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Ethnic Studies Fields[edit | edit source]

African & African American (incl. Black Studies)

Asian & Asian American

Chicanx & Latinx

Jewish Studies

Native American

RECENT ACTIVITY on Ethnic Studies 2020-2021[edit | edit source]

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Jobs for 2020-21[edit | edit source]

Auburn University at Montgomery (AL). Assistant Professor of English (Southern Literature). April 2, 2021. TT.

Baruch College, City University of New York (NY, NY, USA). Assistant Professor in Latinx Film and Literature. Latinx Film and Literature . April 15, 2021. TT. FT.


Bellevue College (WA, USA) Assistant Professor of Cultural and Ethnic Studies. Deadline: February 14, 2021

  • Applied: 4x
  • 3/2: Any updates?
  • 3/4: According to HR, it is still an open search.
  • 3/4: Can someone explain to me what is the deal with the recommendation letters? The application asks to input contact information (but the request is not automatically generated). Then, they also ask to upload a separate document with contact information. Does that mean they will request the letters only after a first selection (based on the contacts that you put in the uploaded document)?
  • 3/13: Any updates?
  • 3/15: Nothing here...anybody else? ----- They are still reviewing applications and expect interviews to take place in mid-April (info from an email exchange with the program chair)

George Mason (Fairfax, VA). Cultural Studies (Critical Race Theory) FT/TT.

  • Applied: 4X
  • 01/18– Any updates?
  • 01/20--Nothing yet. (applied to Cultural Studies)
  • 01/29–What about now? Anyone heard anything?>>not yet
  • 02/01- still haven't heard anything
  • 02/05 - I know the job market is brutal right now, and jobs are scarce, but please be warned: the Cultural Studies program is dominated by a few senior colleagues who are openly & aggressively hostile to critical race/ethnic studies. Anyone seriously considering this position should ask around & gather some info.
  • 2/6- Campus invites have been sent out. I've also heard very similar critiques to what's been shared above for what it's worth.
  • 2/8 - Thanks for sharing the info! Were the campus visits for all the departments? (Appreciate the heads up about the CS program above)
  • 2/10 My understanding is they were for cultural studies/women's studies. I'm not sure about any other departments.

Kalamazoo College and Kalamazoo Institute of Art. Postdoctoral Curatorial Fellow. Deadline: 23 March 2021 Studies (open)

Nova Southeastern University (Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA). Assistant/Associate Professor of Digital Humanities with specialization in Ethnic Studies in the Department of Humanities and Politics. Deadline: Open until filled. NTT. FT.

Penn State Harrisburg (TT/FT). Assistant Professor of American Literature, Race, and Ethnicity

  • Applied: 2X
  • Any updates? Still nothing (1/5), but no idea how meaningful that is
  • 02/04–Did anyone ever hear anything about this job?
  • 02/04 - Nothing. Same ad ran last year and I heard nothing that time either.

San Jose State University (CA, USA). Ethnic Studies. Interdisciplinary and/or comparative approaches, preferably with specialization in one to two of the following: (a) Oceania/Pacific Studies, (b) Critical Mixed Race Studies, and (c) Social Movements. Deadline: Feb. 1, 2021. (TT/FT).

  • Applied: 2x
  • 2/2 - Received email requesting recommendations from referees in application system x2
  • 3/1–Any updates?

Stanford University Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Clayman Institute for Gender Research (NT/FT). Application opens Dec 1, 2020. Position closes Jan 7, 2021

Stetson University: Hal S. Marchman Chair of Civic and Social Responsibility. Discipline open. Deadline March 1, 2021. Hire at associate or full professor rank, but will consider applications from advanced assistant professors (search committee member posting this).

St. John Fisher (Rochester, NY). African American or Ethnic Studies (FT, TT).

  • 01/27–More materials requested: 2X
  • 02/10–Any updates?>> Sent materials to the search chair, but have not heard back yet. Was told deadline to send materials was 2/8 (3X)
  • 02/22–Any news since sending more materials? >> Interview request on 2/20

Union Institute & University (Cincinnati, OH. Position is remote in US) Full-time Faculty in Ethical and Creative Leadership in the Doctoral Program in Interdisciplinary Studies

University of California, Berkeley. Black Studies Collaboratory Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of African American Studies. Deadline: March 14, 2021.

  • Applied one month ago. Any updates? (4/13)

University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT). Catalyzing Antiracist and Decolonial Futures Cluster Hire (four Assistant Professor positions across English, Literatures Cultures & Languages, Philosophy, and Political Science departments) FT/TT.

  • Applied: 5X (English)
    Any updates? (12/29)
  • 01/07–Has anyone heard anything? (2X)
  • 1/8- I haven't heard anything yet.
  • 01/13–Any news?
  • 01/13--No news here.
  • 01/13--received email stating that long list for Zoom interviews to go out "toward end of January" and "invitations extended for virtual campus visits in early February" (3X)
  • 01/13–email also said they received over 450 applications assume same email went out to everyone
  • 1/20-- interview request received. /Congrats! What department are you interviewing with? (1/29) Is there still hope with other departments, or are people taking this as end of the line with UConn?: 2X
  • 1/30: I interviewed for the English position. Search committee mentioned there were 36 interviews this week for the 4 positions. Unclear if they will select more applicants to interview from the applicant pool but I think things will advance to the campus visit pretty soon.
  • 2/7: Invited for campus visit. X2
  • 2/9 Completed campus visit, they said visits will continue the next 2 weeks and we should hear pretty soon after that.
  • 2/24: has anyone heard back after campus visits? I think they ended on Friday 2/19
  • 2/24 I have not and I am definitely anxious to hear back!
  • 3/1: Anyone receive any updates? from the 4 departments?

University of Miami- College of Arts and Science (Cluster Hire).

  • Applied: 1x
  • 1/14 - Any news about this search? It is been so long, but I know a person that got a rejection letter from them and I haven't, but also haven't been contacted.
  • 2/2 - Applied early Dec and haven't heard anything!
  • 2/2 - Me neither, but I heard through the grapevine that they haven’t contacted anybody yet, so I’m not sure what’s happening
  • 2/17 - Any updates?
  • 3/15- Did they cancel the search? Are they still continuing?
  • 3/30 - Any word on this?
  • 4/2 - No idea. I am waiting for movement on this, too. Maybe cluster hires take (way, way) longer? Frustrated...

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