone interview scheduled by email.

Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis (Vernacular Epistemologies)

(Deadline: 12/15/2007, information)

  • Anyone gotten news about the Rutgers postdoc?
  • 1/24 - I haven't heard a thing.

Rutgers Center for Cultural Analysis (New Media Literacies, Gutenberg to Google)

(Deadline: 1/4/2008, information)

  • 2/1 - received offer by email
  • 2/4 - notified that I was an alternate (via email)

Rutgers Postdoctoral Fellow in Race and Gender

(Deadline 2/1/2008)

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

(Deadline: ??/??/????, information)

St. Catharine's College, Cambridge, JRF

(Deadline: 11/30/2007)

  • People who made the longlist were notified around December, I believe.

St. Joseph's University, David H. Burton Postdoctoral Fellowship

(Deadline 2/1/08)

  • 2/7 - Received email to set-up telephone interview.

Stanford Asia Pacific Research Center Postdoctoral Fellowship

(Deadline: various, information)

Stanford Center for the Study of the American West Postdoctoral Fellowship

(Deadline: 3/31/08, information)

Stanford Humanities Fellows

(Deadline: 12/3/2007, information)

  • Q: 1/25 - any news?
  • A: Not really, but I heard that they had 600+ applications.
  • A: 2/8: 16 finalists notified. The 6 offers will be made after a meeting on February 22nd

Stanford IHUM Fellows

(Deadline: 2/28/2008, information)

Stanford Program in Writing and Rhetoric

(Deadline: 11/16/2007, information)

  • 12/6 - received phone interview
  • 1/31 - received rejection

St John's, Christ Church and Merton JRFs, Oxford

(Deadline: 12/14/2007)

  • 1/11 - Request for materials for Merton.
  • Q: Did anyone get prompted by Christ Church?
  • 02/06/2008: rejection received by email from Christ Church - 179 applicants
  • 02/06/2008: invitation to interview by Christ Church
  • 02/13/2008: rejection via snail mail from Merton

Temple Center for Humanities External Fellowship

(Deadline: 1/21/2008)

  • 1/25 - received email confirming receipt of application.
  • Successful applicant will be notified by March 7.

Trinity College, Oxford, JRF

(Deadline: 1/11/2007)

  • 1/23: email request for writing sample

University of British Columbia, Killam Postdoctoral Fellowship

(Deadline: 11/1/2007, information)

  • 12/6 - received rejection letter
  • 12/22 - heard through the grapevine that individual depts have selected their candidates. It's down to ~50 candidates
  • 2/2 - heard second hand that offers have been made

University of British Columbia, Department of History, Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship

(Deadline: 11/1/2007, information)

  • Looks like date has changed, deadline now February?

Unversity of California Los Angeles Mellon Postdoctoral Program "Cultures in Transnational Perspective"

(Deadline 2/1/2008)

University of California Los Angeles Mellon Postdoctoral Position in Jewish American Literature

(Deadline 2/1/2008)

University of California Los Angeles Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship, "Technologies of the Text"

(Deadline: 2/1/2008, information)

University of California Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship

(Deadline: 11/15/07, information)

  • Awards will be announced on March 1, 2008. (heard by email after asking)

-I heard some lucky fellows are being contacted already. Why no posts? (2/8)

University of Chicago Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in Digital History

(Deadline: applications reviewed as received, information)

University of Chicago Society of Fellows in the Lib Arts

(Deadline: 10/15/2007, information)

  • 10/20 - Received email confirmation that my application was complete
  • 12/7 - Received e-mail request for writing samples (12/7) (4)
  • Humanities (2)
  • 1/9 - Received email asking for writing samples (Social Sciences)
  • 1/28 - Received e-mail notification of on-campus interview (Humanities) (2)
  • 2/5 - Received e-mail notification of on campus interview
  • Q: for the 2/5 posting, humanities or social sciences?
  • A: in the humanities, interview to take place in Feb.
  • 2/9 - Received e-mail notification of being "an alternate for an on-campus interview" (Humanities)
  • I think that's pretty rude, telling someone s/he is an alternate. What, so you can just wait around, hoping that the main players falter or pass the ticket? Not classy at all.
  • 2/13: Sounds like Chicago is hedging its bets. Perhaps, this means that one or more of the interviewees has multiple postdocs in play and they shared that with Chicago. So, this could be good news for the "alternate." I hope so!
  • 2/14: It seems like all the info here is coming from the Humanities...the writing sample request for Western Civ/Social Sciences was a month later than that of Humanities, so by that measure, maybe the Social Sciences requests for interviews won't be made until early March? Does that sound right, or has anybody heard anything different?

