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*Just received a snail mail acknowledgment yesterday (10/12), though the letter is dated 9/4. I thought the delay might be because I'm in Canada (somewhat unreliable mail), but more likely they've been slow to get them out.
*Just received a snail mail acknowledgment yesterday (10/12), though the letter is dated 9/4. I thought the delay might be because I'm in Canada (somewhat unreliable mail), but more likely they've been slow to get them out.
*Received snail mail ack (9/14) ... nothing since
*Received snail mail ack (9/14) ... nothing since
*Received e-mail request for materials (10/17) (4x)
*Received e-mail request for materials (10/17) (5x)
*may I ask what countries those requested for materials specialize in?
*may I ask what countries those requested for materials specialize in?
**Holy Roman Empire
**Holy Roman Empire
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Brief Laments:

I moved laments to the Discussion page (see Tab above). I accidentally deleted one comment, and can't figure out how to get it back. I do apologize.


The Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology Jobs Board is  HERE

University of Louisville - Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Ancient Mediterranean History

  • Applications due December 11
  • Ancient Near East or Late Roman/Byzantine

Northern Illinois University

  • Review of applications to begin October 30
  • "anticipated tenure-track assistant professorship"

University of South Carolina - Assistant Professor, Ancient/Late Antique History of the Mediterranean basin

  • Applications should be received by November 2

West Virginia University - Assistant Professor, Ancient Mediterranean World History

  • Screening process to begin December 10
  • Interested in candidates who can teach early Islam


Southeastern Missouri State

  • Deadline Nov.30
  • 4-4 load
  • How do you know it's 4-4?
  • The AHA ad is more detailed, and lists it as 4-4

Texas A&M, Tenure-Track Assistant in Late Antiquity/Early Middle Ages, c. 200-1050. Applications from historians of Europe and the Byzantine Empire, including all subfields, are welcome.

Mount Royal University

  • Deadline October 30
  • Note that they want the job search reference number on the letters of recommendation as well as on all other documents.

University of Portland - Assistant Professor, Ancient/Medieval European History

  • Deadline November 15
  • Had an AHA interview with this department when the position first came up 6 yrs. ago.  They found a sneaky way to ask me about my religious beliefs without actually coming right out and asking me.  Hopefully someone has told them by now that this is a big no-no, but just in case, be prepared.

Benedictine College - Assistant Professor, Ancient/Medieval

  • Deadline November 15
  • Why is a 3 person dept. advertising for ancient/medieval when they already have an specialist in Medieval Italy?


Amherst College - Assistant Professor, Medieval Europe or Europe and the Mediterranean (ca. 300-1400)

  • Deadline November 20

George Washington University

  • Deadline November 15
  • Received ack letter and AA form  by snail mail 10/20 (approx 10 days after I mailed my app)

Georgia College and State University, History, Geography, and Philosophy Department Chair (

All fields welcome.- Member of search committee said there have been serious delays getting this news to H-Net and other advertisers; there’s NO inside candidate favored, and applications submitted after the deadline of October 27 WILL be accepted.

Georgia Southern University - Lecturer in Medieval European History

  • Deadline October 28

Hamilton College

  • Deadline October 16
  • Via email, receipt of application acknowledged and AA link sent (10/2)


Keene State University.

  • only  at AHA - this job isn't listed at h-net
  • Deadline Nov 20
  • Medieval with secondary fields in medieval Islam and Gender (same as the current VAP)
  • So, the job is clearly tailored to the VAP.  How many people would have this combination: medieval European/Islam/gender?  Seems pointless to apply.
  • If so, SC is playing a dangerous game. Do they think the VAP would stay at Keene if Amherst (or GW or Hamilton) came knocking?
  • In my experience at several institutions, such talk of inside hires is usually more fanciful than real.  With the overabundance of qualified candidates, there is simply no reason for a department to give a VAP preferential treatment, except to accommodate a spousal arrangement and there are very few institutions that will do this.  It is much more likely that the History Department at Keene State created the VAP to argue to its administration that this tenure line was necessary.
  • I'm with the earlier opinion: the interest fields are just too close and too specific.  Add to that the demand for substantial publications (VAP has a book) and a stated preference for candidates who have taught specific, non-field-related courses like Methodology, and it looks like this position was written to pre-disqualify just about everyone.  I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing that they're being so obvious about it.
  • The lecturer (not VAP, it looks like) does not have a book, unless you call an article in an edited volume a "book."  Her CV actually seems pretty thin... 

