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*Invitation for a AAA interview by email (10/31) x5
*Invitation for a AAA interview by email (10/31) x5
*Has anyone been contacted since interviewing at the AAAs?
*Has anyone been contacted since interviewing at the AAAs?
*I got a receipt of application email. They said they were not "seriously reviewing" apps until Dec 1st. I was unable to attend AAA (and said so) so I don't know whether I would have been interviewed there or not. (12/14).
==='''Grant MacEwan University, Edmonton. (Full-time continuing position).'''===
==='''Grant MacEwan University, Edmonton. (Full-time continuing position).'''===

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**2011-2012 JOBS:**

Agnes Scott College - tenure-track, Medical Anthropology/Anthropology of Health

  • Open until filled (posted 8/30/11)
    • Materials received, including all letters of reference. Via email 9/12 (Ditto, 10/22)
    • Request for interview/meeting at AAA's (11/8, x5)

Amherst College -- TT Asst. Prof political anthro, South Asia Oct 10

10/12 - requested rec letters. not sure if this means I made a long list, or if they are doing this for all applicants (X 4) {C}Q: How did you find out they requested them? They emailed. Q: Did they email you or your referees? A: both (Poster: Do you mean 10/12?) yes. corrected.

10/25 - AAA Interview Scheduled x6

11/3 -- AAA Interview scheduled.

11/21 - is it appropriate to talk about interview experiences on the wiki? A: Probably not. We know what it was like and it is not worth the energy to revisit it. In this stressful time, we should all be thinking happy thoughts. A2: I'd also say that it reveals a bit too much info for an anonymous, open website. And don't forget that search committee members do visit this site and I wouldn't want to jeopardize my candidacy by boasting/complaining/being generally indiscreet about how specific interviews went. A3: If the interview was remarkably great or remarkably terrible, you could post on Universities to love OR Universities to fear when the time is right. But agree with others, now is not the time to do so, as you might jeopardize your candidacy. Wait until the season is over.

A4: The issue is what you reveal here, not whether or not to discuss the interview. If you want to bring something up that doesn't reveal who you are, then you should feel free to do so. This is, afterall, one of the rare times we get to speak with fellow interviewees.

Appalachian State University (TT Anthro & Sustainable Development)

Request for letters and more materials (12/5) x 2 [I don't know why this was deleted on 12/13]

Bard College (TT Asst Prof Latin American Studies in the disciplinary fields of anthropology, history, political science or sociology) October 15)

Area of specialization: Mexico preferred. Must be able to teach two historical surveys of Latin America: from pre-Columbian to independence, and from nationhood to contemporary period, as well as a course on Mexican history and culture.

Also at

Bennington College (full-time anthropologist), Dec 15

  • Bennington College seeks a full-time anthropologist to teach a broad spectrum of courses to highly motivated undergraduates. Theoretical orientation and areas of thematic and topical interest are open; of particular interest are scholars who make use of empirical methods and/or with research interests in religion and ritual, human-environment interaction, language and culture, or politics. Geographical focus in Asia or Latin America is desirable.
  • Bennington is committed to a teacher-practitioner model. The successful applicant will demonstrate how his or her research and teaching interests will contribute to the shape of our future curriculum. Expected Start Date: Fall 2012
  • How to Apply: Please submit a statement of teaching and research interests, curriculum vitae, and three letters of recommendation to: Anthropology Search Committee, Bennington College, One College Drive, Bennington, VT 05201. Review of applications will begin on December 15, 2011.
  • This advert was posted to the AAA Jobs Database ( on November 16.
  • Does anyone know whether Bennington has stuck with the "experimental contract system" (i.e., no tenure)?
  • I believe it still operates on a contract system, since the mid-1990s or so.
  • Definitely not a tenure-track position, the professors are reviewed every few years.
  • Anyone know what the teaching load is; 4-4?
  • Any thoughts on whether they're asking for a separate teaching and research statement (apart from cover letter)?
    • Acknowledgment of application receipt via email (12/6)

Binghamton University (TT/Assistant Prof) Nov 1

  • Geographical area is open
  • The Department seeks to strengthen its expertise in one or more of the following areas: supranational organizations, transnational social/political movements and/or new global networks
  • request for rec letters, additional materials, and skype interview (11/17) x 4
  • (has anyone actually confirmed their skype interview date/time)?
  • Confirmed interview day/time (12/4). X3

Bowdoin College, TT Asst. Prof. Oct 7 political anthropology (deadline passed)

  • Review of applications will begin October 07, 2011, and will continue until the position is filled.
  • Received email asking for additional materials (writing sample) on October 28 (☓2)
  • Request for phone interview (Nov 3) (☓2)
  • Heard from a student at Bowdoin that there was already campus visit (Dec 6)

Brown University (VAP Anthropology and Gender) deadline passed

  • Has anyone heard anything from these folks?
  • Interviews scheduled at AAA (11/8)

Bucknell University, (TT/Assistant Prof) Oct. 15 medical/gender/East Asia

  • medical anthropologist or an anthropologist of gender and sexuality
  • research and teaching focus on East Asia, especially China or Japan
  • They will be interviewing at the AAAs, if your application is received by first week of November you will be considered for an interview.
  • AAA interviews scheduled (x 4)

California State University Channel Islands, Asst Prof, subfield open Oct 24

  • Subfield specialization open, preference for applied research and teaching
  • Preference for ability to teach courses in at least two subfields of Anthropology, and whose teaching and research has an applied direction within any sub-discipline
  • The candidate will assist with the implementation of the B.A. in Anthropology which is anticipated to open in fall, 2012.
  • Application details here
  • Also posted at Archaeology Jobs 2011-2012, Linguistic Anthropology 2011-12, Linguistics 2011-2012 & Physical Anthropology 2011-12
  • Teaching school, requires a 4-4 teaching load.
  • Invited for phone interview 11/1 (x2)

Cal State San Bernardino (TT Asst. Prof) Dec. 15

  • sociocultural search
  • ability to teach language and culture would be useful
  • geo open, excluding Meso-America, Sub-Saharan Africa, SE Asia
  • Also posted at Linguistic Anthropology 2011-12
    • received a request for diversity/HR forms and emailed them back (9/22) x3
    • Reference letter request (4/4) Question: Did your referees tell you this - or did they ask you to request them directly?
    • Referees told me this (4/5)x2
    • AAA interview scheduled (11/7) x3
    • AAA interview scheduled (11/9), though as far as I know, my referees were never contacted
    • rejection letter sent via USPS (11/09). good luck to those getting interviews!

Case Western Reserve University (TT Asst. or Assoc.) - Medical Anthro/Global Health Dec. 5

  • The Department of Anthropology at Case Western Reserve University invites applications for a tenure-track position at the rank of Assistant or Associate Professor in our program in medical anthropology and global health.
  • Geographic area is open but candidates with expertise in China are preferred. Candidates at all ranks under consideration must hold a Ph.D. or comparable degree by date of appointment.
  • Applications received by December 5, 2011 will receive full consideration.
  • Is this the same job that's been posted for a few years? I guess the search was unsuccessful last year.
  • Nope, I heard that they have had some people leave (retirements?) so this is another position.

Colby College (TT Asst. Prof), Anthropology Nov 1

  • Email rec'd requesting interview at AAA or by Skype (11/8 x4) (11/10 as well)
  • Received invitation for campus visit / job talk. (12/2)

Colby College (TT Asst. Prof) Social sciences/gender/sexuality Oct 1

  • Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program (WGSS) at Colby College seeks scholar with advanced training in women’s, gender, and/or sexuality studies and social science methods whose work focuses on areas and/or populations outside the U.S
  • Position carries a five-course load and includes classes in the program’s core curriculum and electives in the candidate’s area of specialization
  • Interviews at National Women’s Studies Association Conference in Atlanta.
  • Also posted at Queer/Women's/Gender Studies 2012
  • Email rec'd requesting interview (at NWSA or AAA) -- 11/2

College of New Jersey - Latin American Cultural Anthropology and History, Sept. 20

  • Joint appointment, Tenure Track Assistant Professorship in Latin American Cultural Anthropology and History, starting in August 2012. Preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate a specialization in Modern Andean Cultures that complements existing faculty interests.
  • Teaching responsibilities will include introductory courses in Cultural Anthropology; upper level courses in Social Change in Contemporary Latin America and Ethnic Identity; and each year, at least two courses in Colonial and/or Modern Latin American History. The typical teaching load is three courses per semester; two courses per semester will be in Anthropology, one course per semester will be in History. Applicants must have Ph.D. in hand, in Sociocultural Anthropology or Cultural Anthropology, at time of application.
  • Review of applications will begin immediately; applications that arrive after September 20, 2011 may not be considered. Receipt of application will be acknowledged by email. Interviews will be held by phone in early October.
  • Also posted at Latin American History 2011-2012
    • Materials received email 9.2

Concordia University - Critical Anthropological Theory Position Nov 1

  • Received email confirmation of application materials rec'd 11/7/11
  • I know for a fact that they received my materials, but I didn't get an email confirmation 11/11/11 (x2)
  • Just curious -- how many applicants to this position are checking in regularly on this website? (x4)
  • It seems like they should be interviewing at the AAAs since the conference is in their own back yard (and perhaps they are) -- but then again they have so much information about candidates up front (letters, writing sample, research and teaching statements, etc.) that maybe they don't feel the need?
  • Received email & follow up phone call for campus interview 11/15. The letter said five were short-listed.
  • PFO letter received December 12th (x1)

Cornell University (Postdoc with possibility for TT) Nov 1

Diversity hire

CUNY-Baruch College (TT Asst Prof Sociology or Anthropology), Nov 1

  • EOE card/acknowledgment of receipt of materials. 11.1 (x4)
  • Additional materials requested (writing sample & teaching evaluations) via e-mail. (x2) 11/28

Davidson College

Tenure-track position, asking for an environmental anthropologist, Latin America.

