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I'm on the market: 134
I'm on the market: 134
I don't really understand what "jump the shark" means and wish someone would define it for me. 1
I don't really understand what "jump the shark" means and wish someone would define it for me. 1
What is jumping the shark?
<i>Definition from
A. It's a moment. A defining moment when you know that your favorite television program has reached its peak.
That instant that you know from now's all downhill. Some call it the climax. We call it "Jumping
the Shark." From that moment on, the program will simply never be the same.
The term "jump the shark" was coined by site founder Jon Hein&apos;s college roommate of 4 years, Sean J.
Connolly, in Ann Arbor, Michigan back in 1985. This web site, book, film, and all other material
surrounding shark jumping, are hereby dedicated to "the Colonel." [. . .] Jumping the shark applies not only
to TV, but also music, film, even everyday life. "Did you see her boyfriend? She definitely jumped the
shark." You get the idea. </i>
I've applied to a few jobs that interest me: 33
I've applied to a few jobs that interest me: 33
I've applied to every job that seems plausible: 7
I've applied to every job that seems plausible: 7

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English Literature Jobs for AY 2008-2009

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Post school names and deadlines. Add materials requests, interview requests, and campus visit requests as they happen. Add any other pertinent information that you might know about the status of a given search.

Please refrain from removing information from this page. Even out-of-date or trivial information may be of historical interest to readers. Editing that improves clarity or renders information more concise is encouraged.

Discussion of the move to scratchpad:

P1: I moved all the old pages here but couldn't retain all the style. I hope moving the page here will make it easier to retrieve the pages incase the malicious deleter returns back.

P2: Whoever you are: MOVE THE PAGES BACK! This is completely unacceptable. The new pages are virtually unreadable. YOU are now the malicious deleter. If you wanted to back the pages up, you could have duplicated the content. Remember the wiki rule: DON'T DELETE CONTENT! Yes, I am flaming.

P3: P2, Settle down, and just make it legible yourself--it isn't hard with a little formatting work (I did the 19th century page). Better than losing everything because of crazy deleting monster over in Indiana or Illinois or wherever they are. On that note, the start page is gone, AGAIN, and with it most fields. Thanks to P1 for creating the scratchpad--hopefully this will help foil said monster.

It's an annoying time to have to change. Visually chaotic.

P4: Is there any reason that you're choosing IN or IL as the location of the deleter, P3?

A: Someone on the main wiki tracked down their IP address and general location.

P5: This is working just fine--several of us are cleaning up the pages. We should just be thankful our search wasn't deleted, as most of the others were. With MLA less than two weeks away, the last thing we need is to lose our wiki.


New Page: Individual "Stats" (Interviews, Campus Visits, etc.)

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Discussion of Gnu Box:

Q. Any way to get rid of the box in the middle of the page (with GNU FDL FREE DOC LICENSE) that covers some of the text?



The discussion to move all the academic job search wiki pages to this domain has been discussed for some time on the main wiki page and many other disciplines have been moving theirs already.

Why don't I see the GNU box??

As I noted on another page, I found that switching from Internet Explorer to Netscape Navigator solved the problem for me (in Netscape, the box appears at the bottom of the page, rather than anchored to the middle).

Discussion of the Wiki MLA Party:

This may not be the best place to post this, but: A friend of mine suggests we hold at Wiki party at the MLA. We'd pick a bar and and all meet there at, say, Friday the 28th at 10 p.m.. But you're not allowed to tell anyone (except, you know, a partner). Only Wiki people should be there. Proposed location: Billy Goat Tavern and Grill, 430 N Michigan Ave. I think it's about a 5-minute walk from the conference hotels. (Please correct me.) My friend says it's the best we'll do in that area: divey, not swarmed with yuppies. Also under Michigan Ave (the stairs are marked). I like this idea, and would come to this. (12)

(I feel like you're my friends already, like on TV, when strangers befriend one another in a crisis. This job search is my own personal earthquake.) - Yes, I like the idea, too, but I am worried about getting drunk and meeting people face-to-face who got interviews where I didn't! Chicago Sun Headline: "Wiki Fest Turns Violent!" - Yes, but only if there is a secret Wiki handshake. Of course there is: interlocking pinkies. (It will also get you into the inner circle of my high school football team's alumni. Pretty much the same group, really.) - who isn't a wiki person (at least as a lurker)? - Wouldn't Saturday be better than Friday just in case some people might have to cram a Saturday morning interview? - Well, I (original poster about the party) suggested Friday out of self-interest, as I am leaving Saturday evening. Hey, we've all taught classes/given presentations/written papers hungover and on no sleep. We can handle it. It's what we do.