Rice University - Assistant Professor, Medieval Europe

  • Deadline December 1

University of Nebraska - Omaha - Temporary position, Medieval Europe

  • Deadline October 23
  • One-semester position, Spring 2010

University of Nevada, Reno - Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean World

  • Deadline November 15

Young Harris College

  • Deadline November 7
  • Broad criteria, but a medievalist would apply: Candidates should have a specialization in World Civilizations, with an emphasis in Western Classical, Late Antiquity, or Medieval studies or a non-Western emphasis (prior to the mid-15th century)
  • The link above does not work.  Interested parties should go to the Young Harris College website.  The job can be found on the HR page.

Medieval/Early Modern/Renaissance

New York University

  • Deadline: December 1, 2009

Ohio Wesleyan University

  • Medieval and Early Modern European (Continental)
  • Deadline: November 30, 2009

Earlham College - Assistant Professor - European History prior to 1800

  • Note that ad on Chronicle is not the same as on the college website.
  • Here's the posting on the college website:
  • College site says, "teaches one of a range of possible subfields, including (but not limited to) European history prior to 1800, Mediterranean (including North Africa, Near East and West Asia), medieval, early modern and thematic history." (A combo that is similar to the VAP's fields. Just sayin'.)
  • no reply to email concerning their two job searches
  • What did you ask?  - my fields would at least partly work for both of their job openings (prior and post 1800), thus, I asked if I should send two applications or just one explaining that - I think it's a legitimate question and some kind of answer would be reasonable
  • No question. I'd tell you about my experience from a couple years ago but it would out me. To be fair, I believe the point of contact is the administrator for several departments, not just history. It's also been a tough year for the department as two members died, and a third left for Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. That's almost half the department.

University of Central Florida- Visiting Assistant Professor, Medieval/Early Modern European History (excluding Britain)

  • Deadline October 9
  • One semester, begins January 2010
  • Remember when a one-semester replacement position wouldn't have been a plum gig? Those were the salad days.

University of Northern British Columbia Assistant Professor, European History prior to 1600

  • Deadline December 1
  • Note: don't be discouraged by the location. I know someone who just took a job there--the pay, research support, and teaching load all approach or match an R1 job in the US.

Early Modern Europe

Lindenwood University

  • European History with a specialty in the Early Modern Period.
  • Position could potentially begin Spring 2010.

Mount St. Mary's University

  • Deadline December 15, 2009
  • Early Modern European History with preference given to specialization of France and Spain.

Johns Hopkins University

  • TWO positions in early modern European (excluding Britain, tyvm) history, RANK OPEN
  • One position in early modern France, and one for a scholar of Europe and the wider world
  • Deadline December 1, 2009
  • David Bell is leaving Hopkins for Princeton, which explains one of the two openings.  See this article.

Northwestern University

  • Early Modern Europe (excluding France, Spain and Italy)
  • Deadline, October 15
  • Email confirming application is complete (10/16), EO link (10/19)

Boston University

  • Early Modern Europe (presumably excluding France)
  • "Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled."
  • why do you say "presumably excluding France"?
  • Because the chair of the search committee is a historian of early modern France.
  • Snail mail ack'd (9/8)
  • Has anybody heard anything new about this position? It's odd they would not set a deadline and then wait two months or more to contact any candidates.
  • Nothing.  Not even the snail mail acknowledgment referenced above.  It is a little strange, but the department's website still lists the position.
  • Just received a snail mail acknowledgment yesterday (10/12), though the letter is dated 9/4. I thought the delay might be because I'm in Canada (somewhat unreliable mail), but more likely they've been slow to get them out.
  • Received snail mail ack (9/14) ... nothing since
  • Received e-mail request for materials (10/17) (5x)
  • may I ask what countries those requested for materials specialize in?
    • Holy Roman Empire
    • Italy
    • England
    • England/Spain
    • Germany/Netherlands

University of the South (Sewanee)

  • Early modern continental
  • Deadline Nov.1

Denison University

  • Early Modern, excluding France and German-speaking regions
  • Deadline Nov. 16
  • Didn't they just hire a VAP in this field?  Does this mean there is already an inside candidate in place?
  • No, they hired a VAP in medieval. The TT EME appears to be a new position. I've heard great things about Denison and this department.
  • Thanks for clearing that up.  I remember applying for the VAP position - but looking through my files I see that it was a "medieval or early modern Europe" job - so they must have hired a medievalist.