  • received email invitation for AAA interview (11/10) (x2)

Denison University, OH, Quantitative skills (TT Asst. Prof), Oct. 3

  • strong quantitative analysis skills and "global perspective"
  • Sociology/Anthro joint department.
  • I was long-/shortlisted as one of 8 remaining applicant in mid Oct., and I sent the search committee additional materials, as well as requesting letters from referees. Yet since then, I haven't heard a single message from them. I don't know what is the status of that position.

Florida International U. (TT Asst/Assoc). Nov. 25.

Medical Anthropologist; Department of Global & Sociocultural Studies.

  • Received email from SC that application is received/complete 12/13 (x2) - email stated that they will contact after winter break

Franklin and Marshall (Visiting Asst. Prof) Oct. 31

  • language and culture, economic anthro, visual representation or race and ethnicity
  • preferred geo: Australia and the Pacific, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean or the Middle East/North Africa
  • Also posted at Linguistic Anthropology 2011-12
  • Received acknowledgement of materials and request for diversity info (x 4)
  • Invitation for a AAA interview by email (11/9)
  • Invitation for AAA interview by phone and email (11/9)

George Mason (TT Assistant Professor of Anthropology)

  • Dept of Sociology and Anthropology-- sociocultural anth; area open
  • Review of applications begins October 14
  • 2-2 Teaching load; 55K starting salary
    • 10/20 requested letters and more materials
    • 11/03 they are inviting candidates for campus visits
      • Already? No interviews?

George Washington (TT Asst Professor of Cultural Anthropology - Nov. 1)

  • PhD in hand December 2011
  • science and technology studies (STS), materiality/material culture, heritage, and museums,
  • Western Hemisphere, South Asia, or East Asia.
  • A completed application must include all of the following: a letter of interest detailing research and teaching interests and experience, current curriculum vitae, course syllabi (if available), writing sample, and names and contact information (preferably email address) for three references. Please send these materials as email to, or as hard copy to: Chair, Open Search Committee, Department of Anthropology, 2110 G Street NW, George Washington University, Washington, DC 20052. Review of applications will begin on November 1, 2011 and will continue until the position is filled.
    • Acknowledgment of receipt and will contact after Nov. 01.
    • Has anyone else gotten an acknowledgment of receipt from them? I submitted via email (on 10/20 ish) and have not heard anything -- wondering if it's worth emailing them for confirmation. Thanks.
    • Got an email acknowledging receipt today (11/2): "We began reviewing materials on November 1st. If we need additional materials, we will contact you." (x7)
    • Request for phone interview (11/18) (x2)
    • Request for references (11/28) (x2)

George Washington (TT Asst Professor of Anthropology - Gender & Culture - Nov. 1)

  • PhD in hand December 2011
  • specialization in gender and culture
  • political economy, conflict and violence, human rights, ethics and research methods, and health
  • Western Hemisphere, South Asia, or East Asia.
  • Review of applications will begin on November 1, 2011 and will continue until the position is filled.
  • 10/22 Email acknowledgment from search chair-- will contact in early Nov (x5, 10/30)
  • Email request for interview at AAA's or by phone (11/10) x5
  • I'm one of these who was emailed about a AAA interview, but I haven't heard back about scheduling. Have folks been contacted with their interview schedule yet? (11/11)
    • No... but I'm sure it will come. -OK, Thanks
    • 11/15 received notification of AAA interview day/time
    • Has anyone heard from them after the AAA/phone interviews? (12/13) A: heard through the grapevine they have followed up with some candidates

Georgia State University, Medical (TT Asst Prof), Oct 30

  • medical anthropologist
  • Geographic area is open
  • Invited for AAA interview by email (11/10)
  • Request for 3 letters of reference to be submitted (request received via email, sent to me directly) (11/23) (X2)

Grand Valley State University (TT Asst. Prof), Nov 1, 2011

  • Looking for a "broadly trained" sociocultural anthropologist, but with specialization in language and gender
  • Required geographical area: Latin America
  • Also posted at Linguistic Anthropology 2011-12
  • Invitation for a AAA interview by email (10/31) x5
  • Has anyone been contacted since interviewing at the AAAs?
  • I got a receipt of application email. They said they were not "seriously reviewing" apps until Dec 1st. I was unable to attend AAA (and said so) so I don't know whether I would have been interviewed there or not. (12/14).

Grant MacEwan University, Edmonton. (Full-time continuing position).

  • Review begins on October 15, 2011, Position begins on Jan. 1, 2012.
  • Ability to teach linguistic anthro required. Canadians given priority.
  • Also posted at Linguistic Anthropology 2011-12

Hunter College, Distinguished Lecturer in Puerto Rican Studies (non-TT) Review begins June 27

  • In the Centro de Estudios Puertorriquenos

Indiana University, Digital and Social Media (TT Asst. Prof) Review begins Oct. 10

James Madison University (TT-Asst. Prof)

  • Request for phone interview (asap), 11/9 x2
  • Invite for on-campus in January, 12/9 (do not know how many candidates there are, in total).

Kansas State University (TT Asst. Prof) Oct 15

  • Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work
  • language and culture; linguistic anthro
  • Ph.D. in anthropology or linguistics preferred, ABD considered
  • undergraduate teaching, research and service
  • teach five courses per academic year including Introdution to Linguistic Anthropology each fall and spring semester
  • Review of applications will begin Oct 15, 2011. Letter of application, CV, & names of three references. Submit to <>
  • Also posted at Linguistic Anthropology 2011-12

Kingsborough Community College (TT Asst Prof), June 30

  • Must teach Sexuality and Culture
    • Acknowledgement received (7/13 x1)

Knox College (TT Asst Prof Anthro in Soc/Anth dept) Oct 1

  • They contacted my referees asking for letters 10/24 (x3)
  • potential inside candidate? they have a visitor who is ABD . . . . but you never know I guess.
  • Email invite for AAA interview 11/7/11
  • My referees were contacted for letters saying I made the short list but I was not contacted for an AAA interview 11/8 (x3)
  • Do you think they made another cut after requesting letters?--yeah I was wondering that too. When they said "short list" did that actually mean "long list"?
  • Probably. But they certainly forced our letter writer to do some extra work.

Lafayette College (TT Asst Prof)

  • gender, religion, globalization, East/South Asia, Middle East
  • email request to fill out demographic survey 11/3 X2
  • Request for letters and AAA interview (11/3) x4
  • scheduling skype interviews (for people that weren't at AAA) 11/28

Lewis & Clark College (TT Asst Prof), Oct 14

  • Areas that would be particularly complementary include analyses of expressive/material culture (language, performance, art, music) and/or globalization/ neoliberalism (poverty, structural violence, crime). In addition, we seek candidates who focus geographically on South Asia, Southeast Asia, Japan, or Korea.
  • We also have a preference for candidates who can contribute to the College's interdisciplinary Gender Studies or Ethnic Studies programs.
  • "Review of Applications will begin Oct. 15 and continue until position is filled."
    • Materials rec'd email (10/10), signed Admin Coord, for Oren Kosansky, SC Chair. Requested HR/diversity form.
    • interview requested for AAA (11/9) X3
    • for those who are getting interview requests, would you mind sharing what your regional area(s) are?
    • south asia
    • makes sense, since they lost two women from Anthro in the last year, both were Asianists.
      • that's not true, one is on sabbatical. but if you read the position description, it's an Asia position.
    • Anybody contacts following AAA interview?

Marshall University

tenure track, with interest in global and international issues and expertise that complements that of department.