Wiki Counter (How many people use the Wiki?)

       THIS WIKI HAS JUMPED THE SHARK: 3 (Is this necessary to mention until next week?)

       I'm on the market:   134
       I don't really understand what "jump the shark" means and wish someone would define it for me. 1
       What is jumping the shark?

Definition from

         A. It's a moment. A defining moment when you know that your favorite television program has reached its peak. 
         That instant that you know from now's all downhill. Some call it the climax. We call it "Jumping 
          the Shark." From that moment on, the program will simply never be the same. 
          The term "jump the shark" was coined by site founder Jon Hein's college roommate of 4 years, Sean J. 
         Connolly, in Ann Arbor, Michigan back in 1985. This web site, book, film, and all other material
         surrounding shark jumping, are hereby dedicated to "the Colonel." [. . .] Jumping the shark applies not only 
          to TV, but also music, film, even everyday life. "Did you see her boyfriend? She definitely jumped the 
         shark." You get the idea. 
       I've applied to a few jobs that interest me: 33
       I've applied to every job that seems plausible: 7
       I'm lurking miscellaneously:       3
       I'm lurking because my spouse is on the market:   15
       I'm on the Wiki looking for a surrogate way to get published.  I tell myself it's "significant work." (3)
       I'm lurking because my spouse is on the market and since i cant ask her whats happening
       five times a day without causing an argument i relieve my stress by spending my time
       lurking here and looking at housing prices on craigslist for the 30+ places we could potentially
       move to and isn't it just sad?  I cannot believe I am not the only feeling like this....every time I see a post I cringe!: 7
       I'm compulsively checking wiki because I'm on the job market and every day about 5 times 
       a day my very supportive spouse asks  me, with hope in his eyes, if there is any news and
       I feel compelled, therefore, to try find out any eenswy weensy scrap of information to
       satisfy his curiosity and this is just as sad as the lurkers whose spouses are on the market: 5
       I have no spouse because I've dedicated my life to building a career that will yield no
       employment thus forcing me back into living with my parents (1)
       I'm lurking because I'm on a search committee:   4
       I'm lurking because my spouse is on a search committee: 0
       I'm lurking because the wiki for my field is anemic:   2
       I check the wiki far more often than is good for me:   59
       I'm so addicted to the wiki that I troll fields not even
       related my own, even though my field's wiki is quite active: 11
       I'm a sadist, who finds it hard to find this many masochists in one place: 2
       I'm a masochist: 131
       I'm a masochist who just realized the odds are against finding an academic BF, too: 2  
       I want to know:  Does BF mean Boyfriend or best friend?  Not that they can't be both.  But if it's BFF I'm 
       there.  But if it's boyfriend, I think my hubby would be annoyed.  Unless BF helped with the housework/laundry. 
       My analyst cut back my weekly number of sessions: 3
       I can't remember which of these things I added myself to:  1
       I'm a nonmedievalist who deeply resents the fact that there are so many medievalist positions this year: 6
       I'm a medievalist who deeply resents the fact that I haven't got an interview yet despite all the medievalist positions    4
       I'm a medievalist who didn't really think there were many medieval positions, because so many are in undesirable
       locations, but now I obsessively check the page because I should have applied for a lot more positions than I did so
       I might have more interviews: 4
       I'm sliding from eagerness and anxiety into resignation and then, presumably, depression.  Again.  15
       I'm a permanent lurker, and refuse to post anything, but I check it as often as y'all: 1
       I had a lot more MLA interviews last year than I do this year: 3
       I can't believe I'm on the market for the seventh freaking year (or is it 8? or 9?) (1)
       I look good in a swimsuit! (Well, no... but the optimism seemed a warm and comfy friend in here :)): 3
       I wish the MLA held a swimsuit competition as part of the process: 4
       I find it depressing that only 2 people on the wiki think they look good in a swimsuit: 3
       I look good in a one-piece, with those control top panels, but according to Susan Bordo, I shouldn't care:  1
       Don't tase me bro! 7
       I think academic hiring is MUCH worse than tasing:  1
       I have exactly as many interviews as I had last year: 2
       I wish I never heard of this wiki: 10
      I've done the job search more than once **without** the wiki, and am very grateful that it exists: 1
        (even if you have few or no interviews right now, imagine what it would be like if you were still
         holding out hope for 30+ jobs; the wiki may not bring good news, but it is **much** better than no news)
       I'm beginning to hate the person who told me about this wiki: 3
       I experience Schadenfreude from telling other people about this wiki: 2
       I am scandalized by the bathing suit jokes above, and not in a good way: 1
       We all know that the MLA interview process, while seeming to judge the merits of the mind,
         finds its true meaning in its perverse obverse: the beauty pageant and bathing suit contest: 2
       These pretzels are making me thirsty.  4
       Try some Hennigans. That's right folks. I just had three shots of Hennigans and I don't smell.
         Say you got a big job interview, and you're a little nervous. Well throw back a couple shots
         of Hennigans and you'll be as loose as a goose and ready to roll in no time. And because it's
         odorless, why, it will be our little secret. 3
       I have more interviews than I had last year!: 4
       I am juicing Human Growth Hormone for the MLA to give me that "competitive advantage": 1
       (It only stands to reason that MLA is more competitive than MLB...)
       I am using this wiki to kill time while I collect bad student composition papers: 3
       ................................. while I proctor an exam: 2
       I am more fun than a barrel full of monkeys: 2
       Jesus told me to come to this wiki: 1
       I'm drinking wine and whining while reading this wiki:  1
       I'm a person who is applying to a SLAC while working there as an adjunct and really, really miserable with all 
       the really weird vibes said application now gives me:   1