University of Georgia, Franklin Fellowship (theater and film department)

(Deadline March 7 information)

University of Miami Virtue Postdoc

(Deadline: 11/5/2007, information)

  • I see that one APA interview has been scheduled. Any others?

University of Michigan CAAS Dubois Mandela Rodney Fellowship

(Deadline: 12/01/2007, information)

University of Michigan Society of Fellows

(Deadline: 10/1/2007, information)

  • 1/24 - Rejection by email after I emailed them. Email said there are 35 finalists out of 432 applicants
  • 1/25 - offer made by phone in anthropology
  • 1/25 - offer made
  • 1/28 - rejection letter received via mail (3)
  • 2/13 - Congratulations to our colleagues.

University of Michigan Sweetland Writing Center

(Deadline: ??/??/????, information)

  • 12/10 - received rejection letter

University of Minnesota Postdoctoral Fellowship

(Deadline: 11/1/2007, information)

  • has anyone heard anything yet?

University of Minnesota Quadrant Postdoc Fellowship

(Deadline: 1/4/08)

  • 1/7 snailmail materials confirmation

University of North Carolina Postdoc Program for Faculty Diversity

(Deadline: 1/3/2008)

  • 1/7 Confirmation that complete application had been received. Promised final decision no later than 2/29
  • 1/10 Received an exception email detailing their review process and timeline. Decisions to be communicated by 2/29. Wow! Imagine if everyone took as much pride in their work as the Carolina folks! Incredible.

University of North Carolina Center for the Study of the American South

(Deadline: 1/17/08)

Received lovely note via USPS confirming that application had been received, 1/24.

University of Texas Austin Postdoctoral Fellowship (English)

(Deadline: 12/1/07, link no longer on dept. website or ad list)

  • 12/18 - received email acknowledging application
  • 1/29 - received email notice of being on waiting list of 9
  • 2/5 WS request. Decisions to be made in early March (4)

University of Texas at Austin, Institute for Historical Studies, Postdoctoral Fellowship

(Deadline: 2/15/2008, information)

  • 2/4 Acknowledgment email

University of Toronto, Jackman Humanities Institute, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship

(Deadline: 1/4/2008, information)

  • Q: Did anyone receive a confirmation after e-mailing their materials?
  • A1: nothing here. (ditto on 1/10, and I emailed my app on Dec 26, but classes only restarted 1/7)
  • A2: I emailed my application Dec 7, and recieved an email a few days later saying it had been recieved and promsing to notify me when my dossier was complete. But as of Jan 10 this promised confirmation still hasn't come.

2/7: does anyone know when they expect to make a decision? 2/7: calls for shortlist

University of Virginia, Woodson Institute

(Deadline: 12/01/2007, information)

University of Virginia, Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture Postdoc

(Deadline: 1/15/2008)

emailed acknowledgment 1/31

University of Washington Writing Center

(Deadline: ??/??/????, information)

Valparaiso University 3 Lilly Fellowships in the Humanities and Arts

(Deadline: 12/18/2007, information)

  • 12/6, 12/18 application acknowledged
  • 1/4, Received polite rejection email.

Washington Univ in St. Louis Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

(Deadline: 12/1/2007, information)


  • 11/12 - Their website indicates they have two fellows hired for '06-'08.
  • 11/16 - No one was hired in 2007.