  • confirmation of application received (11/14) x4

McMaster University (TT Asst Prof) Sept 30th

-Request for more materials via email 10/20

- so strange. the following additions were deleted (and apparently there are mass deletions going on on this page). For any other deletions, please see this log:

  • And not just deletions. The person (who posted from an IP address in Ann Arbor, MI) also changed the number of resonses to interviews in many positions, most often reducing it by 1 (e.g. x4, to x3). What is the point of this stupidity? (I cleaned up the comments below)
    • Restored as much of the deleted material as possible. Users who engage in this sort of deleting activity in the future may be blocked Una74 02:54, December 14, 2011 (UTC)
    • Thank you.

--Rejected 12/9

--was the rejection received by email?

--yes, an email from the sc chair.

Mercer University, Medical Anthropology (TT Asst Prof)

  • Job posted 10/14/11; open until filled.
  • Candidates should have broad training in Medical Anthropology with a global focus. Additional graduate training in Public Health or a related area, expertise in cultures of the Americas or Asia, and membership in Phi Beta Kappa are considered advantages.

Miami University, Middletown Campus (TT Asst Prof)

  • Screening of applicants begins November 1, 2011 and will continue until the position is filled. Candidates whose applications are received by November 5, 2011, may be contacted for prearranged interviews at the AAA meetings in Montreal, Canada
  • Desire: regional expertise in the Americas; research foci may include diaspora, indigeneity, ethnohistory, expressive culture. Regional campus, 6-8 courses/year teaching load.
  • Email confirmation of application, request for diversity info (11/1) x2
  • email with invitation for AAA interview (11/11) x3
  • Not sure if they are meeting everyone who applied who will be at AAAs or long/short listed individuals - there were two emails that said conflicting things. Anyone else get a sense from this? (11/11)
  • I agree, it's unclear in the emails. They are listed on the AAA Placement Center schedule as accepting CVs/walk-ins, so it could very well be the former.
  • It seemed like the second email may have been intended for the admin and not for us?
  • Yeah, that was a slip up for sure. I don't know if they're just interviewing us because we indicated we'd be at the AAAs, or whether there has been some decision made around a long list at this point. (11/12)
  • received curt notification of interview time slot at AAA (11/12)(x2) (11/14 - x1)
  • were some lines removed here? Have others heard post-AAA interview? (12/13)
    • Posts that wew deleted 12/13:
    • "email requesting phone interview (12/2) x2 and recs (12/5)
    • did this position go from TT to Visiting?"
  • had post-AAA phone interview, was told interviews would continue into January with short list decision in late Jan (12/13)

Mississippi State University

Joint African American Studies/Social Science Position

  • African American Studies Program at Mississippi State University in conjunction with the departments of Anthropology and Middle Eastern Cultures, Political Science, Psychology (Social), and Sociology, seeks applications for a tenure-track assistant professor position beginning on August 16, 2012. Preference will be given to candidates with a strong interdisciplinary background and expertise in African American Studies. A robust research and publications agenda and the ability to teach undergraduate and graduate students are also preferred. Completion of the Ph.D. in one of the social sciences, the tenure department, is required by the time of appointment. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Review of candidates will begin on January 15, 2012.
  • Send a letter of application, curriculum vitae, and three letters of recommendation to Professor Stephen Middleton, Chair, African American Studies Search Committee, Mississippi State University, P.O. Box 846, Mississippi State, MS 39762-0846. You may also email your application (pdf format only) to <>. MSU is an AA/EEO employer. A personal data information form must be completed and submitted for this position on .

Mount Holyoke College, Legal Anthropology (TT Asst. Prof) Oct. 31.

  • Specializations may include intellectual and cultural property, human rights, itnersections of secular and religious governance, land rights with aboriginal peoples, and more.
  • Area preferred Africa, Native America, Middle East, or Southeast Asia
  • Has anyone been contacted for a AAA interview? The job announcement said they would be conducting interviews at the AAAs. (11/10) X3
  • Received email notifying of AAA interview (11/10)
  • E-mail rejection letter today (11/17). At least they were relatively quick about it. BTW: Just so those who are having AAA interviews don't panic, I was NOT one of the ones who had a AAA interview, so I already knew I was out of the running.
  • Email requesting additional material - writing sample and reference letters (11/22)
  • Email rejection after AAA interview (12/7)

Mount Holyoke College, Transnational Social Movements (TT Asst. Prof). Nov. 1

  • In the International Relations Program
  • Globalizationm conflict resolution, human rights/democracy promotion, environmental protection, new media
  • Particularly welcome S/E Asia or Africa and with strong QUANTITATIVE methods.

Northern Kentucky U., Department Chair (Assoc or Full Prof with tenure) Review begins Aug. 15

  • Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Philosophy

New York University TT Asian American, Pacific World, or Asian/Pacific Diaspora Studies Oct 15

  • Department of Social and Cultural Analysis is an interdisciplinary department developing innovative, transregional approaches in urbanism, migration, critical ethnic studies, gender and sexuality, ecology, and economic life.
  • Candidates should hold a PhD in social science, humanities, or interdisciplinary studies
  • Also posted at Other Ethnic American 2012 & Comparative 2012
  • campus visits scheduled
  • added this earlier today but it was deleted; rejection email received (12/13) x2

Oberlin College. Medical Anthropologist. TT Asst. Prof. Nov. 1.

  • judging from the faculty list (esp. visiting faculty), could this be an inside posting? Any info?
  • As an Oberlin alum who witnessed a search about a decade ago, the current chair typically tends to favor visiting faculty. That said, the last hire who was a visiting faculty had tenure problems.
  • 11/4: AAA Interview Scheduled (x2) (this was fast; when did you submit applications? [10/20. Guess they're efficient?])
  • Letter of receipt, Diversity form (11/4) (x 4)
  • 11/8: AAA Interview Scheduled (x3)
  • Does anyone (who had a AAA interview) recall their specific timeline?

Portland State University, Applied Medical (TT Asst. Prof.) Oct 14

  • Applied / Medical
  • Area preferences: Native North American, Latin American, Caribbean
  • Ability to teach Quantitative Methods a plus
  • Does anyone know what happened with last year's search? Did it fail [yes it failed] and is this a repost?] A: yes they said they had bureaucratic problems and lost their candidate last year (saw this on a department listserve email).
  • Received request for personnel/HR data forms and submitted (9/19)
  • Email included this info (pasting it here but feel free to delete if not wanted):
    • Late October: The search committee will develop a preliminary short list of about 15 individuals and request that candidates on that list send us samples of publications and syllabi of relevant classes. Candidates should also contact their references and request that they send us letters of recommendation. We will contact individuals on the short list to set up an interview by Skype or by telephone in mid-November.
    • In early November, we will also notify candidates who were not selected to be on the preliminary short-list.
    • Late November: The search committee will select a very short list of individuals to come to PSU campus for formal 2-day interviews. These candidates will receive additional information at this time about the interviews
    • January and early February: Candidates will visit PSU campus, meet faculty, administrators, and students, and present their formal "job talk.
    • Mid-February: We will tender our offer.
  • Email rec'd with invite for Skype interview (prelim short list of 9 individuals) 10/27
  • Rejection received 11/1: "The search committee has now finished reviewing the applications. Four committee members read each of the 68 files that we received. We have chosen 9 applicants for preliminary interviews." (x4)
  • Good luck to the preliminary interviewees. Show of hands for how many of us got rejected for both this search and last year's? A: yep; hand's up here, you're not alone! X2
  • Rejection from preliminary short list received. (Down to three for campus visits 11/28).

Rice University. TT Asst. Prof. Nov. 1.

Wide call - seeking various specializations (medical; linguistic theory; ecological; Latin America). Interviewing at AAAs.

Materials received email (10/27) x2, 11/2 (but I requested confirmation of receipt via email since I had sent close to deadline).

Any other info. sense of timeline when the two of you reveived the "materials received" email?

Q: Could someone kindly tell me the name of the search committee chair?

A: James D. Faubion, Professor and Acting Chair

- Thank you!

Q: Does anyone have a link to a posting for this job handy? I wasn't able to find anything on the university's web-sites.

A. Here you go:

Rice University seeks applicants for a position at the level of assistant professor with one or more of the following areas of expertise: medical anthropology; critical environmental/ecological anthropology; or linguistic theory. The geographical area of specialization is open, but specialists in urban Latin America will receive special consideration. We are looking particularly for applicants with a strong command of social and cultural theory, an excellent record of scholarly activities and publication (appropriate to career stage) and who have undertaken innovative field research. Applicants should complement and enhance existing departmental research strengths and be prepared to contribute to Rice Anthropology's distinctive culture of graduate training and undergraduate teaching. Rice is an equal opportunity employer with a strong interest in the diversity of its faculty. It offers spousal and domestic partner benefits. The department strongly urges women and minority candidates to apply. Applicants seeking an interview at the 2011 AAA meetings should send a letter of introduction, a curriculum vita and the names of at least three referees to Chair, Search Committee, Department of Anthropology—MS 20, Rice University, P. O. Box 1892, Houston, TX 77251-1892 no later than November 1, 2011. All applicants are encouraged to submit their materials by November 1. The deadline for the receipt of applications is November 30, 2011.