AY 2007-2008: English Literature Starting Salaries

General Job Search Questions and Discussion

Comp Lit is listed in the foreign languages section: . To the person who added this link: while I appreciate that you added a link to the foreign languages section, NOT ALL JOBS in Comp. Lit. are in foreign language depts. I DO NOT APPRECIATE that you deleted all of the questions and other information that people had written on the page that was here previously! PLEASE DO NOT DELETE OTHER PEOPLE'S STUFF ON THE WIKI!!! I have to second the previous poster's irritation. WTF??! (pardon the use of foreign language...) I have to agree. That was really obnoxious. I'm on the market in English and Comp Lit, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. (3) I found the now-lost discussion useful, and I'm sorry it's gone.

AY 2007-2008 Jobs: english_literature Someone deleted last year's page. Is there any way to bring it back? As discussed on the wikis/academe home page, you can google the former URL and retrieve a cached version of the page (it is still there; I just checked), and then simply paste that into a recreated page. This is not my field, so I don't enough vested interest in the issue to do it myself, but if having an archival record of the page is meaningful enough to some of you guys, I would suggest that you retrieve it now before it is erased from google's cache (the old comp. lit. page, for instance, is no longer accessible by this means). I got the cached url and brought it back, so it's back now, although without original formatting. WTF is up with people deleting pages??? I found last year's wiki really helpful as an estimate of when certain schools started calling for MLA interviews. Even old info is useful.

Questions about the Search Process:

Q: This is for any search committee members out there. What's the rough proportion among your MLA interviewees between candidates still in graduate school, candidates in post-docs or visiting positions, and candidates who already have tenure-track jobs from which they're trying to move? I'm trying to figure out how typical our choices have ended up being. We're a public R1. Of our eight interviewees, four are still in graduate school, two have visiting positions, and two already have tenure-track jobs.

I'd be very interested to hear other s.c. members' thoughts on this question. Thanks for posting this query and providing this info.

Q: Is anyone interested in creating a space on this site to discuss some of the logistical issues (pro and con) about applying on-line? (I think there are potentially some ideological issues here as well). There has been a significant jump in the number of departments using such software this year. Does anyone know if MLA is surveying departments/applicants about what's useful / what's a headache? The only innovation I've seen that seems thoroughly wrongheaded is requiring candidates to ask their own recommenders to upload each recommendation electronically (I know we're language folks, but I think your average 5th grader can do the math on this one). Thanks!

A: I had a school ask, as a required online question, what my religious affiliation was. Nice. Was it a religious school? So I guess it's legal if you're a religious school. Cause it get it, if so. I saw one listing that wanted MISSOURI SYNOD Lutherans only. Which I am. But not willing to move to that place. Pfffhht! Too much snow.

Q: It seems pretty clear based on the stats page that having a Ph.D. in hand does not make a difference. The candidates with the greatest number of interviews lined up appear to be ABD.

A: I think it's important not to make assessments of the field based on "wiki math." Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the wiki, but there's nothing representative about this sample. A: Yes, remember the wiki skews young.