  • 11/21 - received email confirming application was complete
  • 2/1 - received rejection letter via mail.
  • 2/4 - are there other people around who haven't received rejection letters for the Wash U. postdoc?
  • 2/5 - got rej letter today
  • 2/6 - me too and the inquiry of 2/4 was mine.
  • 2/13- I haven't received a rejection letter yet. Is anybody else in this situation? Rejection letters can't go out before offers were made, right? Might there be a waiting list? (Might there be a problem with the mail service?!)
  • 2/13 - I also have no rejection. I assume that everyone who got the mid-Jan email about still being interested is on the short-list and will be contacted for phone interviews. This is just supposition, however.
  • 2/13 - The mid-January email looked a lot like one I got last year from another post-doc, which had whittled the pool down from a large number to a small one (say, 20). I suspect Wash U is now deliberating over just such a smaller candidate pool, which takes time. I don't think those who got the mid-January letter should assume they'll be contacted for interviews, but only that you've made the short list (how short, no one can say).

Washington University in St. Louis Post Doc in Queer Studies

(Deadline 10/15/07, posted on MLA joblist

  • - is there a website?

Washington University in St. Louis Post Doc in AFAS

(Deadline 1/15/08), information)

Wesleyan University Center for the Americas Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship

(Deadline: 12/4/2007, information)

  • Two fellowships: one in Latin American studies, one in Native American Studies
  • 1/31 Received email acknowledgment of application (2)
  • 2/15 Know of one person with interview scheduled for LatAm position

Wesleyan University Center for the Humanities Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship

(Deadline: 11/1/2007, information)

  • 12/13 - phone interview scheduled
  • 12/20 - campus interview scheduled

Williams Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship

(Deadline: 11/1/2007, information)

  • 12/9 - on campus interview scheduled

Yale Agrarian Studies

(Deadline 1/4/08)

  • 1/31 - received rejection letter by mail

Yale Whitney Humanities Center Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship

(Deadline 2/1/08)


Q: Is there a pre-doc page for this year (2007-2008)?

***Thanks to whomever consolidated and cleaned up the post-doc pages. You're a superstar!***

Yes, thank you!!

Absolutely, thank you!!


Q: Hey Thanks so much for cleaning up so many of the postings! Is there any chance you could go through the rest of the fellowship listings and clean up all the useless jibber-jabber on those, too?

Response to notice not to delete entries: I call bullcrap. The entries that were removed were a waste of space and made using this wiki far more difficult. Why do we need entries about buying apple-tinis under the Columbia postdoc listing? No actually useful information was removed; no actual postdocs were removed. Is there any justification whatsoever for leaving such completely useless information? If we're going to bitch about something, why not bitch about the fact that so many folks can't follow the suggested syntax to make the page readable and quickly scannable?

A: I'm sorry, but no. Your perception of those entries as "a waste of space" doesn't justify your deletions. It's really not so hard to scan through a couple of lines, is it? Also, don't be so nasty and rude. Seriously.

A: Useful info. was deleted, such as the fact that the Princeton SOF received 950 applications.

A: The conversation that goes on in these entries is an important part of the wiki for many of us. Please be flexible and don't impose your ideas onto everyone else. This is a very dehumanizing process and the appletini post reminded me that we're all people, in this together. (That is just one of several examples, which I'm using because the curser brought it up.) Who are you to declare a conversation between several people "useless information."

Dear Wikitas,
I would like to offer a few suggestions:
• First, since there seems to be a near-consensus -- excluding, of course, and Mr. Bullcrap -- that entries should not be deleted, even if they are deemed "useless jibber-jabber," please don't make any further deletions. And,, I respectfully request that you undo your deletions from the past week. I have started to do this, but since there have been so many intermediate edits, it's actually quite time consuming to restore these entries.
• Next, it seems fine to me to re-format others' entries -- adding indents, bullets, spelling out abbreviations, etc. -- to make them more scannable. But, re-wording someone's entry because you don't like their word order (or whatever) is downright controlling. Also, creepy. Please stop.
• Lastly, I suggest that this entire discussion be moved to the discussion page (or possibly even, gasp, deleted??) after this issue is resolved. I've had enough, and I suspect you all have, too.
• Oh, and no more nastiness, please. If you don't like this page, well, don't use it.