Did anyone get an invitation for a AAA interivew from Rice? I'm assuming people will be contacted this week so there is ample time to schedule? (By "this week", I mean the week of 11/7)

A: people will post if they get an interview. if history is any precedent, you can hear about AAA interviews up until the day before the conference. sometimes people even get called during the conference, but this year (with international calling for most of us), that might be less likely.

-Ah, thank you. How is waiting so long to arrange interviews to anyone's advantage?

-It's hard work to sift through a ton of applications. It takes time. That's the only reason why they wait -- SC members have teaching and other responsibilities too.

Q: What do you all think of protocol of contacting the departmental administrative assistant to ask respectfully about timetable (of scheduling AAA interviewees?).

- DO NOT CONTACT THEM. I completely and strongly discourage this course of action. Wait until they reach out to candidates. You will hear on here if they've started doing so (and even then you might get an invite later, so BYO laptop to AAAs and be sure to be checking email regularly). Rule of thumb: never contact anybody to ask what the timetable is. Your anxiety shouldn't ever dictate your course of action. It's really worth getting used to this, it's how the market works.

-Wow, thanks for the advice on byo laptop and continuing to check email at the AAAs with this possiblility in mind. Is that for real? (i.e. have any of you actually been invited to an interveiw during a conference?). I would have long ago given up on hearing from a job once the conference started. So, do you all think Rice is the type of department that would conduct interveiws in a hotel suite or in one of those rat-race, ballroom, speed-dating type AAA conference deals?

- I agree to never, ever bother SC or any faculty members about timetables related to hire (or anything else during hiring season). But I'm not so sure an administrative assistant is such a big deal. I am a non-tt instructor in a big and busy department, and am friendly w/the administrative staff there. Sure, they laugh at some emails that come in, but answer them all and see it as part of their job to do it. So, author of post above, are you saying it is just bad for an applicant's mental health while on the job market to check up on timetable details, that there is some reason related to the applicant's standjng in the eyes of the department not to do it, or is it just anti-heckling etiquette?

-Also agree 150% about never contact etiquette; people are busy, we are juggling teaching and research and administrative responsibilities. Point about this and about job-seekers needing to control their anxiety very well-taken. Also, FYI: last year at the AAAs, I ran into many job-seekers who got interviews during the meetings. This is not a surprise and doesn't have anything to do (as far as I can tell) with "type of department". It's just what happens. And also FYI, I've participated in and heard about interviews being held in: bars, restaurants, coffee shops, hotel meeting rooms, lounges, and those awful circus-like tent rooms in the conference hotel. Be ready for anything.

- I posted the first comment about containing your anxiety. To clarify, I actually don't think it's bad for an applicant's mental health to check up on timetable details at all (after all, that's why we're all on this forum -- we want to know when a SC has moved on and we're not in the running). My advice was that it's a total pain and unprofessional to ask this stuff, even of an administrative assistant -- their job is to administrate their department, not field questions motivated by your existential angst. Sorry if I'm a little hardened -- this is my 3rd year on the market and I've gotten a lot of advice from people, and it ALWAYS is that you should NEVER contact the department. often admins don't even know -- so just contain your anxiety, keep your fingers crossed, and hope for good news. But you should also bring your CV and a generic cover letter to the meetings -- I know somebody last year who got an interview after leaving her materials with a college at the job center at AAAs. Dress professionally, act calmly, and don't let anybody see that you're going nuts waiting to hear.

I hate to do this, but I have to ask: how are you all planning on being contactable during the meetings on the off-chance that an interview might materialize during the AAAs? Phone is out of the question for me.

- Seriously reconsider your phone availability -- if you contact your cell provider, they can give you instructions on how to preprogram for roaming (e.g.: for Verizon, you dial *228 and then press 2). This is worth doing, even if it may cost you an arm and a leg -- because isn't it worth paying a certain amount for cell charges in order to maximize your chances of getting a job? Otherwise, bring your laptop and check email constantly. If you have AAA interviews already set up, you might let those people know your hotel phone number and room number in case anything changes last minute (but don't contact SCs that haven't contacted you first -- that's annoying). Finally, use skype and call your cell phone regularly just to check voicemails. I think most SCs are aware that this AAA will be weird for contacting people -- so hopefully they'll try to reach you on email instead of phones.

-So, what's the chance AAA interviews have already been lined up, but just not with any wikians?

-always a chance. This chain went off a bit -- people may have stopped paying attention. :-)

-request for additional materials, not doing AAA interviews due to scheduling issues. 11/17 x6

- Did some stuff get deleted? I was about to ask a question related to someone's phone interivew...but its gone! Can people re-post relevant updates so we can continue the conversation?

OK, back to old "when/if to contact" question: If you are asked for more materials, but do not hear anything else (no invite for phone interview, no rejection email) when would it be acceptable to email administrator to confirm if you are out of the running?

- Congrats to the applicant (or is it applicants?) invited for a phone interview! (This update was posted earlier today before the mass deletions on this wiki). If you are comfortable sharing, what is your regional speciality? Did they mention anything about timeline in the email?

Saint Louis University, (TT Cultural Anthropology/Intercultural studies)

  • Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice and a secondary appointment in the Center for Intercultural Studies
  • Sub areas are open, but the Department and Center have research interests in intercultural studies, health/medicine, urban, immigration, and environment.
  • Review of applications from late October
  • Online Application here
  • Email 11/4 Long List, request for letters, planning video interviews soon. (x3)
  • They were listed as having interviews at AAA too. Did anyone get contacted for or have an interview there?
  • got a rejection email (11/21) before I had a chance to schedule a video interview with them... a little odd. Anyone else? A: Same situation for me (11/22) and me (11/23)
  • Invitation for job talk (11/23)
  • Two questions 1) Did anyone interview for this job and if so, where/how? 2) Have they explained to anyone scheduled to have an interview why their interview was canceled?
  • A: Yes, I had a video interview. I think they only did video interviews, not AAA interviews (though I can't be sure). A: Do you mind telling when it was? A: Their video interviews were 11/15-11/22.
  • Does anyone who had an interview canceled mind sharing what happened? (i.e. Did you get the general email about doing video interviews, but then they never contacted you for one, or did you get an invitation for an interview or schedule an interview only to have it canceled? ) A: I received an email around 11/4 congratulating me for making the long short list and saying I'd be contacted soon to schedule video interviews. That second part never happened. Next contact from them was rejection email on 11/22. (x2)
  • To whomever censored the comment that the interview cancelations were "very odd" -- they were very odd. Not only that, they were rude and unprofessional.

Saint Mary's College of Maryland (TT asst Prof)

  • To apply, please submit a letter of application, curriculum vitae, and three references to Bill Roberts, Chair, Department of Anthropology, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, 18952 E. Fisher Rd., St. Mary’s City, MD 20686-3001. Subsequent to a review of applicants, candidates will be invited to meet with members of the search committee at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association in Montreal, CA, or by telephone.
  • Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.
  • Has anyone heard about interviews @ AAA's?
  • Contacted for AAA interview.

Scripps College. TT Asst. Prof. Sociocultural. Nov. 1.

  • They emailed asking for a writing sample 10/25 (X3) and on 11/2
  • just curious, if you don't mind sharing, for those who're being asked for more materials - what is your regional specialization? and congrats on passing on to the second stage! For those who heard something, How early did you apply? The deadline hasn't even passed! Congrats!
-I submitted my materials on 10/10. My regional specialization is SEAsia.
  • Submitted around 10/15, heard back with more materials request in about a week. Region: Caribbean
  • Anybody know: is this an inside search?
  • Scheduling campus visits 11/22
-9/27 or 9/28. Americas.
-Submitted on 11/1, got email request for writing sample the next day. Sub-Saharan Africa. Looks like they're going for a wide spread of regions.
--interview at AAA (request sent by email 11/7, 17 time slots over 3 days) x3.
-Please tell me they're not actually interviewing 17 people. Had this reaction to their email as well. Sounds insane. A: My guess is 15 people with a couple of openings to make sure a time could be made. But maybe just 10? who knows!

Sewanee: University of the South, International and Global Studies

  • Social/cultural
  • Globalization in the Middle East, or Africa or South Asia (global/local interactions related to health and health care policies, the experiences of labor in a globalizing economy, and/or subaltern perspectives.)
  • commitment to teaching in and curricular planning of the program's core courses, and will have the opportunity to develop new thematic courses in areas of his or her expertise.
  • Candidates should have a Ph.D. or ABD with promise of completion by August 2012 in any social science or humanities field.
  • Please send a cover letter, c.v., brief writing sample, sample syllabi, evidence of teaching excellence, a graduate transcript, and three letters of recommendation via email to: with subject heading: "IGS Search." Applications received by October 20, 2011 will receive full consideration.

