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2009-10 isn't over yet! UK, EU and other posts are still being advertised - I've added at least five to the 2009-10 pages in the past couple of weeks.

  • Is there a reason why new hires are not named on this site? After an offer has been made and a contract accepted, many departments post announcements about their new hires internally and/or on their websites. But attempting to track down this information from the outside is time-consuming and frustrating. At the very least, it would be very helpful to know what areas new hires are working on.
    • the simple reason is: because no one chooses to post them! The wiki has a fairly big readership, but not so big that there's always going to be someone with 'inside' information, or the motivation to post it even if they have it. If you want to talk about this more, it'd probably be a good idea to take it to the dedicated 'Talk' page.AFII 09:56, March 3, 2011 (UTC)

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