(Original questioner): A good point. Thanks for that important reminder. Furthermore, I'm sure my job market paranoia is contributing to the degeneration of my already weak mathematical skill. =)
Hey, I got a 13% On the GRE in math. Which means like 97% if the test takers were better at math than me. (Waits for English majors to get the joke.)

A: Some search committees do begin, sorry to say, with the "have PhD in hand" stack of applications, absolutely.

A: My institution, although they say ABDs are considered, throw the applications in the trash immediately if there are no significant publications.

Has Anyone Heard From....?

Q: Has anyone heard anything from Rochester Tech about their lit and science job? Thanks! A: Yes - MLA Interview Scheduled last week.

Q: Has anyone heard from Georgia Tech re: Asst Prof of Humanities position? I had a writing sample request 11/30 but I haven't heard anything since.

Q: Has anyone out there heard from Swarthmore re: the History of the Novel position? And, if so, what is your period? A: No, not even an acknowledgment. A: This was posted under Romanticism and Victorian: "12/12: snail mail rejection"

Q: Am I the only person who applied for the Generalist position at Arcadia University?

A: Yes. Yes, you are. Corrolary to Q&A on Arcadia: Where IS Arcadia? To wine soaked to google it. But laughing at implication. I'm sure you're NOT the only person to apply. Just the only WIKI person.

Q: Has anyone had additional material requests from Harvard (Expository Writing Preceptor position) or Duke (Writing Program Fellows)?
A1: Yes, I received an additional materials request from Harvard by email on Nov 21. (2)
A2: Rejection letter from Duke by snail mail, rec. 12/3 and 12/7
A3: See under Humanities Postdoc 2007-2008 page. Anyone heard from writing programs of Stanford, Michigan, or Washington?

Questions about MLA:

Q. Are MLA interviews usually scheduled for the first 3 days of the conference, ie Thurs, Fri, Sat? Do sc's schedule Sunday interviews? Thx. A: Yes, schools may schedule interviews on Sunday. One of mine did. Thank you! A: It's much more common, though, for schools to interview on the middle two days, i.e. Friday and Saturday this year. Some might schedule interviews on Sunday, especially in the first part of the day; but it's less common. And I haven't yet had or heard of any interviews scheduled for the very first day. Usually, the search committee members are just arriving that night themselves. A: Actually, I've had two schools request interviews on the first day. A: I've had interviews on all four days. In my experience, schools that are actually in the city where MLA is sometimes use the first afternoon or the last morning since their interviewers don't have to travel and so are more flexible. A: I got two interviews on day one last year.

Q: OK, I have zero MLA interviews and I'm starting to think about canceling my flight and hotel reservation ... how long should I wait to bail? This weekend? (12/12)
A: Same here. sigh...I checked the MLA hotel reservations and you can cancel 72 hours before your arrival with a $10 fee by emailing MLA. As for the flight, you can cancel 24 hours before the flight to get a voucher/credit to fly on that airline.
It seems that there is almost a freeze in any interview updates since last weekend -at least in my field. I've crossed out all the schools that either already requested materials or scheduled interviews and still have about a dozen to hear from.
I have zero MLA interviews this year,too and it is killing me. I have my Ph.D. now. It seems I did better last year as an ABD. At least I had interviews! DITTO! (So frustrating... Maybe we should hand back those diplomas.) A: In years past, I've received calls for interviews as late as Christmas Eve (more than once). If you're on the B list, and one of their A list interviewees cancels for whatever reason, you could even get a call after the conference has started. I wouldn't give up. A: It seems early to throw in the towel since, at least in years past, this week has been the big week for calling. For what it's worth, I'd wait until this time next week before making the decision, as agonizing as that is. Fingers crossed and, remember, decisions about interviews have everything to do with the dynamics of the institution, department, and search committee and much less to do with the candidate her or himself. A: Yes, hold off on throwing in the towel. Remember that lots of hiring committees will call their consensus obvious top picks for interviews early in December, and then wait until the very end of term to have the meeting where they hash out the rest of the lineup. Then by the time they've actually interviewed they've forgotten who was where on those preliminary lists. I would not cancel until 5 PM 12/21 at the earliest.

A: The previous post is absolutely right. I have received interview calls right up until Christmas Day.

Q: Do search committees ever look at sites like when narrowing their pool of applicants?

-- That is a good questions. I am not on a search committee, so I can't give an answer, but I would be interested to know! I know that I in fact look at some of the committee member ratings once I know their names! ---I want to know how many people have a chili pepper on I don't. I told my students this semester if I didn't get one before grades were posted they were all getting "f's". Is that wrong of me?

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