Smith College, South Asia (TT Asst. Prof.) Review begins Sept. 15

  • South Asia
  • Religion, public policy, law of special interest.
  • Submit application by Nov. 1 for consideration for AAA interview
  • 11/3 Has anyone heard anything back from these people/been called for an interview at the AAA?
  • Why does the Amherst south asia anthro position have a x6, yet there's nothing here? I would assume some of those candidates would get an interview here. Any thoughts? (response: maybe they're just behind? seems like they sent out notifications today)
  • AAA interview scheduled by email (11/11) X3
  • Any word on if they have an inside candidtate (a current lecturer in anthro depart.)?
  • There is currently a lecturer in south asian anthro and religion but that doesn't mean this person necessarily has an advantage over other candidates. Check out the discussion on 'inside' candidates on the swarthmore discussion below.
  • Request for more materials and letters of rec (11/21)

Swarthmore College, TT Assistant Prof, Oct. 21

  • Tenure-track position in anthropology at the Assistant Professor level beginning Fall 2012. We seek applicants who specialize in the anthropology of Latin America and/or Latinos and Latinas in the Americas, with a research agenda that focuses on one or more of the following areas: visual anthropology, immigration, borderlands, globalization, and neoliberalism.
  • Application deadline is Friday, October 21, 2011.
  • I think I recall that there was a Visiting Position with this description last-year -- anyone know if this is an inside gig for a visiting person, or what the status is?
  • Folks: We need a wiki-wide discussion of 'inside gigs'. This comes up year after year. The idea of an inside candidate is a bit overblown. Sure, many visiting positions turn into TTs, and schools are compelled to run an open TT search to make that transition legit. However, I've been on the other side and have seen many cases of 'outside' candidates beating out the supposed 'inside' candidate for a TT position. A visiting position doesn't guarantee anything, and if someone else comes along that fits better, search committees will go with them. Although I'm willing to be proven wrong... [thanks for the info; this is helpful]
  • as someone currently in a "visiting" position, with no job security whatsoever for next year, I give the intervention above a wholehearted second. it is awkward, however, to go on a campus visit in one of these situations, learning that no matter how well you might do in your job talks, there are odds stacked against you (my case at one school last year). i've learned this to be the academic breaks. just my opinion, but as we chose this career, we now must deal with all the politics that come with.
  • also as someone who went through an inside search (and did not get the position) I can also agree that it is much more complex than the idea that inside candidates will be favored. I have heard that more often than not they tend to go for the outside candidate - this could be a decision more from above than from the dept level, but sometimes the 'unknown' is more exciting than the 'known.' Again, having gone through the search on the inside, it is a very awkward experience!
  • moot point -- word on the street is that there is no preordained "inside" candidate for this, although i suppose its more of a spectrum than a binary in any case.
  • I know the current adjunct and this job description fits her research exactly.
  • anybody heard anything on this?
  • request for AAA interview 11/9 (x6)
  • How did you receive the request for an interview--by phone or email? Was there any additional information about how many people they are interview, etc.? --received request by email, they are interviewing people every half hour between 9am and 4pm, so perhaps 12 people.
  • by e-mail
  • request for writing sample 11/28

Temple University (TT Assistant Prof) Oct 31

Anthropology of Visual Communications

  • Application received acknowledgment (10/20)
  • Invitation for AAA interview (11/12)

Towson U, Cultural, (TT Assistant Prof) Oct 15

  • Regional expertise in Asia, with knowledge of South or Southeast Asia particularly desirable.
  • Experience or interest in public anthropology who can link our students to the local or global community
  • Received acknowledgment of application by mail. (x2 10/24)
  • Campus visit scheduled (10/31)
  • An offer has been made and accepted (12/14)

Truman State University (TT Assistant Prof) Oct 15

  • Invitation for AAA interview 10/31 (x2)
  • email invitation scheduling phone interview 12/5 (X1)
  • received letter dated 22 November stating that my while app was "not eliminated from our search, it is also not among those in our top flight. We will hold your application in reserve until we have successfully completed the search." 12/7

Tufts U., Anthropology of the Environment, (TT Assistant Prof.) Oct. 1

  • Geographical open
    • 10/17/11. Request for additional materials.
    • 11/10/11 Campus Visit Scheduled

University of Alberta, Sociocultural (TT Asst. Prof) Sept. 15

  • Work in areas of "creativity, performance and communication broadly defined"
  • Geo open, Canadians get priority
  • Communicated with department by email, and they prefer electronic submissions.
  • Also posted at Linguistic Anthropology 2011-12
    • 9/28/11. Brief phone interview scheduled; search narrowed down to 6 semi-finalists. 3 finalists will continue on to do a job talk and teaching demo.
    • Q. They already had the search narrowed down to 6 on 9/28? Any more updates about this position?
    • 11/10. On campus interviews have already taken place. Mine was late Oct. An offer to someone should be in the offing any day based on the timeline provided during the interview.
    • 11/10 I saw on the Yale Anthro page that a Yale alum got a job at U of Alberta so I assumed it was this one.
    • 11/13 Yes this is the one. Offer accepted.

University of Arkansas (Asst Prof TT) Nov. 1

political anthropology or visual anthropology

  • snailmail EOE card/acknowledgment of app. 11/1
  • request for more materials 11/17 (x1)
  • Two candidates invited to campus. (12/12)

University of California, Irvine (2 TT positions, Asst. / Assoc. Prof) Nov. 1

  • Applications received by November 1, 2011 will receive the fullest consideration, but screening will continue until the position is filled.
  • We welcome applicants with a strong record of ethnographic fieldwork and theoretical innovation in one (or ideally two) of the following areas: 1) environment, science, and technology; 2) language and culture; 3) urban studies; and 4) feminist theory. Geographic area of expertise is open, but candidates with a research focus in Latin America are particularly encouraged to apply.
  • LINK - AAA
  • Also posted at Linguistic Anthropology 2011-12
  • Any word on this position? I haven't heard a drop of news... (11/21)
  • Faculty were scouting applicants at AAA (11/21)
    • What does that mean? And how do you know?
    • (I am not the original poster), but UCI usually sends people to watch the AAA presentations of interesting candidates (many schools do that). However, people on the search committee told me that they had not even started looking at applications yet and would do so after the AAAs. (11/21)

U of California Irvine, Lecturer with POSE

Seeking sociocultural anthropologist with strong record of teaching and lecturing... experience in other subfields welcome.

  • link to position hasn't been posted on UCI jobs website... there appears to be no way to submit an application right now (12/2) It is up as of this afternoon (12/2)

University of California, Santa Barbara (TT Asst. Prof, Sociocult. Ecol. Anth) Dec 1

acknowledgement and diversity form (11/15) (x3)

University of Cape Town (South Africa), TT Social Anthropology Oct. 3

  • Job starts January '12
  • Expertise in contemporary fields of Social and/or Cultural Anthropology is required, preference given to candidates with demonstrated research competence and proven teaching ability
  • e-mail the completed UCT Application form and all other relevant documentation as indicated on the form, to Mrs C Snyders, Staff Recruitment and Selection, University of Cape Town, Rondebosch 7700, South Africa. E-mail:
    • reference letters requested "urgently" (10/11); emailed referees directly

Had preliminary interview 10/28 via phone. Will have skype interview with whole committee 11/25 plus have to give a seminar on topic of their choosing, Haven't heard details.

University of Cincinnati, Sociocultural (TT Assistant Prof.), Nov. 1

  • Preferred focus on natural disasters or anthropogenic hazards, but other topics that bridge or extend existing departmental or college level strengths are also encouraged to apply. Particular topics of interest: how the intersection of state, humanitarian, community, and commercial interests affects disaster preparedness, relief, and recovery; how discourses of risk and security and programs and technologies of disaster preparedness are taken up by vulnerable populations and how these in turn impact the ways in which communities react differently to both perceived and real threats; and how environmental racism influences hazard identification and response strategies. Geographic and methodological approach is open. Review of applications (for AAA interviews) begins Nov.1, but continues until Dec. 31
  • Email to schedule AAA interview received on Nov 4. (x5)
  • I tried to find the link to this posting (this link no longer shows up) through google, chronicle of higher ed, etc, to no avail. I thought the position had been pulled. Can someone provide a working link to the posting?
  • link to the job at the university website

University of Denver, (TT Assistant Prof.) Nov. 15

  • Cultural / archaeology. Globalization, diasporas, tourism, culture & development.
  • Candidates with a particular focus on visual and expressive culture and emergent digital practices, and work on applied and public anthropology, are especially encouraged to apply
  • Geographical area is open
  • Online application
  • Looking to meet candidates at AAAs
    • Rec'd email 9/26 acknowledging app rec'd. States: "We have begun to review applications and will be in touch with you over the next few weeks regarding next steps."
    • Was this email from the department, or HR? I rec'd only a generic HR email stating that they are "still reviewing candidates for the position".

