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RECENT ACTIVITY on Academic Jobs Education 2020-2021 Wiki[edit | edit source]

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Jobs for 2020-21[edit | edit source]

Loras College, IA USA Full-Time TT Assistant Professor of Education

Campus visit offered to two finalists, waiting for rejection/offer

Latino/a Education and/or Health Disparities Across the College of Education Postdoctoral Position - University of Texas Austin - Deadline February 1st[edit | edit source]

Applied: 2x

Updates: Received email for next phase

Selected for the next phase.

3/31: Any news? They said the results would come by the end of March.

4/1 : Received email for follow up interview>>Thank you for you response and congrats! I will wait and see if I’ll receive a follow up email too

4/5 : Interviews are on going and decisions are expected to be made in the next two week. Good luck!

4/21: Any news?

Clinical Assistant Professor of Social Foundations of Education - Georgia State University[edit | edit source]

Applied: 2x

Updates: Received a rejection email.

First round interview Jan. 13th.

Any news? (2/18)

Position filled.

Assistant Professor: Indigenous Language Education - McGill University. Review begins early February. TT/FT.[edit | edit source]

Applied: x1


Assistant/Associate Professor of Race in America-Stanford University[edit | edit source]

Applied: 2x

Updates: Received a rejection email (1/7) 2x

Assistant/Associate/Full Professor, focus on Educational Policy at University of Pittsburg[edit | edit source]

Deadline: 11/11/2020

Applied: 1x


Assistant Professor of Critical Studies of Education-University of California Santa Cruz[edit | edit source]

Applied: 4x


Someone wrote a comment about campus visits but it got deleted. Did they already bring people in? Thanks!

^-- 1/27: What day did you see this about campus visits? Would love to hear confirmation about this too, especially given how long it's been since the deadline

1/27: So basically someone wrote a comment saying that candidates had already been invited for an interview and immediately deleted the comment. I only saw because I was in the page when they posted it. That’s why I posed the question. Since they didn’t reply, I don’t know if it was a mistake or if the interview has already happened.

1/29: Campus talks have been planned and are happening.

2/10- Received rejection email. (4x)

Assistant Professor Critical Education at University of Colorado Boulder[edit | edit source]

Applied: 5x

Updates: Any updates? Seems like folks advancing would have been contacted? >> No updates over here (3/3) 2x

^Virtual campus invitations have been extended (3/31/21)

Assistant Professor of Education Studies at Wesleyan University[edit | edit source]

Deadline: 11/1/2020

Applied: 1x

Updates: anyone heard anything? (2/18)

^I got rejected a million years ago (well, 12/8/20)

Odd, I haven't heard anything one way or another even though I applied in October. Has anyone been contacted for an interview?

Position filled.

Assistant Professor of Social Foundations of Education Oakland University[edit | edit source]

Applied: 2x

Updates: Got invited for an interview.

Virtual campus visits happening

Lecturer in Education at Washington University in St. Louis - Deadline 2/26/21[edit | edit source]

Deadline 2/26/21. NT. FT.



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