I would also like to thank all of you who conscientiously (and sometimes, humorously) contribute to this page. As the above poster noted, this is a dehumanizing (and, I'd add, wretched) process. This forum, for me at least, somehow takes the edge off. My sincere congratulations to those of you who have already had success, and best of luck to the rest.

Reply to All: Since I have been dehumanizingly referred to as "Mr. Bullcrap" and "the curser", I will reply in the hope that I can appear human again. First, I am sorry that my initial note was taken to be so insulting. I do apologize for that; this process has been at least as harsh for me as for anyone, and perhaps I let that infect my comments. On reflection, my words were harsher than they seemed (to me) at the time; "jibber-jabber" was a failed attempt at humor. And I do understand the value of such comments; you are correct to point out that they are not useless.

But in some (mild) defense:

  • (1) I originally was the one who combined the wikihost and wikia pages; I sub-divided "commentary" and "log" for several postdocs for which there was a clear difference, so that one could easily find updates about the postdoc app status vs. engaging in commentary about the postdoc, the fee, etc. I was very careful to preserve all comments when I did so. I divided because in some cases (Columbia was just one example) it was quite difficult (more than just a couple of lines - more like 50 it seems) to find up-to-date info. (Look at last year's postdoc page for something difficult to read!) However, at the time, I found it useful to see/hear comments, as well. But as time went on, more than one or two folks ignored the division, and posted wherever was easiest. Watching this continue, after I tried to make the page more user-friendly, was frustrating.
  • (2) I also provided the syntax suggestions at the top, mostly because the wikihost formatting syntax was quite different than wikia. But more and more people ignored this as well, increasing my frustration. Combine these two issues, and certain entries were getting pretty messy.
  • (3) I assume the "anti-curser" suggested that I was imposing my views because he or she believed that I had also deleted all the comments, and wasn't suggesting that I shouldn't even express my view at all. However, I didn't delete the comments (although I was in favor of it); but when I expressed my initial request that the job be finished (see the Q: above), the first batch had already been done for a couple of days, so I figured it was acceptable that it be done. I guess there should have been more discussion in advance, but I assumed (incorrectly) that there were no objections, since nobody complained about the first batch of changes.
  • (4) Leaving aside my rude claim that many of the comments were useless, I wonder (in a way similar to Hysterian, perhaps, since he or she refers to this as a forum) whether there is a more effective way of dividing information/details between the Wiki page and a related user forum, such that the Wiki can contain only genuine updates on the application process/progress, while a related forum could allow for questions from anyone to ask for updates, or to comment on worries they have (such as the increasingly common practice of charging job market entrants (who are generally poor) an application fee of $20-$60). Wikihost, for example, has a discussion page for just this sort of purpose. There is a discussion tab at the top of this page, too, but I haven't used it, so don't know how effective/usable it is. On the other hand, I recognize that some might prefer to be asking questions about specific postdocs right under the entry, since some people might not be inclined to check two places rather than one. But that is how things get so messy. And it's not clear to me that such information needs to be retained (in at least many cases) with the postdoc listing as opposed to just having a discussion forum. For example, if someone asks for an update, why shouldn't a respondent just delete the question and state the status update? (That's a real question - I'm not intending it as rhetorical.)

I take it that our goal should be to maximize the usability of this while working together to do so. I apologize insofar as I failed on both counts, esp. the latter.

More in the category of worthless comments: In the immortal words of Rodney King, "Can't we all just get a long?" You guys and gals are great! This whole discussion is further evidence of just how much academics, and I include myself in this group, need to be in therapy and taking our medications as directed. Hang in there everyone. It's rough out here. I've applied for about 35+ jobs and postdocs -- and have had only one nibble. This who process is dehumanizing...and it makes us say and do things that are completely out of character for ourselves. Saludos amigos.

Damn. Someone deleted some of the information I posted on the North Carolina Diversity Postdoc.

Another deleted entry from last year's list is: Dumbarton Oaks.

There is a fellowship missing - Franklin Fellowship at U of Georgia - theater and film department. I am not hip enough to make the posting - anyone up for it?

  • Done and done. p.s. you are totally hip enough.
  • Thanks but just to prove you wrong... I didn't know hwo to make it say information instead of the link...

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