​A: Email Rec'd 9/26: "Thank you for your continued interest in the Assistant Professor in Anthropology position with the University of Denver. We have begun to review applications, and will be in contact with you over the next few weeks regarding the next steps. If you no longer with to be considered for this position, you may withdraw your application. Otherwise, no action is needed. Carrie Shrader, Assistant to the Chair Department of Anthropology University of Denver" -- Thanks!

Received the identical email as above from C Shrader (11/7) (x7)

--Email invite for AAA interview 11/9 (x4)

  • email invite for AAA interview (11/11) (x4)

--Has anyone else not received a confirmation email from C Shrader? (I applied 10/30) I too did not hear from Shrader -- perhaps HR never forwarded our applications to the dept., for whatever reason? --Me, too, applied 10/31 -- me too, applied last week and it's now 11/14. --I am already in Montreal (heard no confirmation of application receipt) and emailed this morning to ask if the committee wanted to meet with me. Here's the response: "The search committee will be in touch if considering an interview in Montreal or phone interview upon their return." So, it sounds like they will be connecting later too. (11/16)

--I got the identical email from Carrie Schrader that I got a few weeks ago (text above) again today (11/17), but no request for materials or AAA/phone interview. There's either miscommunicaton or several long lists...(x4) frusturating huh?

  • email request for letters and teaching materials (after interviewing at AAA with them) (11/22) (x3)
  • I just got the C. Shrader "Thank you for your continued interest..."email today (11/23). I submitted my app just before the deadline and did not have an AAA interview. (x2) Wondering if this means they are still interested, or just a courtesy.
  • I talked with someone in the dept-- they are still reviewing some of the apps that came in just before AAA meeting.
    • Had telephone interview yesterday (11/30) requested last week. X3
      • For those who had phone interviews, were these follow ups afer having AAA interviews as well? Or was this your first interview with them? First contact/interview x2

University of Guelph, September 15

Department of Sociology-Anthropology, for a TT anthro position starting January 2, 2012

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (open rank TT), Dec. 1

  • t-t appointment in Graduate School of Library & Information Science (note: this is the academic unit of the iSchool, not the library)
  • any area related to the circulation of information & production of knowledge, including archives, organizations in diverse communities --representations of race/ethnicity; cultural heritage; critical approaches; technology in society; political economy of information in any geographical region
  • PhDs from across the disciplines encouraged to apply
  • Link to ad

University of Maine - Assistant Professor, Native American Studies

  • Tenure-track, assistant professor position in Native American Studies with a primary focus on research and outreach with Wabanaki Tribal Nations in Maine – Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Houlton Band of Maliseets and Aroostook Band of Micmacs. While the field of study is open, preference will be given to applicants from the fields of history, anthropology, and education.
  • Review of applications will begin January 20th, 2012 and will continue until the position is filled.
  • Also posted at US History 2011-12

University of Massachusetts - Amherst (TT Asst Prof), Oct 15

Link to ad

  • Affirmative Action card and reference letter privacy waiver rec'd 10/25/2011
  • Request for additional materials - 10/29/2011 (x4)
  • Email request for AAA interview - 11/11 (x4)
  • Campus visits scheduled

University of Massachusetts - Amherst - Computational Social Science (TT Asst Prof), Dec 9

  • Part of the Computational Social Science Initiative, with potential tenure home in Anthropology (among other disciplines)

University of Michigan - Economic Development and Trade (Advanced AP or Early Associate) - Anthropology and International Studies

  • request for more materials (Dec 13)

University of Michigan - War, Violence and Human Security (Open Rank, multi-field hire in a research cluster), Nov 11

  • Received email acknowledging receipt of application, and diversity survey 11/11

University of New Mexico. TT Assistant Prof. Sociocultural Anthropology. Dec. 5.

Anyone know if they are going to meet up with applicants at all at the AAA?

Here's the answer from the administrative assistant at UNM, FYI: "Hello, We have no plans to conduct preliminary interviews at the AAA. Our interviewees will be selected after the search committee presents a list of semi finalists from whom we will solicit additional information. We normally conduct interviews in February and March. Have a nice day!"

What do you think the strategy is when schools go for a slightly later interview cycle (i.e. skip the AAAs and not conduct interveiws until Feb. and March?) Would they not miss out on strong applicants who be receiving offers around that time?

no. there are a lot of incredibly strong applicants. too many, in fact. and it's rare that job offers are made before feb/march anyway. i think they're smart to wait through the AAA interview insanity. this way they can enjoy their conference and take their time evaluating candidates. plus, why make a quick bid for an elite applicant, only to have them sit on the offer and eventually reject it because the UNM isn't Stanford? i'm just guessing at their rationale, but i'm surprised more schools don't go this route.

Did some stuff get deleted? I was about to ask a question related to someone's rejection letter...but its gone! Can people re-post relevant updates so we can continue the conversation?

Have a look at this: Is it just me, or do others also see mass deletions from many sites by this one user? e.g I'm seeing deletions to positions that I've been tracking A: YES, THERE WERE DEFINITELY DELETIONS. I TRIED TO RESTORE THE SITE TO THE VERSION UP BEFORE THIS USER DELETED SECTIONS, BUT BECAUSE THERE HAVE BEEN OTHER CHANGES SINCE, IT'S NOT LETTING ME COMPLETE THE RESTORE. ANYONE ELSE HAVE ANY IDEAS? (12/13)

  • It wouldn't make sense to restore at this point, since new comments have been added. I've been reinserting the deleted entries (by this one user) back to positions that I'm following. Perhaps others can do the same, using this log as their reference.
  • I posted earlier about the rejection email. I received an email from HR/UNM Jobs yesterday (12/12) saying that they had finished the final screening and that my application was not selected. x2
  • Have restored as many deletions as possible - please alert admins to IP address of those who delete as they will be warned and blocked if activity continued. Thanks. Una74 02:54, December 14, 2011 (UTC)
  • Here is more material that was deleted: "The UNM call says: " invites applications at the rank of Assistant Professor for a full-time, probationary appointment leading to a tenure decision." Any insights on what probationary appointment means? A: I posed the same question to my advisor, who answered: "It's just technical lingo that means at some point in your second or third year (or perhaps even more frequently) they will review your work and decide whether or not to renew your contract. If all goes well, then contracts will be renewed and you will eventually be put up for tenure. The details vary from school to school. But this is pretty standard stuff." Received rejection letter via email 12/12 x2. Q. rejections before request for more materials? Anyone get a positive request/contact? "

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (TT Asst. Prof South Asia/China, Oct 14

interested in the following topics: the anthropology of the body; biomedical technologies; pharmaceuticals; critical studies of biomedicine, material culture and consumption; global culture and translation; anthropology of the media; intellectual property; landscape; or ethics and religion.

Has anyone been selected for an interview?

Received email from SC Chair stating preliminary SC meeting was held and Chair has now asked the dept admin to get in touch with candidates if there are missing application materials. Invited to submit additional materials (ie new publications or updated activities), and said SC will meet after winter break to decide on campus invites. (12/12)

University of North Dakota, American Indian Studies (TT Assistant Prof.) Sept. 1

  • History/ethnohistory specialization, Native American studies

University of Notre Dame, Dept. of Anthropology (TT Asst. Prof.) Oct. 15

Medical Anthropologist position.

  • Received letter USPS (x2 dated 9/22) stating review process as such: app review begins 10/15; first round AAA interviews (or video conference if not attending AAAs); second round phone interviews with "short list"; third round campus visits with "several candidates". Requested completion of faculty data survey form on-line.
  • 11/8 Phone call requesting AAA interview and rec letters. Stated that the long short list contains 12 individuals. (x 2)
  • 11/15 - rejection letter via snail mail x2

University of Puerto Rico. TT Asst. Prof. Oct. 31

Sociocultural Anthropologist.

  • Campus visits scheduled. (11/20-ish) About 100 applicants, 3 brought to campus.
  • received rejection letter via USPS (@12/05) stated that there will be a temporary lecturer position opening for AY 2012-13 and that applicants can be automatically considered for this position if they so choose

University of Richmond (VA) - Cultural Anthro. (TT Asst. Prof) - Nov. 1

Seeking a candidate whose primary focus is the Middle East and/or North Africa with an emphasis on Islam. Fluency in a major Middle Eastern language is strongly preferred. To apply for this position, please visit - Members of the search committee will conduct pre-arranged interviews at the AAA conference in Montreal.

