Auburn[edit | edit source]

CS skype interview at the end of Jan. (do you mean csse?) Yes

BU[edit | edit source]

Photonics on-site on ECE seminar

Boise State University[edit | edit source]

Phone interviews start

Caltech[edit | edit source]

Rejection email (CMS)

when? I did not receive any message/notifications

Carnegie Mellon[edit | edit source]

video interview (when?)

Columbia[edit | edit source]

Colorado mines[edit | edit source]

Rejection on Feb. 24 x2

Cornell[edit | edit source]

rejection early Dec (by email or phone?)

on-site, (area: signal processing, machine learning, statistics) (when?)

Clarkson University[edit | edit source]

Phone interview starts

Drexel University[edit | edit source]

Gatech[edit | edit source]

Harvard[edit | edit source]

Rejection email x2 (early Feb)

Iowa State[edit | edit source]

Rejection email 11th March x2

Kansas State U[edit | edit source]

On-site invitation sent (early Jan)

MIT[edit | edit source]

Mississippi State[edit | edit source]

Phone interview started (which area) ECE

Northeastern[edit | edit source]

skype interview, late Dec,  which area?

skype interview, Nov, on-site invitation, which area?

North Dakota state[edit | edit source]

Phone interview

onsite scheduled

Penn State[edit | edit source]

Phone interview

Princeton[edit | edit source]

on-site invitation (area?) power electronics

Rice[edit | edit source]

ECE faculty seminar

South Dakota State[edit | edit source]

Stanford[edit | edit source]

rejection through email (02/10/16)

Rochester Institute of Technology[edit | edit source]

Phone interview starts

TAMU[edit | edit source]

rejection through email

U Arizona[edit | edit source]

UCB[edit | edit source]

U of Colorado, Boulder[edit | edit source]

Skype interview (ECE)

UC Davis[edit | edit source]

on-site invitation

onsite interview invitation sent? when? which department ECE?

UCSB[edit | edit source]

UCLA[edit | edit source]

phone interview (feb 4)


UCSD[edit | edit source]

on-site invitation (late Jan)

UIUC[edit | edit source]

event-> ece faculty seminar

U. Delaware[edit | edit source]

phone interview (area please?) information sciences

U of Massachusetts, Amherst[edit | edit source]

U of Massachusetts, Lowell[edit | edit source]

Phone Interview start (when, area) -->Feb. 25, power

Onsite invitation is sent

U. Mich[edit | edit source]

EECS faculty seminar

U. Minnesota[edit | edit source]

U. North Carolina[edit | edit source]

U. North Texas[edit | edit source]

Phone interview (late Jan) area: RF & circuit

Onsite invitation sent.

U. Penn[edit | edit source]

on-site invitation (area?) (nanodevice)

on-site invitation (area: information & decisions) when did you received the invitation?

ese-> events

U Pittsburgh[edit | edit source]

faculty candidate seminar

rejection email, 3rd week of Feb

U. Rochester[edit | edit source]

on-site invitation (area: image processing)

on-site invitation (device)

U. Wyoming[edit | edit source]

USC[edit | edit source]

On-site invitation x2 (which area?)

UT Austin[edit | edit source]

Phone interview (area?)

U of Houston[edit | edit source]

Phone interview (early Feb), which area?

U of Utah[edit | edit source]

Phone interview (late Jan) - which area?

U Wisconsin Madison[edit | edit source]

Skype interview - Data science - late Jan

U Buffalo[edit | edit source]

U Virginia[edit | edit source]

phone interview scheduled(which area?) CPS

rejection email (Feb.26)

U Maryland, Baltimore[edit | edit source]

Oregon state University[edit | edit source]

Anyone received phone interview request on the area of device and materials?

--> Mar. 8 phone interview invitation, power area

Oregon Institute of Technology[edit | edit source]

Georgia Southern University[edit | edit source]

University of Texas san Antonio[edit | edit source]

University of Texas_Arlington[edit | edit source]

Phone interview starts (when): week of Feb.21

University of Texas at Tyler[edit | edit source]

phone interview starts, sensor device

Onsite invitation starts

University of Washington[edit | edit source]

phone interview starts

onsite starts

dept. homepage does not reflect that

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