British History

University of North Florida

  • Early Modern Britain/British Empire
  • Deadline November 1
  • Does anyone know what's happening to Elizabeth Furdell? She seems to have the early modern Britain angle covered for the faculty already.
    • She's been publishing for a while now (stared in 1980s). Retirement seems like a possibility. Finally, someone who does not insist on dying in the saddle!

Auburn University

  • Britain Before 1750
  • 3-2 load at a research university, which surprised me. (2-2 at Alabama and they're better at football)
  • Anyone know where the woman they hired a couple of years ago ended up?
  • Spousal hire at Texas Tech.
  • I know someone who is a recent hire here, and the pay is comparable to other research universities.  And yes, they teach 3-2, but get a research leave every two years or so.
    • See Auburn's page on faculty pay. Also compare the Chronicle's page on faculty pay.
    • Auburn posted a job in modern British history two years ago and advertised the salary in the job ad as $50,000.
    • 3-2, 3-2, 3-0

SUNY Brockport

  • Modern Britain and British Africa
  • Open until filled; apply before December 15

Russian History

Bentley University- Lecturer of Russian/Soviet History, "with preferred secondary field in Middle East history"

  • Deadline: Nov. 16

Columbia University- Assistant/Associate Professor of Modern Russian History

  • no deadline noted
  • Any news on this?  A short list? 

University of Mississippi - Assistant Professor of Twentieth Century Russian History

  • deadline was September 28
  • Any news on this one?  They planned AAASS interviews. 
  • 10/5 AAASS interview scheduled by e-mail

Yale University

  • received letter that search was cancelled due to falling endowment (Oct 7)

Wesleyan University - Assistant Professor of Modern Russian History

  • Deadline: Nov. 2

Saint Joseph’s University (Philadelphia, PA) - Assistant Professor in Imperial Russia.  [1]; [2]; [3]

  • Deadline: Dec. 1

Modern Europe

Does anyone know what happened to the job at Knox College? A Modern Europe job was advertised for a couple of weeks and then it disappeared. I contacted the email address that was provided with the ad, but I didn't get a response. Did they cancel the search?

  • I received an acknowledgement by email on 9/15. Presumably if the search had been cancelled that would have been mentioned in the email.

American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina - "Modern European, World, and US History"

Application Deadline: unclear; the ad was posted in late June, and indicates that they'd like to hire by early October

Bates College - Modern Europe

No Deadline, "Review of applications will begin immediately and we expect to bring candidates to campus in late November and early December."
  • 8/31 ack. and aff. action survey received via snail mail
  • Odd little re-posting here. Hard to say what is going on, but deadline they give is November 1.
  • They did this search originally in 2006-2007. (It would be good to learn why the woman they eventually hired left.) I was a finalist in 2007 and had the strange experience of having one faculty member there express to me that this faculty member would only vote for a female candidate. Bizarre.
  • The woman they hired left because she got a job at Tufts.
  • Yes, previous hire went to Tufts -- the Bates people told me her husband couldn't find a job in the area.
  • Emailed Request for more materials, said hard copy to follow (10/27). (X4)
  • Past finalist, here; folks can email me with questions, etc.
  • semi-finalists: mind sharing your fields?

Colby-Sawyer College - "Primary teaching responsibilities include courses in Western and World Civilization, as well as upper-level history courses. A specialization in 20th century Asia, the Middle East, or Europe is preferred"

Application Deadline: November 1

  • This job is also listed on the World History page. (they ran the same search last year from the looks of it)

Dartmouth College Modern European Intellectual History

Application Deadline: November 1
- Received snail mail ack. (10.22)

Drake University Modern European University

Application deadline: November 15
Preference for France, Germany, and/or Russia. Ability to teach race, class, and gender is also preferred.

Drury University - Modern Europe/World

Application Deadline: 13 November 2009

Earlham College, Assistant Professor level in European history since 1800, with a secondary field in Jewish history

  • Application Deadline: "Consideration of applications will begin November 16 and continue until the position is filled."
  • There is a visiting appt. with more or less the same credentials listed for this ad.  A few college web pages discuss making his appt. tenure-track.  Is this an inside fix?  Is it worth the time and effort to apply?
  • Tough to say. The position (IIRC) has to be modern Europe and Jewish, so it doesn't seem too odd. That said, their medieval position also matches the incumbent, and a few years ago they ran a search that hired a sitting VAP. (She stayed one year.) And, yeah, the "make it tenure-track" is pretty alarming. Isn't a gaffe when you tell a (student) reporter the truth?