- Received email for a AAA interview (11/10) (x2)

University of Texas - Arlington (TT Asst. Prof.) - Nov. 11

Medical Anthropology; Globalization & Global Health; Latin America/or the U.S. Interviews @ AAAs.

  • Materials rec'd email/ request for applicant data survey (10/11)
  • Email request for AAA interview (11/12)
  • Request for reference letters sent to me by email (11/28)

University of Toronto Scarborough (TT Asst. Prof.) - Oct. 31

Area is very open (gender, media, medical, urban, ethical life, and historical anthropology). Interested in long-term ethnographic fieldwork.

  • 11/9 -- received email request for letters of reference to be sent onward and for one writing sample. Doesn't appear that they are interviewing at AAAs. (with request that the materials arrive by Nov 24th, after the AAA's . . . why would they interview some and not others? seems odd.)A: I got the request for AAA interview AFTER the original request for references &c. So I received both. I suspect everybody on the long short list did, eventually.
  • 11/9 - received same email as above and request for interview at AAA
  • 11/9 - Received two emails. One from Dept. of Soc. Sciences admin person asking for more materials (letters and writing sample) to be sent ny Nov 24th and a seperate one from committee chair asking for AAA interview. [x4]
  • Word on the AAA street is that they received between 350-400 applications, interviewed around/up to 40 people at the meetings.
  • Did anyone who interviewed with UTSC at the AAAs remember to ask them about their timeline/schedule moving forward? (i.e. when they plan to move to the next stage). If so, what did they tell you?
  • I asked: I believe they were hoping to decide on the next round of interviews, etc. by mid-December or early January. So, they are acting relatively quickly. I had an email from them today telling me that one of my letters had still not arrived, so I guess they are serious about the 24 November deadline which might suggest they are meeting, or continuing their review soon after the 24th. (OP: Thanks!)
  • Invited for campus visit 12/13 X 2
  • were you contacted by email or phone? and congrats!

University of Vermont (1 year Lecturer, Possibility of Renewal) - Open Until filled

  • Experise in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Possible areas of teaching include introduction to socio-cultural anthropology, development, globalization, social movements, research methods, and race and ethnicity in cross-cultural perspective
  • Invitation for short "informational interview" (not sure what that means x3) at AAA, 11/15 11/14 (turns out it was essentially just a standard AAA interview).
  • According to the AAA interview, they expect to proceed with requests for "dossiers" probably in early December, with follow up Skype interviews early 2012. They will not be doing on-campus interviews for this position (11/22).

University of Victoria (BC) Assistant Professor TT in Sociocultural Anthropology

  • Visual Anthropology & Materiality
  • demonstrated proficiency in visual methods;
  • geographic area open
  • Application received acknowledgment from dept Chair (11/2) -- said will begin reviewing files once deadline has passed.
    • Reference requested (11/7) directly from referee.
    • Invited for campus interview (12/13)

University of Waterloo TT Asst Prof. Sept 30th (deadline passed).

  • Campus visit scheduled (11/17) (X2)

University of Wisconsin-Madison - History of Medicine

The Department of Medical History and Bioethics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison seeks to hire an Assistant Professor of the History of Medicine and/or Public Health a tenure-track appointment. Deadline 15 October 2011.

Vanderbilt University (Center for Medicine, Health and Society), 2 positions (Oct 1)

1) Tenure-track assistant professor and 2) Tenured position, open rank, both in the social and cultural aspects of medicine and health. Fields of specialization open. Fall 2012 start.

- *was told by a connection that there were *900* apps between the two jobs. has anyone heard?
- *according to the history of sci/med/tech wiki the tenure track asst prof line has a long short list and the candidates on it have been invited to submit more material. No word on the tenured position. (11/30)
- *i think the info on the sci/med/tech wiki is for a separate job in the history dept that is specifically pre-20th c history of science (not medical humanities).
- *FYI: Bioethics & Medical Humanities 2011-2012 page now up; posted this position there (12/12).

Wake Forest University TT Asst Prof. Nov. 1

Specializations should complement existing strengths of our department. Areas of preferred interest include applied anthropology, Spanish-speaking Latin America, and economic anthropology.

  • received email invitation for AAA interview & requesting letters 11/10 (x5)
  • Did anyone else never receive anything confirming receipt of application? (for those who were not contacted for interviews...) A: Never received application confirmation, was not contacted for interview, received EEO questionaire post-AAAs.
  • Did you receive EEO questionnaire by email or post? A: post
  • Strange, just received this as well. Is this just a formality?
  • I got the EEO questionnaire today as well. I think somone forgot to mail these at the beginning of the process.
  • invitation for campus interview 12/12 (x2)

Wheaton College, Illinois (TT Asst or Assoc. Prof). Review begins Oct. 15

  • Geo is open, pref NOT S/E Asia
  • Preference for competency in "qualitative or quantitative analysis of ethnographic data" (hopefully we all meet that)
  • Statement of Faith required -- Christian school.
  • Department webpage states: "Anthropology's exploration of human universals is based on a distinctively Christian perspective, combining a biblical orientation with empirical precision" --- suggests missiology would be the target.
  • Yikes.

Williams College (VAP 1 year)

  • Received email acknowledgment (10/31 x5)
  • AAA interview scheduled by phone (11/10)
  • Requested more materials (11/23)

William and Mary (TT Asst Prof. Anthro & American Studies) Review begins Oct. 1

  • cultural anthropologist or archaeologist of the Americas
  • historical materiality, colonialism(s) and/ or critical museum studies. Geographical and historical expertise within the Americas is open, but strongly prefer candidates whose work complements rather than duplicates current strengths of the Department and Program.
  • The successful candidate will teach 4 courses, split evenly between Anthropology and American Studies, and should be able to teach introductory and graduate level courses in both. A record of peer-reviewed publications and teaching, and preparation for graduate-level advising is preferred. PhD in hand at the time of appointment (August 2012) is required.
  • Candidates should send a letter of application, c.v, and 3 letters of recommendation to . (Site will prompt for names and contact information of three references. After submission, your referees will be contacted by us via email to submit a letter of reference.) Review of applications will begin October 1.
  • Also posted at Archaeology Jobs 2011-2012
  • Additional materials requested.

York University, Health & Society (tenure stream Asst Prof), Oct 31

To start July 1, 2012. Not sure where else to put this position.

Agreed it should be somewhere (I want to know what it happening) -- do not see a medical humanities category for this year.

  • I don't know why there isn't a medical humanities / bioethics / health & society wiki page this year, but I didn't feel like starting one. What do you think about putting the Vanderbilt position here as well?
  • NOTE: this is now posted at Bioethics & Medical Humanities 2011-2012 (12/13)
  • Yes, and the Madison one too.
  • Okay. I'll do Vanderbilt. Would you do Madison? (I don't know about this one.) (A: will do it this week)
  • Request for writing sample because my dossier was "incomplete" (though I went back to the job ad and did not see a reference to a writing sample). Requested by 7 December, so it appears as though things are now moving. (5 December)

York University (TT Asst Prof)

  • Received confirmation of materials received, asked to sign recommendation waiver and answer question about citizenship - 11/2/11 (Correction: not recommendation waiver, but affirmative action form)

Q: was this an email confirmation or by snail mail? Haven't gotten one and wondering whether to contact them to ask if they received my application . . .

A.Email confirmation, it said:


We have received you application materials. In review of your recent application for the position of in Cultural Anthropology, I wanted to confirm your citizenship status to include in your application file. {C}Thank you

Q: Why a recommendation waiver? Did they not request letters of rec from the get-go?

A. Sorry, I confused 2 schools, it was not a recommendation waiver, but an affirmative action form. The email said:

Kindly find embedded at the end of this email, a copy of our Affirmative action form that you will need to fill out for us to add to your application file.

Thank you

Q: Anybody know whether everybody got this email or just Canadians, or just some other subsection of people they're interested in? (I got it, and am a Canadian, and wondered if it was just pro forma or a good sign)

A. I got it too and I'm Canadian (x3). I think it might be pro forma - it came too soon after the deadline.

  • I did not get this, but I'm not Canadian.
  • I did get this, also not Canadian. (American)
  • I have not received this or any other acknowledgement (non-Canadian). After seeing these posts about e-mail confirmation, I went ahead and broke the golden rule of not contacting the search committee, just to ask for confirmation that my materials had arrived. Still no response. Posted 10 November. (x1-I think that means we're out of the running)
  • I did get this and am not Canadian.(x2)

Email, about a "Seeking recommendation for a minority hire position"

This is an unconvential way to recruit people, needless to say, but the email below just came across a listserv (10/17):

Subject: FW: Seeking recommendations for a minority hire position

beginning of email

I'm writing on behalf of a colleague at another university, to see if any of you have a strong minority candidate to recommend for a diversity "opportunity" hire.

