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American University[edit | edit source]

Rejection letters sent in late Feb. 

Brought 3 candidates to campus for one-day interviews in early March.

One candidate at the Associate Professor was hired on April 2, 2013

Auburn University[edit | edit source]

On-site interview scheduled

Arizona State University[edit | edit source]

Had on-site interview in early feb, no news yet after six weeks.

On-site interview scheduled

Baylor University[edit | edit source]

Had phone screen in mid-January.  Brought 2 candidates to campus for on-site interviews.

Two-day, on-site interview conducted in early March.

Bowling Green State University[edit | edit source]

Onsite interview scheduled 

Carnegie Mellon University[edit | edit source]

Campus invite

Clarkson University[edit | edit source]


Columbia University[edit | edit source]


Dartmouth College[edit | edit source]

Got rejection letter on the third week of February.

Drexel University[edit | edit source]

Offer extended: Dr. Maxwell Young

Had Phone interview about 3 weeks back but haven't heard back

Was told that Drexell made a few offer (to other candiate). 

Emory University[edit | edit source]

Interviews starting February

Georgia State University[edit | edit source]


Georgetown University[edit | edit source]

Heard that they had shortlisted the candidates, and started contacting them.

Any offer made? Accepted?

Indiana University School of Informatics at IUPUI[edit | edit source]

Campus invite

Rejection Letter (position has been filled)

Iowa State University[edit | edit source]

Feb 20: online application status shows 'no longer under consideration'

Michigan Technological University[edit | edit source]

Phone interview at the end of March

Campus visit invited

New Jersey Institute of Technology[edit | edit source]

Interview scheduled on Jan, 2013

New Mexico State University[edit | edit source]

Jan, 2013: Phone interview 

Northwest University[edit | edit source]

Onsite interview

North Carolina State University[edit | edit source]

Got rejection letter on the second week of February. The letter said that they hired one professor from data analysis. But they reposted the ad in CRA.

Oregon State University (Comp Bio)[edit | edit source]

Did on site interview in Oct. Havent heard back 

Penn State University[edit | edit source]

Onsite interview  

Polytechnic Institute of New York University[edit | edit source]

Selected candidates are supposed to be contacted by Feb 20 for on campus interview. 

Princeton[edit | edit source]

Interviews still ongoing as of April 2013

Purdue University – West Lafayette (Computer Science)[edit | edit source]

Onsite scheduled (there are many names listed in the department event calendar - don't know who are the faculty candidates, here are just some of the names): G. Ananthanarayanan, Y. Yue, B. Mozafari, S. Tessaro, P. Mittal, J. Abernethy, X. Chen, P. Tetali

Purdue University – West Lafayette (Computer and Information Technology)[edit | edit source]

Campus invite.

Phone interview 

Rutgers University[edit | edit source]

Both CS and CE are having campus visits right now. - Feb 18

Southern Methodist University[edit | edit source]


Stanford[edit | edit source]


Stony Brook University[edit | edit source]

Phone interviews in early Feb. Campus invite. 

SUNY Albany[edit | edit source]

onsite in March.

They are making decisions now (Middle April).  Shall receive their message in a few days.

Towson University[edit | edit source]


Texas Tech University[edit | edit source]

Had 77 applications, had first-round phone interview with 10 in early March.  

Decided on campus interviews by 22 March.

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery[edit | edit source]

applied 12/21/2012 rejection letter 01/29/2013 (CG)

University of Baltimore[edit | edit source]

4 campus invites in late Feb and early March

University of California Berkeley[edit | edit source]

Interviews still ongoing as of April 2013.

University of Chicago[edit | edit source]

Campus invite

University of Colorado Boulder[edit | edit source]

Interview scheduled

Onsite scheduled Hired 1 from Princeton

University of Colorado Denver[edit | edit source]

extended 2 offers 

University of Connecticut[edit | edit source]

Onsite: Yisong Yue, Cong Liu

University of Florida[edit | edit source]

Onsite scheduled

University of Hawaii at Manoa[edit | edit source]

applications were reviewed beginning January 18, 2013

University of Kentucky:[edit | edit source]

Onsite: Tim Weninger 

they begin to make decisions.

University of Maryland[edit | edit source]

Onsite: Nir Yosef, Vikas Bansal

University of Massachusetts Amherst[edit | edit source]

No longer seeking someone for NLP position as of April 2013.

University of Massachusetts Lowell[edit | edit source]

Phone interview

on-site invited

University of Michigan[edit | edit source]

Onsite interviewe

University of Nebraska[edit | edit source]

Phone interviewed

The search committe started to review applications on Jan

University of Nebraska at Omaha[edit | edit source]

Phone interviewed on early April

University of New Orleans[edit | edit source]


University of New Mexico[edit | edit source]

rej email Mar. 8th

University of North Carolina at Charlotte (CS Dept)[edit | edit source]


University of North Carolina at Charlotte (SIS Dept)[edit | edit source]


University of Pittsburgh (Information Sciences)[edit | edit source]

Rejection letter received on Feb. 19th, 2013

University of South Carolina[edit | edit source]

Rejection letter

University of Utah[edit | edit source]

Onsite scheduled

University of Texas of the Permian Basin[edit | edit source]

applied 12/20/2012 rejection letter 01/279/2013 (CG)

University of Texas at Austin[edit | edit source]


University of Washington[edit | edit source]

Onsite interviews scheduled.

Rejection letter on Feb 27.

Utah State [edit | edit source]

Phone interviewd in the week of Feb 04

Wayne State University[edit | edit source]


Wesleyan University[edit | edit source]


Wright State University[edit | edit source]

Phone interview

RPI[edit | edit source]

Onsite in end Feb.

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