Maastricht University (Netherlands) - "Full professor in European history," also will serve as dept. chair

Application Deadline: October 1

Southwestern University, Modern Europe, "preference for France and the French colonial world, excluding Britain"

Application Deadline: Review of applications will begin immediately and the department expects to bring candidates to campus in late November and early December.
  • How does one juggle applications like this and those interviewing at the AHA? What if they bring you to campus and offer you a position in Dec, before you've even done AHA interviews? (yes, I realize that I'd probably be so thrilled to have a job that it wouldn't matter...)
  • There's no good way to juggle a search committee on an accelerated hiring schedule. If you're their preferred candidate, you're stuck in a classic bird-in-the-hand vs. two-in-the-bush scenario. This happened to me last year. I was offered a position at a directional state university remote from family and metropolitan life, tried unsuccessfully to stall for a few weeks because I had 6 AHA interviews. But they needed to have the position filled before Xmas break, or they would lose their funding (can't blame 'em) so they offered the position to their next-choice candidate. Then I cursed myself b/c none of the 6 AHA interviews resulted in a job.
  • Application ack received: they plan to notify finalists by early Nov and schedule interviews shortly thereafter
  • Rejection letter received 10/17. (X2)
  • When did poster above receive application acknowledgment?  I have not received anything from them, except the AA form.  
  • I received application ack (via email) in early Oct from the faculty secretary, and the AA form in the mail shortly thereafter
  • Candidate asked to campus for job talk 10/26
  • Congrats! What's your field?

Stanford University, Modern Europe - excluding Britain, France, and Russia.

  • Application Deadline: November 1
  • Piffle.

Towson University, Central/Eastern European History

  • Application Deadline: October 15
  • their page lists a woman who specializes in German/ East Central European history. Does anyone know if she is moving on and this is a replacement? Or have they added an extra Germanist line? 
  • It appears that she was gone the last two years, perhaps with fellowships and/or a sabbatical; perhaps she's moved on to another institution? The job asks for someone to teach the Modern Germany course that she's taught in previous years.
  • A friend says she has left that University.
  • Received snail mail ack (10/23) (X2)

Troy University - Modern Europe/World

Application Deadline: December 15
  • "The successful candidate will regularly teach introductory courses in World History and periodically an upper division course on the Far East. Some graduate level background on the latter subject is preferred. Additionally, the candidate will be expected to conduct upper division courses pertaining to European history from the seventeenth through twentieth centuries."

University of Toronto, Scarborough - Modern Europe

Application Deadline: November 15
  • "Modern (post-1750) continental European history (Britain, Eastern Europe and Russia are excluded)"

University of Wisconsin, Whitewater Modern Europe

Application Deadline: November 20
  • Modern European history, 1850 to the present. Excludes Britain.

Wheaton College - Modern Europe/World

Application Deadline: November 1
  • "The successful candidate will have... the ability to integrate the field of history with the Christian faith."
    • Great; well, allegedly, Wheaton is less fanatical and anti-intellectual than other such universities.
    • A friend is in the department there. Quiet, smart, and very religious, but I she would not have gone it appears she has gone someplace fanatical. (Original poster made edit.)
    • You'll need to be willing to affirm this statement of faith [4], which includes belief in the literal creation account in Genesis. Faculty are not allowed to drink in public. Also, peruse their Community Covenant [5]: "It is crucial that each member of the College family understand it clearly and embrace it sincerely." Among other things, the "Covenant" condemns "sexual immorality, such as the use of pornography, pre-marital sex, adultery, homosexual behavior and all other sexual relations outside the bounds of marriage between a man and woman." Until 2003, dancing was not allowed on campus [6]. Be aware, this is a very conservative, evangelical, fundamentalist college.
    • I'm desperate to get a job, but the explicit condemnation of homosexual behavior is where I draw the line -- this is simply shameful and revolting (and I'm not even gay!).
    • "Man, everyone's gay once in a while!" - Sgt. Kirk Lazarus.
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