The desired candidate would be African American, Latino, or Native American; {C}have their degree (or be quite close); and be a sociocultural or linguistic anthropologist. {C}All other areas of topical or area specialization are open. Successful candidates will be invited for a {C}campus visit and recommended to the Dean for a tenure track position.

If you have anyone you would recommend, please send me their name and phone {C}number ASAP, to

Because there is no official announcement for this opportunity hire, I can't put the university name in {C}this email, but please feel free to call me at 847-467-1638 if you or any of your students wish to discuss this.

Thanks very much.

All the best,

end of email

Who is on this page for '11-'12 search?

Looking for first job: 33

Have a job, looking for new one: 8

adjunct: 3

visiting: 8

lecturer: 6

postdoc: 14

post postdoc (unemployed): 1 (though post postdoc sounds like my unemployment is a post operable, terminal condition!)

tenure track: 7

tenured and bored:

outside academia: 1

dual career: 3

participant observer (ABD learning the ropes before diving in):

Have a job, not looking for new one: 1

Search committee member observing discussion: 1

11/12: Hmmm, 69 Wikians, 84 jobs. I'm sure this means we will all end up gainfully employed, with jobs to spare.

11/18: except that most people don't know about this!

yeah, and i'm hearing an average of 100+ applicants per position; so I'm not that optimistic

OP: Original comment was sarcastic. And 100+ aps if you're lucky!

Questions / Discussion:

On "anyone heard anything": please see instruction at top of this wiki. for all our sanities.

Why you might think twice before asking "anyone heard anything?” One way to use this site when waiting for information on a particular job is to keep the history page open while doing other work at the computer. When there is an update to a relevant position, you take a break and check it out. But every time someone posts an inconsequential update (like adding a count to the question “any news?”) you waste time and suffer needless anxiety, the very condition the wiki exists to ameliorate. So think it over. And relax.

On formatting: There's too many bullet points here, guys. This will get hard to read as we start adding information about search developments. Why don't we try to post job descriptions as a block of text, and leave bullets for later updates? (And thanks so much to everyone who's posted so far!) Agreed. And we don't need to post so many details on the positions - that's what the AAA career center is for! Hopefully people start posting updates on correspondence here soon-- as I think that's what the purpose of this site is: to help us all with our planning and figuring out timelines for potential (fingers crossed) next steps in this process.

Q: In previous years, in what months did the majority of listings appear? A: There seemed to be 2 rounds of postings: Aug-Sept (with Oct-Nov-Dec deadlines; interviewing at AAAs) and then new postings appeared Dec-Feb with job talks in March-April (some of these conducted phone or skype interviews prior to inviting top 3 candidates for job talks). There might also have been a 3rd round of straggler-postings, appearing as late as June for Lecturer and smaller-school jobs starting late summer-fall. Hope this helps! OP: Yes it does, thank you very much for responding!

Q: Does anyone know at what point do search committees expect references from colleagues in your area/topic of specialization, i.e. people who were not on your dissertation committee, not in a department where you once taught, etc.? I am three years past my phd and back on the market yet again for that tt job. I'm wondering if I should approach say, more senior colleagues in my field of specialization, who don't know me that well but know my work from presentations/publications. Would such a colleague be able to endure multiple letter requests? Anyone have thoughts about this?

A: I'm in the same position. I think it makes sense to make this shift once you've got your book out or substantially done and writers can respond to that. Or if you've got great senior fans already. And you might want to use a portfolio service for such a letter. I'm interested to hear what others think. A: I think if you are 3 years out, non-doctoral references are critical-- it signals that you are active, productive, and not just riding the crest of your graduate school world. In past years where my dept has done searches, our senior faculty tend to be concerned once they see that you are 3 years + out. OP: Thank you both for your answers. Having now asked a senior colleague to help me with my job search, I would recommend it to anyone in a similar position. I learned that it doesn't hurt to ask. Turned out, the person I had in mind happily agreed. Although, when I approached said person, I said that I would only list her/him as an additional fourth reference, to ensure that she/he is only sending letters to places that are serious about me. Having read the second answer, I'm now wondering if I should list said person as a third reference, at least for those schools that are only asking for contact information...
A2: two schools of thought on this -- of course. But I would say most would agree that if you're more than a full year out, ask a colleague to be one of your three. If you're fresh into your postdoc or whatever position (e.g., if you graduated this summer), then pick your strongest letter-writers, which are probably your committee. As a general rule, having letters from one big name is a good thing, but not requisite. Better to get letters from people who can testify to the awesomeness of your work, PLUS your colleagiality and teaching and whatnot. Quality over stardom.

Q: Recently, there has appeared a video ad on the right side of this Wiki which remains in place even when you scroll away. It's extremely distracting and makes it difficult to read the text. Anyone know how to get rid of it? Thanks.

A: You can find a form to report inappropriate ads to Wikia here: Otherwise, creating a User account for this site blocks most of the advertising, especially those kinds of ads. --Una74 17:24, November 12, 2011 (UTC)

Q: If I've applied for a position and not heard back from school, is still worth checking the messages at the AAA's, or is it more likely that they'd contact me using the email or phone number on my CV (in the slight chance they'd decide to contact me last minute)? Does anyone know how regularly employers use the handwritten messages to get in touch with applicants? Thanks.

A: not sure about the job board in the conference center, but one thing I know is that you may very well not hear anything from a school until the search closes, i.e. until they've rendered an offer and it's been accepted, i.e. it could be until May 2012 until you/we get a rejection letter(s).

Q: Job Interviewing Etiquette: If you felt like you had a good connection with the search committee members who interviewed you at AAA's, would it be seen as "overly-eager" to send a "thank-you" email to them? I'd have no problem if I had to send additional materials (ie. I'd send a thank you with those materials); but I'm worried that it will be bothersome if I send a follow-up nice-to-meet-and-talk-with-you kind of email. Any ideas?

A: I sent (really brief) thank you emails to the people that interviewed me at the AAAs (or to the s.c. chair if I was intereviewed by a group). But it's my first time around with this stuff so I'm not sure if that was a good decision or not . . . good luck! A2: agreed A3: I've been on search committees before and I think there is nothing wrong with thanking the SC (briefly) and extending thanks to the rest of the search committee members (or interviewers) through that email. In our department in general we actually find it a bit off putting when there is no thank you at all. Q1: Really? It would be off-putting!? Anyone else have experience with this, I would love to hear more.

Q: On job offers/timelines: Some schools (including some off-list in other disciplines) are moving faster than most Anthro departments in their search processes (e.g. they want to make offers before the end of the year). If you have had a campus visit elsewhere are waiting to hear from them, but also interested in a position with an Anthro school that you interviewed with at the AAAs, would you follow up with the Anthro program - asking what their timeline is for moving forward with shortlist/campus visit decisions? Just wondering what folks think...

A: I think the general rule of thumb is that you don't contact a search to ask about their timeline unless you actually have an offer from another school. But if you end up getting an offer from a school with an early search, then I think it's appropriate to contact other schools you're still waiting to hear back from to let them know you have an offer elsewhere, but are still interested in their position and would like to know their timeline (or to know if you're definitely out of the running in their search). OP: very helpful; thanks

Q: Job Search Timing: Does anyone who's done this before have a sense of how long it usually takes between AAA interviews and decisions about campus visits? {C}{C {C}A: really, every school can be a bit different - if the position is interdisciplinary or split btwn departments, even more time (bcse more people in SC) involved. This is why it's good to ask each place you interview with at AAAs about their timeline. As you can see above, some schools are already moving on requests for more info, some have moved this year to campus visits w/out AAA interviews or even phone/skype interviews. All depends, but I'd say by early Jan. you'll probably know if you made a short list. If you are a top candidate, they'll likely move quickly because from their end it's all about making early offers so you/we have less leverage. And keep your eye out for new job posts on the AAA site, since schools will continue to post open positions through Jan or later... This is just my experience from last year...

Q: Question about Full Appointments in other Departments (i.e. International or Global Studies, Health Sciences, Women's & Gender Studies): When considering jobs in departments other than Anthropology, what kinds of questions or concerns should one have in mind -- especially if you are a recent Ph.D. and just launching your career? Might this have any negative long-term impact -- if, for example, one tries to get a position within an Anthro department in the future, or would it be fine as long as you continued to publish etc. in anthropology journals (and hopefully, in your tenure-portfolio you would be evaluated as an anthropologist)?

Q: How many applications have you sent out this year?

  • 1-10 x 4 (targeted search)
  • 11-20 x8
  • 21-30 x2
  • 31-40 x 3 (1 originally at 21-30)
  • 40 +